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Wisconsin deserves sensible redistricting PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor:

Three judges — two of whom were appointed by Republican presidents — on a federal court panel hearing a challenge to Wisconsin’s Republican-led redistricting harshly criticized the costly, secretive and “peculiarly furtive process” used by the GOP in drawing and defending the maps.

The court expressed concern over the rancor brought on by the GOP’s secretive actions in this round of redistricting, stating, “Quite frankly, the Legislature and the actions of its counsel give every appearance of flailing wildly in a desperate attempt to hide from both the court and the public the true nature of exactly what transpired in the redistricting process.”

Iowa has earned praise for its redistricting process. Their nonpartisan Legislative Services Agency draws both congressional and state legislative lines using clear criteria, such as keeping county lines intact. The legislature then accepts or rejects the plan without amendment. This independent process does not use political data, protect incumbents or seek partisan gain.

Alternatives to Iowa’s redistricting process include forms of proportional voting in a “super district” that puts voters in control of their representation rather than those drawing winner-take-all election lines.

Contact Republican leaders Scott Fitzgerald, Mike Ellis, Robin Vos and Scott Suder to demand implementation of a nonpartisan, independent, transparent and less expensive redistricting process. As the federal court stated in its June 3 ruling, “We cannot help but conclude that the people of Wisconsin deserve better in the next round of redistricting after the 2020 census.”

Jeanne Larson


Tuesday, July 09, 2013 2:16 PM


-19 #40 Frank Gabl 2013-08-28 23:27

One way to raise education standards that you speak of is to remove the leftist indoctrination that started infiltrating higher education some forty years ago and is slowly working its way through secondary and on to primary with Common Core - Barack Obama's nationalized education system.

And to ensure that we get the kiddies really young, let's have the nanny state give the unsuspecting parents free day care so we can prime the pump before kindergarten!

Like I've said all along liberalism is the root of all evil and that includes public education oh, "historian" one.

Now you might want to run this past your teacher-friends so that they can tell you what to come up with next.
+20 #39 2013-08-22 12:58
More of nothing from you Frank. You fail to criticize anyone from your "camp" and give them repeated free passes on everything, you fail to recognize that any type of common core initiatives started LONG before Obama (Jeb Bush is also a BIG proponent of common core as an example) and were also part of many Republican administrations long term goals in the past, and you won't give any answers to how or what school systems should do to raise standards. All you do is complain, gripe, moan and throw conspiracy theories out. Maybe it's better for you to leave the "Heavy Lifting" to those that are willing to do something and make a difference in this world. Now, carry on...I'm sure there's some black helicopters coming for you somewhere.
-27 #38 Frank Gabl 2013-08-20 23:30

Your ramblings are an obvious sign of frustration and the perpetuating of all these bold-faced lies is making you a downright expert of what you accused eveyone else of last year.

Common Core is your president's baby and the high-stakes testing that of your president's puppet, Arne Duncan.

Project-based learning at the leftist indoctrination camp known as SOAR is the brainchild of Barack Obama and his former bomb-making domestic terrorist comrade, communist, Bill Ayers.

I've said on myriad occasions that the way to clean up education is get rid of the communist indoctrination.

And if that means you and your friends lose their solved!

You might be able to find a good honest job by looking on some of the well-known conservative websites. Just keep a low profile and tell them you agree with Frank Gabl's truth-telling style.

You'll be golden!
+21 #37 2013-08-20 17:53
Frank, you give the Right Wing a FREE PASS when it comes to the pushing of common core principals or ANYTHING your side pushes for that matter. Your continued, laughable rants are of what legends are made of. Your hero must be Alex Jones! You sit here and complain one post after another yet NEVER have a solution or offer any ideas. This is the problem with you or anyone that does what you do. After a while nobody listens to you anymore. The differnce makers are the ones that DO something, the one's that OFFER up ALTERNATIVES. You do nothing! ANYONE can complain, it's not really that hard. So....What should we do with our school systems in this country specifically? Time to put up or shut up Frank!
-29 #36 Frank Gabl 2013-08-16 14:08

I have never condoned anyone pushing Barack Obama and Bill Ayer's leftwing "project-based" school indoctrination camps of which SOAR is just one in the North Woods that has been added to the likes of those in Arbor Vitae, Greenbay and Wausau, just to name a few. And to suggest otherwise is a bold-faced lie.

