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Three Lakes’ billboard is false advertising PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

I was driving north on Highway 45 near Clintonville the other day and saw a full-sized billboard for Three Lakes. There amid a resplendent lake scene is a guy paddling a kayak away from the viewer. In the picture the sun is out, and the water is calm.

The billboard is well done, and conveys an air of quiet, peace, tranquility and even solitude. The side bar reads, “Come and connect with nature,” and below this “. . . and with some of the best things in life.” Check it out the next time you drive back from Chicago or Milwaukee.

I guess that the billboard will have to be changed now that an ordinance has been passed to allow all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) on all town roads all the time. This should be done to avoid a false advertising lawsuit from those who will be returning soon, and from anyone else who has booked a “rest and relaxation” vacation with their family in the Three Lakes area.

Lawsuits are expensive. Besides, I think the local residents should be saving money to pay the extra liability insurance premiums that will be buried somewhere in their tax bills.

Bill Boscamp

Land O’ Lakes

Tuesday, April 09, 2013 1:59 PM


-27 #16 2013-05-01 15:32
Yes, you are correct.

In terms of a trail system, it is my opinion at least that they are putting the cart before the horse. A trail system should be developed first so that the precidence is not set that roads are designated routes. There is a push to develop a trail system, but that will take time.

Using the snowmobile trails would be a good idea, however most trails go through swamps and across lakes... Can't do it during the warmer months.

But perhaps the larger problem is that the state funds the snowmobile trail system. Nothing is in place for ATV's as it is left up to clubs and local government. The trails would need to be groomed in some fashion to keep them from getting washed out and rutted up. That is an expensive proposition.

I can say for certainty that I would stand behind using town roads for access, but never as designated routes.
-29 #15 2013-04-18 23:29
Finally, thanks Tim for your truthful and well written response. As a part-time citizen of Three Lakes, I appreciate your information.

Unlike others that have tried answering my questions, you have not lied, or made up half-truths in the way others have.

So now if I understand correctly, Three Lakes is not providing any off-road ATV trails, they just opened town roads to ATV traffic. Am I correct?

If that is the case, based on your comments, would the next logical step be to cut new ATV trails or allow ATV's to operate on the current snowmobile trails? Does anyone know if Three Lakes is looking into this?

As an aside, this is why it would be good to have a newspaper that actually reports the news, not just makes their biased comments about the ATV issue.
-29 #14 2013-04-17 19:33
I agreee James, seems Joy just made up her facts to fit her anti-ATV stance. I wish I was able to find more information to share with you.

I guess you too have nothing reasonable to reply to me, I guess in the end you are looking pretty silly.
-29 #13 2013-04-17 15:57

The ultimate misconception by those who don't want ATV's (I believe), is that they don't realize that the people who want to use ATV's on the roads generally want to use them to visit their neighbors or access a trail as it is currently not legal to do that. On top of this, without having the ability to ride an ATV on a road, most people won't be able to access trails when they are put in.

Case in point: It is perfectly legal for a snowmobile to operate on a town road (based on a question I had asked a O.C.F. deputy) as long as you are accessing a trail. It has been that way for years. In our town, I am an EMT and have yet to be on a single call where a snowmobilier crashed on the road.

I also think that the misconception is that roads will be specified routes in all cases. When in all reality, a road should will be just an access method.
-29 #12 2013-04-17 15:48
While I am not a Three Lakes resident and instead am a Sugar Camp resident, I think I might be able to answer your questions as I have tried to understand the thought process of those who do not want ATV's.

1) People fear change.
2) People think that the tranquility of the area will be destroyed.
3) People think that ATV riders will ruin private property.
4) People are afraid that accidents will increase.
5) ATV's have stickers on them as well as state in their manuals that they are not to be operated on roads.

I am sure there are others...

As an avid ATV rider myself, I can certainly agree with #5. They have no business being on a road as their suspension, tires, steering, and drivetrain are designed for going through mud, dirt, snow, and etc.

However, the reality of the situation is that ATV's do not damage the blacktop roads except for shoulders and gravel roads as they do dig into the dirt.

+31 #11 2013-04-15 21:40
It's surprising to me that seemingly educated people would log onto this site - or send a letter to the editor - about ATV's - without first checking facts. You're on a computer. Use it. There are several states - including W. Virginia & Illinois - that have big problems with ATV's on roads. There are plenty of websites that discuss noise and pollution and safety problems with ATV's. Promote them if you like, but offer up more than your opinion to support your cause, or, you end up looking pretty silly.
-35 #10 2013-04-14 23:09
Next, you claim that "people that ski behind boats run them all the time." A ski boats exhaust is below the waterline dampening the noise.

Who are these endurance skiers you cite anyway that ski all the time? On the rare occasion when I pull a skier, it is a lot of stopping and re-starting.

Finally, your last argument: "more traffic on a road, the more damage that occurs."

Why do we build roads? Are they not for the public to USE? Should we ban semi's from the roads because they are the biggest destroyer of our roads? Are dump trucks, garbage trucks, and cement haulers to be banned as well as they create tremendous stress upon a roadway?

Again, I asked why the uproar over the ATV on the road. I truly indifferent on the matter. I would like to know why they are being vilified by so many. It is a simple question, don't just thumbs down my remark, answer my questions PLEASE!
-35 #9 2013-04-14 22:58
Joy, did you even read your own stats? From what I read, a 2004 Harley Sportster 1200 cc Sportster with full aftermarket Samson 2-into-1 Exhaust
systems sound will be 120 decibels fully revved.

An ATV on the other hand only emits in the low 90 db range. Quite the diffenece, but thanks for the interesting reads. It sure does seem that ATV's will be more quiet than the all the Harley's I see up here. Apparently, you and I live on different roads, as see them all the time.

Joy, when are Harley's on the road most often? Mid-winter when I am not there? NO, IN THE SUMMER WHEN I DO SEE A LOT OF THEM!!!!

I really have no bias one way or the other as I don't own or plan to own an ATV or operate a business in Three Lakes. I am simply asking questions to be INFORMED, not lied to and given false stats.

+35 #8 2013-04-12 16:31
You say you do not have a biased opinion Hanover, but it appears you do from your answers. I provide proof yet you throw it away since you don't believe anything the government says. I see Harleys on the Highway, I rarely see them on backroads. I live here year round, I am amzaed that you see them all the time living here parttime.
Decibel levels:
A Harley and ATV are comparable for noise levels.

People that ski behind boats run them all the time.

More traffic on a road, the more damage that occurs. Pretty simple.
-35 #7 Dale and Jean Bruss 2013-04-12 15:40
How does a simple billboard constitue "false advertising"? You said it yourself, the sign clearly says “Come and connect with nature,” and below this “. . . and with some of the best things in life.” It is YOUR opinion that the recent vote to allow ATVs on town roads violates that claim; but who's to say there aren't many people who think ATVs are in "some of the best things in life"? Don't project your opinion of ATVs on everyone else, and take a marketing or business law class before you start throwing out accusations of false advertising.

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