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Administrators back school spirit at Pines, but sportsmanship also important lesson PDF Print E-mail


Letter to the Editor:

Thank you to Mr. Ambrosius for his continued support and sincere appreciation for all things Northland Pines.

His letter published last week highlighted the importance of rallying around students engaged in extra-curricular activities at Northland Pines. Pines currently has conference-winning girls basketball, girls hockey, boys hockey, a state-bound academic decathlon team, and the curtain will soon open for an outstanding musical that will highlight over 70 students performing “Footloose.”

We are all extremely proud of our students and will help them in any way to showcase their skills and talents. It is comforting to hear Mr. Ambrosius’ passion about Northland Pines, and we strongly encourage others to share his desires in seeing students who attend Pines to be successful.

One fault with Mr. Ambrosius’ letter was his belief that school administrators are trying to curb student body participation in cheering on our students engaged in various activities; it is actually quite the contrary. In the past two years, we have seen an influx of students attending activities and have made it a focus at the high school to continue to improve student engagement.=

One of our building goals at the high school is to get 90% of our students involved in at least one activity. We established a mini-parade during Homecoming which involved all students in the district to help indoctrinate children early into instilling the Pines Pride Mr. Ambrosius continues to carry with him.

Our student body is able to attend home conference events at no charge in the hopes that this encourages greater fan support for our Pines’ participants. The school district is starting positive behavior intervention and support in the belief that it will help create a greater sense of school spirit that Mr. Ambrosius certainly has for all things Pines.

We hope that everyone understands that all of us at Northland Pines will never condone nor accept spectators using profanity, profane gestures or engaging in obscene chants. As administrators, we will not allow a few unruly spectators to ridicule or harass participants, officials, event staffers or other citizens.

Recently, hockey officials have approached Pines ad­ministration and threatened to report our student body to the WIAA if the inappropriate student cheers and the profanity laced outbursts that target specific individuals on opposing teams does not cease. If this behavior is not corrected, potential sanctions from the WIAA could include player or coaching penalties or even restrictions on hosting home playoff games.

We at Pines will not hesitate to remove students or adults who engage in negative behavior; our students along with our high school opponents deserve the utmost respect in their attempt to showcase their talents. They should not be subjected to a few misguided individuals who are inappropriately overzealous in their support of Northland Pines.

The administration at North­land Pines High School encourages Mr. Ambrosius and other adults to help educate our youth in the proper decorum at high school activities and represent Northland Pines in a dignified manner. Behavior that may be socially acceptable at college events, semi-professional or professional events might not be appropriate at high school events.

Extra-curricular activities are an extension of the classroom and success in sportsmanship is much like success with any program. It doesn’t just happen. Success takes understanding, leadership, commitment and a willingness to take action when necessary unsportsmanlike be-hav­ior arises.

It does take a community to raise a child, and if we work together in helping spectators of all ages learn to cheer appropriately, Pines Pride will flourish amongst all.

Northland Pines School District  Administration


Tuesday, February 05, 2013 5:29 PM
Last Updated on Tuesday, February 05, 2013 5:29 PM

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