However, anyone despicable enough to stand behind his race-baiting, gay-baiting and questioning the patriotism of a 90 year-old hero of two wars while calling him a liar for "rewriting history to fit his agenda," I suppose, is equally despicable enough to lie about me not wanting to post Mr. Hyslop's letter when I have several times already.

The fact is you don't have the courage to pursue this by simply posting his letter yourself since it will prove you have no basis for your unAmerican behavior towards a war hero.

Your behavior is not only shameful but you would jump to post the letter yourself if you had a case.
+23 #35 2013-08-16 11:05
Frank, YOU were the one to first bring up SOAR in post 30 with a link, I responded to that stating WHO has been involved with that and pushing that including our district's Right Wing Superintendent. If you didn't want anyone to respond to it then why did you put it there? YOU were the one to brush off the Right's push for it as ignorance while hammering the Left thus provong your hypocrisy. And in typical form you can't defend your position nor give any answers on how to fix anything so you attack with typical Right Wing slander. You expose yourself on a daily basis Frank. I'll also ask again, care to post up Mr. Hyslop's letter for all to see?
-28 #34 Frank Gabl 2013-08-15 15:16

I'm giving you a much needed screwdriver because anyone who would take my words to mean that I approve of the SOAR school in any way whatsoever is in dire need of one.

Additionally, you are the one who attacked me for my comments on SOAR which were never initially directed at you.

But then, I must start realizing that someone like you, who would stand behind his race-baiting, gay-baiting and the unAmerican questioning of the patriotism of a 90 year-old hero of two wars while calling him a liar for rewriting history to fit his agenda; would also concoct a fabrication about what I said about SOAR.
+20 #33 2013-08-15 13:34
Frank, your statement "I couldn't care less who's allowing communist indoctrination into the North Woods. Obviously, anyone other than leftists, whose goal is brainwashing and indoctrination of our youth, is either, misinformed, ill-informed or uninformed." speaks volumes of you and your lack of honesty. You don't care if the Right does it yet do care if you think the Left does it. YOU were the one to bring up SOAR, not myself. Hmmmmmm, Seems like you are once again showing your true colos for all t see! Congrats!
-27 #32 Frank Gabl 2013-08-13 01:22

Only someone like you, who stands behind his race-baiting, gay-baiting as well as questioning the patriotism of a 90 year-old hero of two wars by calling him a liar for "rewriting history to fit his agenda," would also dishonestly misrepresent the hard evidence in the communist flag video as "making assumptions."

I couldn't care less who's allowing communist indoctrination into the North Woods. Obviously, anyone other than leftists, whose goal is brainwashing and indoctrination of our youth, is either, misinformed, ill-informed or uninformed.

I am not responsible for you glossing over links like the D.C. article, which in fact, backs up what they allege with direct links in the text. Regardless, here's another.

Your few examples are "trivial" to the leftist indoctrination taking place with CSCOPE.
+19 #31 2013-08-12 14:32
Frank, nice cherry picked links. The Chinese Flag article is a joke! It makes assumptions, nothing more. The SOAR project has been started by many on the Right! Look at the people on the committee! Our supposedly great Superintendent walks side by side with Walker himself and thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread and is pushing it! The Daily Caller article once again makes assumptions. Where's the ACTUAL lessons? All it does is twist things to their needs and agenda to create a response gullible people like you! So I shouldn't "bother you" with a "Trivial Examples" of Right Wing bias? The Texas Board is one of two in the country that decides what textbooks the country uses! That's "Trivial" to you? Lastly, "You're much closer to the source than I am". How so? What SPECIFICALLY makes you closer? I've stated where and how I get my information, you have yet to. Saying something doesn't make it factual. Nice try Frank, but better luck next time.

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