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Dr. Carson’s message built on common sense PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

Dr. Benjamin Carson, world-renowned neurosurgeon and director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital for the past 28 years, energized the conservative and independent electorate last week at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., with his unyielding courage and plain language.

Standing at a podium a mere 8 feet from Barack Obama, armed with nothing more than common sense and an aura of brilliance and integrity, Dr. Carson boldly lectured the American people on how to implement a health-care system that actually works, create a tax revenue machine that rejects the failed European model of taking the rewards of the self-reliant and spreading them around, the danger of political correctness which was invented for the express purpose of suppressing de­bate while steering thought, and the havoc unchecked spending is wreaking on the future well-being of our young and this nation’s viability, in general.

But when Dr. Carson put our $16.5 trillion debt into a shocking perspective with the analogy that 16.5 trillion seconds equals a bit more than 507,000 years, I couldn’t help but think of the unrelenting national global warming debate which remerged on this very page last week.

Data, by none other than the infamous Climatic Re­search Unit at the University of East Anglia, whose members were recently embroiled in the Climategate scandal, shows zero warming since 1998. Additionally, since 1880, when temperatures were first reliably recorded, the world has warmed by only one insignificant degree of Fahrenheit.

Nevertheless, global warming alarmists routinely cite the gigantic Greenland Ice Sheet, which obviously was once green, as a telltale sign of impending global doom due to its periodic melting which can shed an enormous 25 cubic miles per year.

In fact, if Greenland were to melt entirely, global sea levels would rise by a catastrophic 23 feet. However, using a Carson-like analogy to get a grip on reality, we find that 25 cubic miles is less than four hundred-thousandths of Greenland’s total ice volume of 680,000 cubic miles (0.00367%).

Proportionally, it will take 100 years of melting to shed just under four thousandths, or one-third of 1% of Greenland’s ice mass. And, it all could disappear in as little as 27,200 years.

It should be clear that this civilization’s greatest future accomplishment will not come from trying to save the planet, but rather from resurrecting the attribute of common sense which died when political correctness was born. Godspeed to Dr. Carson.

Frank Gabl

Prospect Heights, Ill.,

and Eagle River

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 3:51 PM

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