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Voucher schools provide competition PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

I would like to respond to Barb Neddo’s letter (May 15) in last week’s News Review “Offers Clarification on Voucher Schools.”

Ms. Neddo refers to an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that indicates public schools score better than private schools. The findings are from a small sample in the second year of the voucher program. No attempt is made to statistically analyze the students in the study.

Harvard University and the Brookings Institute have made far more exhaustive studies and concluded that African-American students from voucher schools are 24% more likely to attend college and 17% more likely to graduate from high school. The Harvard study rated voucher  school students higher in 11 of 12 categories.

You will find articles that favor both sides which is why I didn’t bring any up in my letter (May 1) and commented that “Private voucher schools are usually better.”

Ms. Neddo wonders why our legislators would spend money on an unproven program. One thing that has been proven: The public schools in the areas the vouchers are being offered have failed. We have thrown more and more money into them with no results.

Ms. Neddo’s letter says parents have a choice where to send their children now with public school open enrollment. Sure, so your choice is public school or public school. Parents living in the large southern Wisconsin cities deserve a better choice. Ms. Neddo pretends to know better than the parents who live down there.

Ms. Neddo thinks that rural districts would not benefit from voucher expansion in urban areas, saying “Our tax dollars would go to urban areas to fund their private schools.”  Voucher schools receive roughly $6,500 per student; public schools roughly $11,000 per student. For every voucher student, there will be roughly  $4,500 more to spend on public education or maybe to reduce taxes.

One thing for sure — the teachers union will get less money if we have more students in voucher schools.  Sadly, that, and fear of competition, is the reason for the opposition.

Charlie Gullan

Eagle River

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 1:33 PM


-18 #109 Frank Gabl 2013-06-28 02:04

To the contrary, your imbecilic attempt to place Reagan's "report" ahead of Clinton's actual "legislation" is intellectually dishonest enough all on its own.

But throw in Arne Duncan's boasting of the "high-stakes testing" that he's having implemented in Obamacore and its downright embarrassing for me to watch you work.

Have you no self-respect?
+15 #108 2013-06-24 12:21
Frank, your continued attempt to rewrite history is nothing more than the latest attempt by you and your party to run away from the very policies you have embraced for many decades.
-22 #107 Frank Gabl 2013-06-22 12:47

You've incorrigibly taken a silly and dishonest argument on your part to a level that even Saul Alinsky would be embarrassed to watch.
+20 #106 2013-06-21 12:33
Sounds like A LOT of deflection on your part Frank. Embrace your party's failures!
-28 #105 Frank Gabl 2013-06-18 12:00

Your entire line of defense now rests solely on Reagan's 1983 mere STUDY and REPORT in which, two generic words,
"common" and "core," were simply used to suggest what states and local entities could do to improve education on a national level -- that nothingness on your part is considered "reduced" by any thinking person.

And just the opposite is the case when you stated, "you've tried and attempted to put this entire issue on the feet of Dems." You're the one who has used the phrase "you own it" - over and over and over, etc.....again.

The only facts that show historical accuracy are the multitude of references that I've posted. I'm not aware of any historically significant find of yours except for twisting what I've posted and then dishonestly labeling for your advantage as fact, as in, "common core."

I suggest you repost what "facts show otherwise," as you contend.
+22 #104 2013-06-18 10:14
Frank, nothing has been reduced and you are deflecting as you always do. You've tried and attempted to put this entire issue on the feet of Dems, using all your precious little catch phrases. Facts show otherwise.
-28 #103 Frank Gabl 2013-06-17 13:42

Your entire argument has been reduced to blaming a mere STUDY and REPORT in 1983 under the Reagan administration (at a time when Reagan was considering abolishing the Dept. Of Education) for Clinton's "Goals 2000", Bush's "No Child Left Behind" and now Obama's unprecedented "Common Core" dictitorial education transformation.

If such a silly, silly, silly, silly comparative argument was being made by me you'd be laughing right in my face.

So, I do not see any reason as to why I should react any differently to your silly argument.
+22 #102 2013-06-17 10:13
Great Frank, that's from the mid 90's, what about before that? You go after my historical inaccuracies yet I've never been the one to say that Clinton didn't do this. I have yet to hear anything from you about those that did it BEFORE Clinton or while Clinton was in office (Tommy) and all you do is deflect. Public sentiment pushes an agenda. The Right was and still is instrumental in starting and pushing this agenda. The public got on board and it as made it almost impossible for any current or future politician to change course now. If Romney would have won, he would be doing the same thing Obama is as an example, he even said it. Meanwhile, TEACHERS have been the one's to tell YOU and everyone else for DECADES that standardized testing has many flaws and should not be used as the end all be all. Take out the politicians for a moment and look at the people. Which group of people have long been against testing and which group of people have long been for tighter testing?
-26 #101 Frank Gabl 2013-06-14 12:15

What your opinion of Duncan's "high-stakes testing" or what you personally think of them has nothing to do with the blame you keep ascribing to the Right.

I've said that it's a nonpartisan issue because both sides have implemented it.

So , I'll just keep disproving your historical inaccuracy.

This is from your bible, the Huffingtonpost, from just 6 weeks ago:

“In 1994, I was a part of the Clinton Administration team responsible for gaining Congressional approval and supporting the state implementation of the Goals 2000: Educate America Act -- THE EDUCATION REFORM LEGISLATION THAT LAUNCHED THE STANDARDS MOVEMENT. Twenty years later we finally have a set of rigorous and common math and English standards, the Common Core State Standards.”
+21 #100 2013-06-13 20:36
Frank, You mention Arnie Duncan. For the record I don't agree with him. I've said this over and over. What I do find funny is you have repeatedly run away from the very thing you have accused me of. I've stated numerous times and given examples of how the Right has LOOOOOONG pushed for standardized testing and you pass it off entirely,deflec t and one time said they were merely ignorant. That's a cop out of the highest degree.

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