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Supports officers in schools PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

As a kid growing up on the eastside of Milwaukee, there was one person who had all the respect of all my friends and I’m sure their families and mine. His name was Eric. He was a Milwaukee beat cop.

He walked the area we lived in on a daily basis. He was the one man who taught us the meaning of respect for the law. He made sure he knew all of us by our first names. He would on occasion stop by my parents home and just have a casual conversation with them. He was a great guy.

I always remember my dad telling me to behave and live by the rules and if Eric ever had to bring me home, there would be hell to pay. Eric would sometimes use a three-wheeler motorcycle in the winter and “us guys’ would lay low behind some snow bank and when he would pass by, we would throw as many snowballs at him as we could, then run like the dickens. Of course he knew who did it, but he knew we were just being kids.

Besides realizing we were just kids, Eric went a long way to make sure that our neighborhood was a safe place to live. We as kids felt safe and our parents never seemed to worry about us being out all day.

Eric was a big guy. He wore a motorcycle police uniform and always had his Colt revolver strapped in a polished holster. No one will ever know how much that one man influenced my life.

The reason I write this is because maybe it’s time to bring Eric back. Maybe it’s time to have that policeman in and near our schools. Maybe its time we have men on duty, showing by example, how to live by the rules and be safe. Maybe its time to have someone there that our kids could talk to and enjoy being around. An authority figure that a kid could reveal the bad guys to or maybe throw a snowball at. An authority figure who wasn’t there to preach, but be a guide, a mentor, a protector and yes, at times discipline bad behavior.

As a property taxpayer, putting Eric back in the schools would cost money. I would gladly pay extra taxes to have him back.

To the police and sheriff departments, please think about bringing my mentor and protector back into this community. We need him now more than ever.

Tarryl L. Janik

Eagle River

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 4:25 PM


0 #3 2013-03-10 04:21
Tony, Lived on Irving and Prospect/ Holy Rosary. The Fargens and the Finnerty's
0 #2 2013-03-10 04:19
Lived on Irving and Prospect. Holy Rosary.
The Fargens and the Finnerty's. Riverside High.
-8 #1 Anthony Corallo 2013-02-12 23:51
Terry, where did you live on the east side?/

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