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Every American needs to change PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

The tragedy we witnessed in Connecticut is a warning for us all. The past few years we have witnessed violence growing in the hearts of people all across America.

Some people ask how a loving God could allow innocent children to be slaughtered. God didn’t allow it to happen, we did. And no matter how many laws we create to try and control the violence, it will not make a difference until every American opens their eyes, starts searching their heart and is willing to ask God to help them change within.

Angry irrational Americans lifted pointing fingers, blaming everyone under the sun except themselves for America’s problems. And a spiritual sickness sprouted and grew within darkened hearts. We have witnessed in the large urban areas how love and respect for neighbors has turned into anger, hatred and violence. The violence is spreading. We are reaping what we have sowed.

Each one of us has to ask God to heal us spiritually within. If we don’t do that, America will continue to degenerate until America is destroyed from within.

Uno Bloom

Eagle River

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 4:46 PM


-15 #1 Frank Gabl 2012-12-19 13:10
An historical perspective on how “America is (being) destroyed from within.”

“This is a true story.” Consider sending the link to this “free” documentary as a Christmas greeting for family and friends. It’s a riveting and eye-opening experience.

This is the “letter to the editor” which was the motivation for the film.


The award-winning documentary:

The conference Bowers attended in 1992 - READ AFTER THE FILM and check out ALL of the "Workshops" - particularly the ones on the lower half of the page.

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