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Big Sand Lake District still needed PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

According to your newspaper report on “Vilas panel denies support for Big Sand Lake District,” the committee stated there was a lack of necessity for the district since the volunteer lake association has been accomplishing milfoil control.

Here we go again, the givers need to keep giving and the takers (moochers) can keep on getting the benefits without paying their way.

What part of 74% of property owners who signed the petition for a district did the committee miss? Yes, the problem has been partially taken care of, but it could easily erupt again if it is not maintained. Who is going to continue paying when other invasive species take over and the volunteers realize that they are the only ones paying? It is time for every property owner to be responsible for the future of our lake.

Mr. Strebe indicated that he was against chemical treatment for milfoil and yet he proudly proclaims that the problem has been taken care of. What part did he play in seeing that the problem was taken care of and how much support will he give to the volunteer association?

Big Sand Lake has a cancer called Eurasian water milfoil and it has been brought under control by chemicals. My question to the committee and Mr. Strebe is, if you or your family member has cancer, will you refuse chemo treatment because you don’t like chemicals? The treatment now is minimal. Would you stop chemo when the treatment is not complete?

So Mr. Strebe, it is time for you to swallow the bitter pill or see it come back because you don’t want to pay for something you oppose. But then you take benefit from others who are willing to do something about our lake that was dying. By the way, the treatment only destroyed the milfoil. It did not destroy the weeds that the fish need to survive. Pretty outstanding chemo!

We received a letter in December that stated you could write a letter to David Alleman, c/o Big Sand Lake District petition comments, 330 Court St., Eagle River, WI 54521, if you were unable to attend the meeting. Did the committee read any of those letters? Were they just collected and placed in a file or were they read and written into the report at the committee hearing?

We sent a letter and we find the committee only looked at those who could be present at the public meeting. The majority of lake property owners are visitors in the summer and their taxes pay the committee to make wise decisions on their behalf. Seventy-four percent of property owners signed a petition. That is awfully close to three-fourths in favor.

We plead that the committee reconsider their decision based on a meeting that many property owners were unable to attend. Please send this petition to the county board.


Don and Bonnie Bierman


Tuesday, January 15, 2013 4:46 PM

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