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Some take advantage of policies PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to Frank Gabl’s letter in the Nov. 28, Vilas?County News-Review in the Reader Opinion section.

I?would like to share an example of disability payments and unemployment benefits that I?have observed in one of our south-central states. My husband and I?have become acquainted with this couple on our visits south through the years.

The woman described was in an automobile accident when she was a younger person, she is now 45 to 50 years old, when she ran a red light and was hit by another motorist. She suffered neck and back pain at the time.

She had been working at their local school in the kitchen as a cook during the school year and, during the summer months she was cleaning and painting in preparation for the school’s fall opening.

She began experiencing back pain, so she visited her physician who did various exams on her spine and told her that her spine was in “terrible shape.”  She decided to apply for disability payments and qualified.

A few months later, we observed her riding on their four-wheel all-terrain vehicle through bumpy pastures and on country gravel roads. Sometimes alone and at other times with her husband, which she continues to do.

The second example is about her husband who was working as a laborer in a factory. He was fired for insubordination and subsequently was able to collect unemployment benefits. He decided not to seriously pursue another job until his unemployment benefits ran out.

When the benefits were extended, he decided that he would wait again before seriously pursuing unemployment, even though another factory in the same town was hiring dozens of new workers.

When asked how they were doing, he said that with his wife’s disability payments and his unemployment benefits, they were “doing just fine.”

I believe this is an example of an intentional and blatant abuse of the generosity of our government’s policies.

Submitted with respect for those truly in need.

Janet McClure


Tuesday, December 18, 2012 4:43 PM

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