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Supports private school vouchers PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

I would like to comment on a letter from Cheryl Andrist in the April 28 News-Review, “Private school vouchers are hurting our public schools.”

Ms. Andrist said that the Rhinelander, Crandon, Tomahawk, Niagara and Merrill public schools lost roughly $430,000 total because money was “taken” from them and given to private voucher schools. She says we should contact Sen. Tiffany. Rep. Swearingen, Rep. Czaja and Rep. Mursau and tell them to say “no” to voucher schools.

First, private voucher schools cost us $6,500 per student year. Public schools cost us $10,000 to $12,000 per student year. Private voucher schools are usually better. Although the public schools lose money (with the voucher program), they have fewer students to teach (when the students attend private school). They must be able to manage their costs.

Second, it is the parent who decides where to send their child to school. Does Ms. Andrist pretend to know better than the parents where to school their children? Is she wishing to have the authority to overrule parents on their child’s welfare?

Third, if public schools are losing students to better schools, let them compete and improve to retain students.

Ms. Andrist wishes to force us to public schools to be educated still in many cases by under-achieving, unaccountable, over-compensated educators. She does not care first for the welfare of our children.

Of all public school funding, 60% to 80% goes to salary and benefits. Our students score the same now as they did 40 years ago. We spend twice as much to educate our children adjusted for inflation as we did 40 years ago. We rank 20th in the world in student achievement, yet spend more per student than any other country.

When I see letters from our educators expressing concern over our under-achieving education system and offering ways to fix it, I will decrease my skepticism. Until then I will identify it as the same twisted “things will get worse unless we get more” spin we heard after Act 10 was passed.

The vouchers may be hurting public school finances if they can’t manage them. They are helping, not hurting, our children and isn’t that good?

I urge our state representatives to expand vouchers so every child has the opportunity to get one.

Charlie Gullan

Eagle River

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 3:54 PM


+20 #33 2013-05-09 10:30
Ian, you keep changing your argument. So once I prove to you that Ayers never visited the white house you switch it to some baseless assumption that Obama would do it if he could get away with it? This is the problem with the Right. You base things on chain emails and never facts.
-25 #32 2013-05-08 13:42
John, how about Obama at the last press corps dinner joking about his pot use,etc. Making light out of it and laughing. meanwhile, the cops are throwing people in jail for such an offense. Do you think he's sending the right message to our youth?

Or even associating IN CHICAGO with Bill Ayers? If Obama could get away with it he'd have Bill Ayers in the oval office on a monthly basis rest assured.

Obiously, you have your opinion and I have mine. Good luck to you. Will let the voters decide. Have a good life
+24 #31 2013-05-08 13:19
Ian, you've been reading too many chain emails or watching too much Glenn Back yet again. Bill Ayers never visited the white hous. He would have been in prison also if it weren't for the FBI and how they handled the case.
-25 #30 2013-05-08 04:01
You are correct John, bomb makers aren't just liberals. We jail bomb makers, unless your name is Bill Ayers. then, you get a cushy job at Northwestern University and an invitation to the white house. talk about a double standard like I've never seen.
+22 #29 2013-05-07 19:57
Charlie I find it rather amusing that you claim JS is a liberal paper. This is a paper that has endorsed Walker. The stories they ran were from studies from outside entities and from test results, not opinion. Many studies have been done comparing what exactly these vouchers schools are doing and FACT is they are no better and often times are worse than their public counterparts. They have less qualified teachers, admins stealing funds, and some have gone bankrupt. Time to pull the plug on this failed experiment.
-27 #28 2013-05-07 12:30
John, You cite two liberal newspapers as evidence. Start reading unbiased sources although you couldn't find any to support your anti voucher arguments.
+26 #27 2013-05-07 11:50
Ian, your post aon union decline is humorous. The majority of Americans still believe in unions in fact: The problem with union decline is two fold, outsourcing and companies moving factories to non union states. It's not that people don't want to belong to a union, it's that companies are making it more difficult. Frank, time to take off the tin foil hat. Bomb makers aren't just Liberals. Perhaps you just watched this morning as a Right Winger in MN was arrested for plotting to take out people using pipe bombs, assault rifles and more. I STILL have yet to hear from the Right Wingers if we should adopt those European principals in our schools. After all, they get better test scores than us right? So, Should we go full Socialistic education as they have or not? They have adopted the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the Right Wing thinks will make education better. Hmmmmm, interesting.
+26 #26 2013-05-07 11:42
Ian, you have a problem understanding basic economics and cycles. EVERY state lost businesses during the recession. In 2010 WI started to come out of the recession and we were creating jobs, enough to have us ranked at #11 when Doyle left and Walker took over. Now? 44th on our way to 49th per Forbes. Moving companies have WI ranked as a top 10 state for people leaving. Walker isn't working hard at anything other than blind ideology. Maybe he should be focusing on things like his failed WEDC and millions upon millions of lost money? WHY are states like MN kicking WI in EVERY category when they did the opposite of WI? Austerity measures during a down time ALWAYS further shrink the economy. It's happened in Europe and here any place its tried.
-27 #25 Frank Gabl 2013-05-07 00:08

Did you say that little Billy always had a chip on his shoulder and a bomb in his pocket. Or did I just make that last part up?

Nevertheless, maybe the bomb maker will do the honors of cutting the ribbon this fall as an inspiration to those who can't get enough of his explosive personality. I hear he's a blast at events like this especially a "project based learning" (PBL) charter school where the students learn how to make things.

I'll just leave it at that and let your imagination run wild. I don't want to be disrepectful to any unsuspecting parents of the new school - like all of them.

Let the record show, they've been sufficiently warned. However, it would be nice to hear something out of NPSD, like: what are you thinking?

Although, that suggests that they're innocent, does it not?
-28 #24 2013-05-06 23:26
wrong again Mr Graber according to the facts

Once you lose momentum,it's darn hard to get it back. Gov Walker is working hard to return the state back to it's prosperous roots. But then again, Wisconsin has been a liberal state since day 1. Unions have had their time and place. Through their obstinate bargaining positions, like the sheer monopoly on education, will turn the general populace away from it's message.

Look at union membership over the years folks:

Their last gasp is to organize and bully the very populace that pays them.

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