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Believes trolling rule will be passed by WCC PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

Your headline Wednesday, April 17, 2013, “Trolling rejected in vote” is incorrect. Trolling will likely pass the Wisconsin Conservation Congress (WCC) convention  vote in May.

The WCC convention voting is not based on a popular vote; it is more like an electoral college. Votes are cast by county, not total delegate votes. Unless some additional information becomes available to the delegates, the county delegations are bound to vote as their county voted.

Even with a total statewide vote of 2,775 against and 2,391 to approve, the county vote should be 44 approve to advance, and 27 to reject. This question should advance in the process to the Natural Resources Board (NRB) for action.

If the voting process were based only on total votes cast, counties with small populations (like Vilas County) would have little or no process impact. This is very much like our federal election system for president. Using this voting method allows smaller counties (in population) to have some influence.

The same issue is true for NRB advisory question No. 66 regarding the full inclusion of crossbow use for the entire archery season. The vote was 2,277 yes, and 2,479 no, a close no vote based on individual vote total. However, the counties voted 43 approve, 28 to reject. This should also carry with WCC approval in the process.

That is unless the bowhunters find a way to thwart the process. Wisconsin bowhunters have been actively trying to kill this additional deer taking method for several years under the guise that the crossbow is a superior weapon; what nonsense.

I wonder how many of these same bowhunters can pull and hold a 60-pound long bow, using cedar shafts, no fancy arrow rest, a finger-only release and instinctive sighting — that would be traditional bowhunting gear. And it would be almost the same as the gear that Roy Case used when taking the very first deer in the nation archery season in 1934 — a spike buck in Vilas County! (Roy actually made the arrow.)

Today’s high-tech compound bow machines are truly superior equipment and like night vs. day when compared to traditional archery gear.

Back to the annual county meeting. At a recent NRB meeting, Dr. Clausen questioned why the WCC could not utilize social media using the DNR website as a tool for citizens to participate and vote during the April spring hearings. The DNR could require the use of a DNR customer number. He had suggested this two years ago. If the WCC cannot be forced to do so, he then questioned why the public could not at least participate on NRB/DNR questions on the DNR website or with social media. He suggested, “This  would be a natural progression to what the department is doing.”

I am concerned over the easy access this method would provide to people who could attend, but do not have enough interest to show up at a once a year meeting to participate vs. getting more citizen response to the questions. I wanted to query the attendees at the April 2013 Vilas County meeting about this possible change to the process and attendees interests or concerns, but I was unable to get recognized to do so. An online process would clearly limit citizen interaction.

Ron Waller

Eagle River

Vilas County WCC delegate


Editor’s note: The headline and story you are citing only addressed the statewide popular vote on motor trolling from the hearings in all 72 counties, as well as how Vilas and Oneida county residents voted. Meeting results, along with written comments on the evening’s questions and DNR recommendations are used to advise the state Natural Resources Board. This year’s results will be reviewed at the board’s May 22 meeting in Madison. Votes are non-binding and are presented to the Natural Resources Board as advisory.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 3:57 PM

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