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There are other polluters near proposed mine PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

We are seeing a lot of hateful comments being thrown at Sen. Tom Tiffany in regard to his work on the new mining legislation and, along with it, we are seeing the lefties hollering about pollution and the precious, pristine waters flowing into Lake Superior.

Before I hear about the poor souls on the Bad River Reservation and their inability to harvest wild rice and live in the beautiful unspoiled area of northern Wisconsin, I’d like everyone spouting this stuff to do some research on the actions of these people.

Dig into the problems they have with their waste treatment facility and the untold thousands of gallons of sewage they are dumping every year. You all might be a lot different than me, but I would much rather eat wild rice from near the mine than downstream from their waste treatment facility. I will admit I didn’t go very far in the education portion of my life, but even an old retired, uneducated guy like me can figure that one out.

Between 2004 and 2008, the Bad River Tribe had 241 violations and the tribe in Red Cliff had 159 violations, and now we find out that attorney Dennis Grezinski is working with the tribe. He just happens to be the attorney who was working with the  Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District when good old Tom Barrett was dumping more than 17 billion gallons of sewage into Lake Michigan.

I’m not saying these things to run down or degrade anyone, but to show the hypocrisy of all the left wing babbling. There are a lot of people living in glass houses who are throwing stones.

I would ask each one who is crying about the mine and praising the northern tribe about their environmental works to, at least, check the facts and see that they are the worst polluters in the area of the mine.

Tribal Chairman Mike Wiggins says the water below the waste treatment plant is good for human consumption, but I would be a lot more willing to drink the stuff from below the mine any day.

An old cowboy once said, “Don’t drink the water downstream from the herd.”

John Seefeldt


Tuesday, April 02, 2013 2:06 PM

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