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Letter to the Editor:

In a recent letter, Jerry Zimpelmann shared his thoughts and reflections on the re-election of President Obama. I would, in turn, like to add my own thoughts and reflections on his letter.

I’m a bit confused. Obviously the result of the election was not to Zimpelmann’s liking, but even he admits to being “sour grapesy.” Jerry then insists we are headed down some dangerous path, echoing the “wild ride” of another letter contributor. But a path and ride to what exactly? It’s not clear.


He writes about people feeding at public troughs, resentment toward evil-rich guys and feeding frenzies. Oh, my! Are these the same moochers and takers invented by Ayn Rand and famously dismissed by Mitt Romney as the 47%?


Surely he cannot mean the fortunate ones who have benefited from the largest upward redistribution of wealth in American history, a movement facilitated largely through government largesse and tax manipulation.

There’s plenty of room for all at the trough, Jerry, just in case you want to include Mitt and his friends.

He writes ominously of some moral equivalency about something or other having to do with western civilization. What’s that all about? Is it his point that we do not currently have a foreign policy that protects American lives and interests? If so, he should just come out and say it, and tell us why he feels this way.

I have no idea at all what he means by “radical individualism”?and “radical egalitarianism” existing or not existing in some place or dimension called “parallel.” Does he mean that so-called conservatives and so-called progressives cannot inhabit the same political universe?

I guess it must, instead, have something to do with alternate lifestyles. Perhaps he should try explaining this in plain English. Otherwise, these are just nonsense phrases.

The rest is standard drown-government-in-the-bathtub libertarian boilerplate about government intrusiveness and resentment toward paying taxes, even though rates are the lowest in generations.

Oh well, Jerry, guess you weren’t able to take back America this year. Better luck next time around.

Jeff Laadt

Eagle River

Tuesday, December 04, 2012 4:49 PM

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