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Appreciate letter from Whittingham PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor:

To whoever is interested: Mr. Whittingham in his Letter to the Editor in the May 15 Vilas County News-Review about abortion did not misrepresent the Center For Disease Control when he used the word “murder.”

The word “murder” is Mr. Whittingham’s word for abortion. I greatly appreciate Mr. Whittingham’s Letter to the Editor and stand with him, where he stands, which is where God himself stands.

The Rev. Gary Spurgeon


Tuesday, May 21, 2013 1:33 PM


-29 #19 Frank Gabl 2013-06-10 22:43

Pertaining to your comment about political news recently: "fun" is a quiet or exhilarating weekend with the fam.

Ecstasy, on the other hand is the word I rather use to describe the sheer emotion of watching a chronically corrupt and morally bankrupt liar from Chicago politics go down so convincingly for all of his water-carriers to see.

Yet, the two people I feel terrible for are his innocent daughters. After I got married, and especially after my daughter was born some 32 years ago, I never once did anything that my little girl could ever feel shame over or second guess her unconditional love for her father.

So for someone like Obama, who comes off like the quintessential father, he's a failure in that regard as well.

What a shame. He has such a nice smile!
-23 #18 2013-06-07 19:03

It is a lost cause with that one. I have been down that road a few times and have finally given up on that individual. Nothing can come through without the old "judgment" response. And because of that, the wall has been built up and reinforced so much that no matter how many facts you throw out there, they will always reinforce that wall. And I guess at that point, I have no reason to spend the time as the point I had made can be easily read in earlier posts.

I understood where you were going with that and could make the connection quite easily.

All of the stuff in the news lately sure has been fun to hear about eh? I read a recent editorial from the NYT calling on progressives to attack their proclaimed messiah.

At least this shows that not all liberal progressives are anti-American.
-24 #17 Frank Gabl 2013-06-06 18:40

I'll let all of this go except for the most important part which is your misrepresentati on, for a second time, of the meaning of my words in in #9, where I said:

"I took your entire intrusion as though you were critiquing not only the way I went about making the comment but why I shouldn't have in the first place; as though someone who is pro-choice could even occupy a moral high ground OVER an individual promoting the sacredness of life" --- meaning more (higher ground) than equal.

I would never say something as arrogant or cruel to you as you've suggested, as though I was looking down on you and in effect, spitting in your face.
-24 #16 Frank Gabl 2013-06-06 14:11

How shameless a display by you to jump on this dicussion in order to garner a little sympathy since you had no defense a few weeks ago to your own spoken words which rendered the claims you were making nothing more than a bogus pile.

To you, it may seem as if I must always get in the last word, but for me I simply, to a fault sometimes, can never leave a stone unturned if another point or defense can be made.

Case in point was when Denny offered up an admission a while ago to which I felt it was necessary to come back on and praise her courage even though, strategically, it would have been to another's advantage to let her wallow in it.

I've even offered the last word to you a few times, as I am now, but you have yet to take me up on it. Yet, that doesn't mean I wouldn't have a valid reponse that must be made in return.

That's just how I'm wired - conduct yourself accordingly.
+20 #15 Denny Erardi 2013-06-06 13:39
Please go ahead and have the last word, Frank. These are mine.

I'm not a hypocrite and I didn't "scold" you - I'm not your parent, your teacher nor your caretaker. I'm not in a position to scold you -- I commented on your posting. Semantics aside, you said that pro life people are superior morally, or occupy higher moral ground and I responded to that - it doesn't matter in this case what phraseology you use. It's inaccurate, and I'll reiterate: you're not the judge of morality other than your own.

I am pro-choice with some limits and I am a moral individual. My thinking is perfectly clear and needs no validation.

Thank you.
-25 #14 Frank Gabl 2013-06-06 12:46

I did not "assert that a pro-life person is by definition of higher moral constitution than a pro-choice person."

I did say, however, that a pro-choice person cannot occupy a "higher" moral ground than a pro-life person. As in, they cannot be morally superior.

And that's why who initiated the contact is important when it's a hypocrite (in this context) that's doing the scolding.

That "nutjob" as you call him (not two - the mother is innocent)is merely a product of an immoral environment produced by Roe v Wade over a forty year period.

It is not the other way around as the pro-choice crowd must contend in order to validate their own confused thinking on the sanctity of life.

Here's another perfect example of America's cold-hearted attitude concerning the sanctity of life:

Dispute this.
+18 #13 Denny Erardi 2013-06-06 01:14
Also for the record, Frank ... why does it matter to you who initiated the "contact"? Only speaking for me, doesn't matter whether you provoked me or not. I'm responsible.

As to your assertion that a pro-life person is by definition of higher moral constitution than a pro-choice person, that's just garbage. You are not the arbiter of morality. I understand that it is your belief and your conviction.

Going back to the original news story that you posted about the obviously mentally deranged couple that put their child in the freezer, it is not germane to any part of the abortion debate. It is in no way "a perfect example of America's cold-hearted attitude concerning the sanctity of life". That attitude does not belong to America, it is not exemplary of America's attitudes; it is owned exclusively by those two nut jobs.
+19 #12 2013-06-05 21:28
No matter how reasonable and non-confrontational you try to be (and you certainly are), you must realize that FG is simply baiting you into continuing on in his rantful ways.

I can say this from personal experience. There is nothing you can do -- again, as I have found out -- that will keep him from having the last word. And at an increasingly insulting level of discourse.

Just my own observation.

-24 #11 Frank Gabl 2013-06-05 17:51

For the record, this is the third time that you've initiated the contact with me, not the other way around.

Regardless, though, "when push comes to shove", it is logic that I put forth, not a personal attack; that a pro-choice person cannot occupy a higher moral ground than one who supports life.

Or in other words, stepping out to scold me in the context that this has been about, is the height of hypocrisy on your part.
+18 #10 Denny Erardi 2013-06-05 15:32
Back to the personal attacks, Frank. And I don't care that you do it, just to be clear; I'm making an observation. Who are you to judge my morality?

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