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Deer hunters showed no respect for the law PDF Print E-mail


Letter to the Editor:

It is with a heavy heart and my now extreme feeling of fear I write this. On Friday, Nov. 23, at 5:41 p.m., I was standing in my kitchen preparing dinner when one gunshot rang very close to my house.

Within a few seconds, another gunshot. Although this is the gun season, 5:41 p.m. is definitely after hunting hours.

Approximately 6:10 p.m., yet another gunshot — this one sounding like it was right outside my patio door. Feeling very scared, I locked all my doors and turned on all the outside lights.


It wasn’t until the next morning this shooting nightmare came to light. While taking my dog for her morning walk, we came across a spot of blood at the intersection of Safer and Hallman roads. At that time, my little dog picked up a scent that took us out to the intersection of Col. Himes and Safer roads where a pool of blood lay along with big tire tracks in the new snow.

Trying to see where this blood went, the dog and I followed an endless trail going down Hallman Road and a set of big boot tracks along the shoulder. At the cleared yard area of the old Hallman homestead, the dog wandered into the yard between the homestead and a cabin. At the septic tank vent pipe she came across an area where a deer lay down and bled. That was 13 feet from the wall of the homestead.

We also saw two sets of boot tracks coming through the woods, entering this area. Apparently the deer was not yet dead, so the last shot was administered there, 13 feet away from a residence. The shooter then drug that deer out to Hallman Road, being approximately six feet from the residence.

My husband, who requires the help of a hearing aid, had left it at home but was in the homestead cleaning his gun and thought he heard a shot.

What would you have done if he had come out to find you dragging this illegal deer off our private property? Would you have shot him? You have no regard for life, property or the law. You are gutless creatures that found it necessary to poach because apparently doing it the legal way wasn’t working for you. I hope your first bite of that venison is sour and you choke on it.

But understand this. Three Lakes is a small town and people love their alcohol — which makes them talk. Word will get back to us on who you are. Although my husband just tells me to let it go, I will be the one to press charges against you.

What you did was take away my sense of safety. I will always fear gun season. And I will fear taking my dog for a walk because although we have our property marked as private, that doesn’t seem to matter to individuals like you who shoot anything moving, at any time of the night (and probably day also).

Dawn Hallman

Three Lakes


Tuesday, November 27, 2012 3:36 PM
Last Updated on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 1:09 PM

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