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Northland Pines announces GNC solo ensemble results PDF Print E-mail

Approximately 150 Northland Pines middle and high school students participated in the Great Northern Conference (GNC) Solo Ensemble Festival at Tomahawk High School on March 2.

Schools in attendance were high schools and middle schools from Tomahawk, Lakeland and Northland Pines. All students receiving a superior star first rating in Class A qualify for State solo/ensemble competition. This year’s State festival is at UW-Stevens Point Saturday, May 4. Here are their results:


Class A, Star First

Vocal solos: Soprano — Victoria Schwenn, Billie Jo Seidl, Jessica Roach, Allison Hartwig, Kirsten Klessig, Jessica Anderson, Rebecca Anderson, Angelique Gaffny and Amanda Curtis; alto — Lindsey Tienhaara and Lauren Gonitzke; bass — Sam Puffer.

Musical theater solos: Marcus Clure and Rebecca Anderson.

Soprano-alto duets: Victoria Schwenn, Chelsea Allendorf, Jessica Anderson and Rebecca Anderson.

Soprano-soprano-alto double trio: Jessica Anderson, Rebecca Anderson, Amanda Curtis, Katie Piper, Cayla Tennikait and Heather Klein.

Soprano-soprano-alto vocal jazz ensemble: Jessica Anderson, Rebecca Anderson, Victoria Schwenn, Amanda Curtis, Danielle Wallschlaeger, Lauren Gonitzke, Chelsea Allendorf, Katie Piper, Yvonne Polack, Aisha Calix and Kirsten Klessig.

Soprano-soprano-alto madrigal ensemble: Kirstie Luther, Heather Klein, Lindsey Tienhaara, Samantha Hytry, Morgan Gurka, Allison Hartwig, Pam Hartwig, Lauren Gonitzke, Hannah Bochek, Katie Piper, Kellie Radue, Aisha Calix, Angelique Gaffny, Danielle Wallschlaeger, Kirsten Klessig, Jessica Anderson, Taylor Haugen, Yvonne Polack and Victoria Schwenn.

Instrumental solos: Eddie Stevens, trumpet, alto saxophone; Emilie Robins, piano, violin; Morgan Tomczyk, piano, flute; Sam Puffer, tuba; Luke Simons, tenor saxophone.

Jazz improvisation combo: Tim Ebert, Lake Edwards, Zach Kluever, Walker Levan, Morgan Munnik, Lindsey Tienhaara, Luke Simons and Dillan Schneider.


Class A, First

Vocal solos: Soprano — Samantha Johnston; alto — Taylor Haugen, Heather Klein and Pamela Hartwig; bass — Marcus Clure.

Musical theater solos: Pamela Hartwig, Samantha Johnston, Benn Gober and Victoria Schwenn.

Soprano-alto duet: Pamela Hartwig and Allison Hartwig.

Tenor-bass duet: Marcus Clure and Joseph Miller.

Instrumental solos: Tim Ebert, alto saxophone; Emily Wang, flute; Christian Svetnicka, clarinet; Anna Robins, piano.


Class A, Second

Vocal solos: Soprano — Danielle Wallschlaeger; alto — Cayla Tennikait; bass —  Benn Gober.

Musical theater solos: Allison Hartwig, Kirsten Klessig and Angelique Gaffny.

Instrumental solos: Lindsey Tienhaara, clarinet; Walker Levan, trombone.

Clarinet choir: Alex Falcetta, Morgan Munnik, Christian Svetnicka, Lyndsey Tienhaara and Cole Powell.

Saxophone choir: Anthony Camodeca, Tim Ebert, Annie Fuller, Alyssa Ravanelli, Morgan Tomczyk and Eddie Stevens.

Jazz ensemble: Gabe Brown, Anthony Camodeca, Tim Ebert, Alex Falcetta, Annie Fuller, Zach Kluever, Walker Levan, Morgan Munnik, Sam Puffer, Lyndsey Tienhaara, Morgan Tomczyk, Luke Simons, Ryan Schlitt, Dillan Schneider and Mike Wade.


Class B, First

Vocal solos: Soprano — Jenna Paez and Tillie Wells; alto — Hannah Hoffmann, Samantha Hytry, Madison Ludwig, Kayla Mayo, Kirstie Luther, Morgan Gurka and Shaina Warchol; tenor — Joseph Miller.

Soprano-alto duet: Jordy Bozic, Laine Vanden Boom, Amy Camodeca and Hadley Burns.

Soprano-soprano-alto trio/double trio: Destiny O’Brien, Jasmine LaRiviere, Billie Jo Seidl, Janne Warnecke, Samantha Hytry, Madison Ludwig, Tara Vanden Boom, Cynthia Ann Parker and Sophia Svetnicka.

Soprano-soprano-alto-alto quartet: Cynthia Ann Parker, Sophia Svetnicka, Morgan Gurka and Hannah Hoffmann.

Instrumental solos: Alyssa Ravanelli and Claire Reese, flute; Julianna Erickson, trumpet; Isaac Haiduk, French horn; Abel Lifschutz, bassoon; Sam Smith, drum set.

Tuba-euphonium quartet: Ryan Rua, Matt McGill, Trevor Schelk and Wesley Pearce.


Class B, Second

Vocal solos: Soprano — River DuQuaine; alto — Rebekah Puffer and Mercedes Albaugh.

Soprano-alto duet: Jenna Paez and Kali Ebert.

Instrumental solo: Abel Lifschutz, piano; Clayton Lindbom and Grayson Gilomen, alto saxophone.

Trumpet duet: Teddy Wells and Donnell Rueben. Trombone/euphonium duet: Ryan Rau and Jack Kolinski.


Class C, First

Vocal solos: Alto — Nikki Deditz and Destiny O’Brien.

Soprano-alto double duet: Sophie Spiess, Laura Garling, Rebecca Beyersdorf and Cassandra Gauthier.

Instrumental solos: Alto saxophone — Seth Erickson, Taylor Madl, John Miller and Jenna Sima; clarinet — Hadley Kruse, Joshua Recker and Velicity Kuczala; flute — Hannah Tilley; trumpet — Mike Scholl and Joe White.

Flute duet: Mckenna Will and Amy Camodeca; Mariah Popp and Kaylee Sjoholm.

Saxophone duet: Nick Cato and Zach Neddo.


Class C, Second

Vocal solos: Alto — Brittany Verkuilen.

Soprano-alto duet: Mariah Miller and MaryBeth Tienhaara.

Soprano-soprano-alto double trio: Brooke Hilsabeck, Hannah Tilley, Gail Vander Bloomen, Emily Lenz, Carisa Scanlon and Amanda Weist.

Instrumental solos: Nathan Lofy, trombone.

Drum duet: Sam Smith and Jason Brewer; Mckenzie Ebert and Kali Kolehouse.


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Soprano-soprano-alto trios: Kelsey Bellman, Jade Martin, Carson Hicksen, Lindsey Tienhaara, Kayla Mayo and Chyenne Hyatt.

Tenor-tenor-bass-bass quartet: Bradley Roberts, David Halverson, Blayden Conrad and Joshua Recker.

Trombone/euphonium duet: Tyler Grady and Walker Levan.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 4:12 PM

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