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We condone mass murder each day in United States PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor:

As the events of the bombing at the Boston Marathon unfolded, and were reported in great detail in the national media, I was, as were most of us, horrified that two young men could murder three innocent bystanders, including one young child, and injure nearly 200 others.

There can be no doubt that law enforcement did a superb job in identifying the two suspects.

I certainly don’t mean to minimize or politicize these tragic events, but on that same day much more tragic event occurred that went unreported by any of the media.

According to the Center for Disease Control, an average of 2,260 innocent babies are murdered each day by reported abortion in the United States and we call that a matter of choice. I’m sorry folks, but the only difference I?see here is the number of dead bodies.

It is deplorable that we have a president who gets all emotional over the death of 800,000 people annually, but advocates their being murdered in a most horrible way. History has shown that any government that commits genocide against its own citizens will not have a good end.

How sad it is that we, as a Christian country (yes Mr. President, this is still a predominantly Christian country), criticize others for their human rights violations, yet condone the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of unborn babies as “business as usual”?in the United states of America?

Is it possible that our country is reaping what it sows? How long can we expect God to allow this to continue under the pretext of calling ourselves a Godly nation?

David Whittingham

Phelps and

Austin, Texas 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 3:51 PM


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Historical Background:

This is the letter to the editor referenced in the film that ignited the controversy which led to the film:

This is the referenced communist Committees of Correspondence conference Bowers attended in 1992:
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