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A different take on the election PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor:

“Upon further review”?is the phrase often used by football officiating staff after checking and conferring with the instant replay monitor over a contested play. The officials want to get it right as the game’s outcome may be determined by the correct call.

After the initial disillusionment over the recent presidential election, I decided to do a further review. The results are encouraging.

Upon further review, we still have a leader and government who will provide for our every need, from cradle to grave. We have a leader who daily provides hope and change to the hopeless, the jobless, the hungry, unmarried women, minorities, widows and orphans. We have a leader and government who protects us from our enemies both foreign and domestic. We have a dynamite healthcare and retirement plan.

All we need is provided for us, we need not lift a finger, except to vote. And it gets better. Upon further review, we still have the promise that every tear will be wiped away. Tears from the sins of abortion, homosexuality, godlessness and selfishness.

You see, after further review, Jesus Christ and his government of peace, love, justice and righteousness are still on the throne. He hasn’t and never will abdicate his place to rule as he sees fit. He’s even allowed a man named Barack Obama to have a place in the sun for a season. Probably to teach us a lesson. Will we get it?

Real life changing, lasting change doesn’t come from human elections. It comes from changing hearts one at a time with the good news Jesus offers. He offers a mended relationship be­tween you and the God who made you and life with him forever. Now that’s results I?can live with and I?can share. I?think I’ll start with the Democrats, I?hear they like free stuff.

Bob Evenson

Sturgeon Bay and Phelps

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 3:20 PM

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