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City leaders should consider stop signs near post office PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

The time has come for us to point out the dangers that lie in picking up our mail at the local post office on Wall Street in Eagle River.

There are many stop signs on back streets to make traffic near the library and churches safer. We feel that a four-way stop at the post office corner would improve our chances of opening a car door and crossing the street a lot safer. 

We have seen too many close calls and mothers with small children and elderly running the gauntlet of traffic crossing Wall Street to the post office.

Maybe our city fathers would see fit to place stop signs on Wall Street for the safety of all.

Thank you for listening,

Tommy and Carol Miles

Eagle River

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 4:45 PM


+9 #2 2012-12-19 18:05
One mishap and we need signs and road closings? Please. First, I witnessed and been involved in a few close calls there..mostly from pedestrians jaywalking and darting from between parked cars in their rush to get their mail. Second, I've been to at least a half dozen medium to small towns that have blocked off their main shopping street to car traffic to create an outdoor "mall" effect. Result? economic disaster, with many reversing their costly decision. Instead of people being more careful and responsible we need more "regulation"? Sometimes bad things happen. It is not possible to remove all risk from life
-7 #1 2012-12-19 11:07
Years ago, before the bypass was there and the talking stages of it were happening, the initial talk was to close the main street and have it as an area with benches and trees...places people could sit and rest or eat ice cream. People would have been able to enjoy the area without fear of was a teriffic plan. That never happened. Truly don't know why but it should have. Eagle River is way to busy, especially during the peak tourist season, to have such a narrow main "drag". I am surprised something like the pedestrian incident or car doors being torn off hasn't happened. The current situation of main street will most likely never change. The city fathers seem to think it will alter the shops success. Maybe the initial plan of having a rest/safe area would have been a positive.

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