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Obama’s speech unveils education redesign PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

Imagine a publicly funded alternative K-12 education model that began three decades ago with just a handful of schools, yet according to best estimates, now consists of more than 10,000 across the United States from urban to rural school districts including the North Woods of Wisconsin.

Imagine that same coalition of schools run by activists known for their fervent devotion to instilling a Judeo-Christian world view into our nation’s youth via a curriculum that teaches the original American ideals of national sovereignty, cultural assimilation, individualism, personal responsibility, self-reliance and competitiveness while championing free-market capitalism as the best means of providing equal opportunity for all.

Now imagine that same coalition of schools run by activists known for their fervent devotion to instilling a secular humanist world view into our nation’s youth via a curriculum that teaches the United Nations ideals of globalization, multiculturalism, collectivism, interpersonal responsibility, interdependence and collaboration while championing redistributive socialism as the best means of providing equal outcomes.

But regardless of one’s own philosophy, I believe virtually all reasonable thinking Americans would condemn the very notion of their hard-earned tax dollars facilitating either of the aforementioned biased world views if they knew that the indoctrination of America’s youths was being accomplished under the cover of “public” education. Therefore, most Americans should be relieved to learn that the first model outlined above does not exist and outraged that the latter has been furtively spreading like a metastasizing tumor.

The Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) is a radical education reform movement founded in 1984 by Theodore Sizer with the assistance of Deborah Meier, founder of the Democratic Socialists of America and vice chair emeritus of CES. In 1993, The Annenberg Institute for School Reform was established with Sizer as its director. The institute, which received major funding from the Annenberg Foundation built on Sizer and Meier’s work at CES with the mission to expand that work to schools across the country.

In 1995, the Annenberg Foundation launched the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) which was the brainchild of communist and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. At the time, Ayers was already working with a CES affiliate organization in Chicago when he approved the appointment of Barack Obama as chairman of the CAC board that handled fiscal matters. Over the next five years the group funneled more than $100 million in private and public monies to radical education activists who expanded CES schools.

Today, the enormous and complicated web of affiliates in the CES network are collaboratively engaged in transforming American society using the vehicle of charter schools which not only are tuition-free and taxpayer funded in the same way as traditional public schools, but were specifically designed to provide flexibility in learning. Thus, charter schools offer various unconventional education models such as project-based career-related experiences which have the main objective of producing human capital for a global workforce.

Astonishingly, a comprehensive report released in February by the Department of Education, “Promoting Grit, Tenacity, and Perseverance: Critical Factors for Success in the 21st Century,” recommends the Coalition of Essential Schools (page 63) to the nation’s school districts for curriculum resource and general guidance.

So it should come as no surprise to learn that just last month Obama spoke at Manor New Tech High, a member of a CES affiliate network which employs a project-based learning curriculum. The purpose of Barack Obama’s speech was to unveil his “High School Redesign Initiative” which is a scheme to transform this nation’s entire secondary school system using the same CES education model advanced by him and Bill Ayers years ago.

Frank Gabl

Prospect Hts., Ill.,

and Eagle River

Tuesday, July 02, 2013 1:35 PM


-9 #143 Frank Gabl 2013-09-09 10:53
Top Ten Professors Calling Out Common Core’s So-called College Readiness:
-13 #142 Frank Gabl 2013-09-04 18:03

I don't believe in either side acting badly so don't put words in my mouth.

The issue at hand is you defamation of Mr. Hyslop when you questioned his patriotism while calling him a liar.

All the rest is a side issue you're trying to blend in to save face.

You're not willing to bring on your "family members" that you spoke of? Why?
+11 #141 2013-09-04 16:25
There you go yet again Frank, making things up in the attempt to deflect and move the argument. I really don't care if you don't or do believe me. You said you didn't believe me regarding the teaparty's actions in Madison and I proved you wrong, end of story. You have yet to make any statements regarding their behavior so I'll assme you are ok with it. HArvey's comments go beyond the teachers in Madison and you can deflect that all day ong, I don't care. "It truly saddens me to see how far we have slipped downward as a nation over greed and more power by some within this great nation. Liberal Democrats immediately come to mind." These are his words and nobody's else's. He owes an apology to these people. Now continue to avoid, deflect and change the subject. It's what you do best.
-15 #140 Frank Gabl 2013-09-04 10:57

First things first, so in 130, you stated: “Harvey spoke to all Liberals and Teachers. I've showed the letter to some family in the military and they said he was wrong.”

