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The sky is not falling, like some want to believe PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

However much I enjoy seeing Mr. Gabl astonished that opinion not facts, belong on an opinion page, I will respond only briefly to his latest hysteria, as I think it best to stop encouraging him.

Those who think the sky is falling can hardly be persuaded otherwise.


Therefore, to cite a president with whose policies I profoundly disagree with, but whose devotion to the nation I never doubted and for whom I always had respect, unlike the current anti-Obama frenzy which emanates from  motives upon which one can only speculate, let me quote President Reagan, to wit: Frank, “There you go again!”

And, I will do my best to listen to the sage advice of his elegant wife, Nancy, and when confronted with yet another volcanic Gablism will attempt when lifting my pen, to “Just say no!”

James Parker


La Crosse

and Eagle River

Tuesday, December 04, 2012 4:50 PM


-13 #5 2012-12-15 22:41
Further to this subject James this is what I'm talking about:

We are now at levels like Socialist European countries. this is the "change" that Obama is leading this country to. And if you think it's reality based that the "1%" can foot the bill you are kidding yourself.
-11 #4 Frank Gabl 2012-12-12 13:45

First of all, I know you’ll be checking the comments under your own letter, so silence will only be seen as a sign of capitulation and weakness.

Secondly, you are a lucky guy that my letter in response was not printed yesterday.

The News-Review should not have allowed you to play the race card out of obvious frustration and embarrassment from the week prior, if they had no intention of giving me another response.

Nor, should they have allowed you to play the race card knowing full well that just last year they printed a letter in which I sang the praises of Congressman Allen West in response to a similar situation.

Cont. below:
-11 #3 Frank Gabl 2012-12-12 13:42

And finally, for someone who has more than forty years invested at UW-L advocating on behalf of African-American causes, and as the Chair of Wisconsin’s State Council on Affirmative Action (2004-2012), you should not only be embarrassed, but ashamed of yourself for being complicit in widening the racial divide that you are supposed to be attempting to narrow.

However, as someone who once promoted Saul, I wonder if that is the mission as it is with Obama?
(very last sentence)
-12 #2 2012-12-08 23:47
Best run states vs. worst run states

Note worst ones are democratic controlled and have been for years. Rumor is IL state income tax going to 7% to avoid bankruptcy coupled with current MASSIVE real estate taxes.

The adopted home of Obama, well done sir.
-11 #1 2012-12-08 12:56
James, you do not see a fundamental change in the fabric of the USA? Trillions in Govt debt, low interest rates to finance such debt at the expense of retirees, massive potential increases in the Govt bureacracy?
A European told me before the election that if Obama was re-elected a morphing of America has begun towards a socialist state. With the top tax rate headed to 39% this means 50% of my hard earned $ will be headed to Fed, state, and local Govts. Gee, why should I bust my butt for this? Obama calls us the "rich". How about the "successful"? My tax rate is nothing like Kerry's, Obama's, or Romney. Obama/dems has pushed the race/social caste war like no other. Immigration reform is only a tool to garner more democratic voters at the expense of those that work. Good luck to you sir. And you think a large centralized govt is the solution to our probs?

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