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Town chairman responds to resident’s accusations PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

As Cloverland Town Board chairman and Plan Commission chairman, I’m compelled to write a response to the false accusations in Deana Lindbom’s Letter to the Editor on June 19.

They were told from the start that if the town makes an ordinance, it would not affect the sex offender on Chickaree Lake Road. He is already there. The town has to abide by the laws and we cannot make an ordinance to be retroactive.

The first draft of the ordinance was for every sex offender. The town board and Plan Commission both had concerns and questions, so we had a joint meeting with attorney Steve Garbowicz on April 4. Attorney Jack O’Brien was out of town for an extended period.

Out of that meeting, we changed the ordinance to only include sex offenders under the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. The reason this decision was made to change the ordinance was because it was so vague and there is no way we would be able to tell if a sex offender is living in the town that is not under Department of Corrections care.

Lindbom indicates that school bus stops were included in the previous draft, which is false. The previous draft never mentioned school bus stops. The reason we cannot name every bus stop is because they change from year to year. It must be a permanent location and so areas like boat landings and town property fit as designated child-safety zones.

If all children from a given area get on and off the bus at one spot, we can label that area as a child-safety zone. I told Lindbom that we could do this for Chickaree Lake Road to make a safety zone and my suggestion was refused.

The sex offender does not sign or lease the property. His name is not on the lease. The Wisconsin Department of Corrections leases the property, so therefore he is not in any contract with anyone and even the previous draft would not apply to him since he is not leasing the property.

I have also contacted the state about this lease and have been told that the current lease is an open-ended contract. There is no new lease being signed after one year. It reverts to a month-to-month arrangement under the same contract and terms as before. The lease is a private contract and the town cannot force any property owner to disclose these documents and this is why this particular portion of the previous draft was removed.

No, I’m not concerned about getting sued by the state. I have no problem taking the state to court. I’m concerned about making an ordinance to the best of my ability that will stand up in court, where the first one was so vague the judge would have thrown most of it out.

The state does not have to let the town know that they are placing a sex offender in the town. But this new ordinance will put a stop to that. They will have to give the town board 60 days written notice of such placement in our town in the future.

I wish that I could get him out. I wish that we could have stopped him from being placed there.

But I’m sorry that the town can’t do anything to him. That is the law. He has rights and the board cannot violate them.


Scott Maciosek

Cloverland town chairman

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 2:53 PM

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