That is not only a misrepresentati on of what you owe Mr. Hyslop an apology for, but I'll tell you that I wouldn't believe a solitary word pertaining to what you just said about your family members from anyone like you who stands behind his race-baiting, gay-baiting and questioning the patriotism of a 90 year-old hero of two wars while calling him a liar for "rewriting history to fit his agenda."

Cont. below:
-14 #139 Frank Gabl 2013-09-04 10:55

And just to be clear before you start spreading that “lying” word around again that you’re so proficient at, I’m not saying you’re lying, but rather, I’m merely coming to the logical conclusion any reasonable person would, that since I’ve proven time and time again with hard evidence that your honesty is highly suspect, why wouldn’t what you say you saw at the Capitol and that pertaining to your “family members” be dishonest as well?

After all, you didn’t say that you’re in the videos which would prove that you were there. To the contrary, you must rely on me to believe you.

Therefore, I am enthusiasticall y encouraging you to bring ALL of these family members on here so that I can give them an accurate account of why you unquestionably owe Mr. Hyslop an apology.

-15 #138 Frank Gabl 2013-09-04 10:53
Cont. below:

This evidence will not only include the context in which you defamed Mr. Hyslop immediately after he condemned the specific teachers engaged in the specific activities that he specifically listed – but also the indisputable historical video record which unequivocally confirms everything Mr. Hyslop specifically stated about specific teachers engaged in specific activities is absolute fact.

And your Tea Party diversion is a red herring in context to your vicious defamation because what you say you saw has nothing whatsoever to do with the context of your defamation of a 90 year-old hero of two wars which included questioning his patriotism while calling him a liar for speaking the truth confirmed by historical video record.

That is the issue at hand. Anything else that Mr. Hyslop said or the Tea Party did at the Capitol is entirely a separate issue that you only wish you could combine as a defense.
+16 #137 2013-09-03 10:44
Keep lying Frank. You said you wouldn't believe anything I said about what I saw in Madison regarding the teaparty and their behavior. I have since posted vidoe and you have yet to make any comment on it and keep deflecting and running away from it. It merely shows your true character. Carry on.
-17 #136 Frank Gabl 2013-09-01 12:35



Fabricate, Perpetrate and Perpetuate -

Three times now in posts 109, 111 and 128 you’ve accused me of calling you a liar or “basically a liar” about the Tea Party videos. I reckon your game is to deceptively “spread the lies around” in order to create an illusion of a level playing field by making it seem as though our characters were cast from the same mold.

However, herein lies an obstacle even you cannot hurdle. Like I told you earlier, I do not lie. And unlike you, I do not call others liars unless I have indisputable evidence. Thus, I will easily prove that you and only you have perpetrated another bold-faced lie which can be added to the other bold-faced lies that I proved you perpetrated earlier in this thread.

Cont. below:
-20 #135 Frank Gabl 2013-09-01 12:32

I can only assume that you’re used to getting away with this Alinsky-like tactic because of the success you’ve had with less fervent opponents.

So to begin, the very first time I said anything about what you saw at the Capitol was in 104 when I stated: “And as everyone can see in post 4 under Mr. Hyslop’s letter, you started the following thought about being at the Capitol and ended with defamation by stating that Mr. Hyslop is rewriting WHAT YOU SAY YOU SAW (my emphasis), but which is entirely trumped by the historical video record.”

Cont. below:
-19 #134 Frank Gabl 2013-09-01 12:31

I did not say you “lied,” but rather, I articulated that what you saw is irrelevant because what Mr. Hyslop condemned is backed up by video. Nothing more – nothing less.

Then, you reference the above when in 109, you state: “If I'm not mistaken, YOU BASICALLY CALLED ME A LIAR (my emphasis) when I said I saw things of this nature down there.” John, that is an utter fabrication that you have just subtly “planted” for use later. Shame.

The next reference to be made was by you when in 111 you perpetrated the lie by stating: “YOU SAID I WAS LYING (my emphasis after YOU) about the teaparty people in Madison then I post video and you avoid it like the plague!” John, your lie is growing and beginning to turn bold-faced. Shame. Shame.


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