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Tiffany not so truthful about state budget PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

I read Sen. Tom Tiffany’s article about his thoughts on the present state budget. I?generally like fiction, but Tiffany’s view represents damage to our very system of governance and threats to its citizens.

I?must admit, Tiffany is good at maintaining the corporate party line and doesn’t let little things like facts get in the way.

The budget that Tiffany supports brutalizes its citizens in favor of corporate profit. It reverses environmental and labor protections that protect our jobs and our lives. It rolls back fair housing laws. It rolls back equal pay protections for women.

It slashes medical assistance for the poor by rejecting the federal expansion of Medicaid. This alone will cost taxpayers $120 million more to insure 85,000 less people.

The budget contains tax breaks and handouts to road construction companies, corporate school privatizers, banks and investment companies, and alerts the Department of Natural Resources to actually assist exploiters and polluters to avoid legal responsibility for their crimes.

The budget attacks the unemployed by making it harder to collect benefits, freezes personal bank accounts in the case of accidental overpayments and makes it easier to get kicked off unemployment.

Tiffany has the gall to claim publicly that “this budget is one of the most favorable for the people of northern Wisconsin in a long time.” This man claims to be a representative while supporting policies that attack the very people he is supposed to represent.

Another of his claims is, “Wisconsin’s working families will see one of the largest income tax cuts in over a decade.” Technically, this has a grain of truth in it. Wisconsin families making over $300,000 per year will see the greatest portion of these tax breaks, along with rich corporations. The average family will receive $10. Buy your kid a third of a shoe.

This budget slashes the revenue available for the school system, judicial system, health care and voting rights, while bringing the state back to deficit spending Tiffany claims to oppose, by borrowing a billion to support road construction companies that donated to Tiffany’s campaign.

This is not just a Wisconsin problem. We have all seen these draconian measures put in place wherever Republicans control government. Terrorism is not the greatest threat to our nation. The conservative corporate agenda presents a clear and present danger.

Our nation is being drawn backwards into division and plutocracy. The conservative element of our government seems determined to strip every tax dollar from the public services they are meant to support and give it to their wealthy corporate masters.

Two-thirds of Wisconsin corporations already pay no tax. They do not support the state where they do business. They only take its resources and funds. The budget and policies that Tiffany claims are so good only take more of our money from the services that are the responsibility of government, and gives it to his rich friends.

These policies are all the more insidious because they are being put into place by supposed representatives of the people. All Tiffany, Walker and the GOP in Madison and Washington represent is the dissolution of the American government in the name of corporate profit. If we do not change the policies represented by men like Tiffany, the great American experiment will fail.

Doug Curtis


Tuesday, July 16, 2013 2:43 PM


-26 #13 Frank Gabl 2013-08-06 18:02

I was solely referring to the unemployment numbers.

I will check into the others you mentioned.
+19 #12 2013-08-05 21:45
Frank, Nothing's been cherry picked. These are hard factual data DIRECTLY from the FED. Add up CA, MI, MN, and some other states economic rates over the last 2.5 years then add up WI's. These states were leaps and bounds higher than WI over this time by up to 20%! CA, was in dire straights until the state went back to Dem control now?

California Finds Economic Gloom Starting to Lift:
-27 #11 Frank Gabl 2013-08-05 15:48

Cherry-picking is for cherry-pickers or construction equipment operators and not for supposedly objective "historians." So you'd have to do the same analysis pertaining to public employee hiring in the remaining 19 states controlled by Democrat governors to form a consensus.

Additionally, the fact stands that the latest state by state unemployment numbers, consisting of 30 Republican vs. 20 Democrat governorships has the 30 states at 6.7 while the 20 Democrat is 7.

But if I wanted to cherry-pick as you did to put a biased face on your statistics for obvious reasons:

After the 2010 mid-term and 6 Republican gains:

Florida down by 4.8
Michigan down by 2.7
New Mexico down by 1.9
Oklahoma down by 1.9
Iowa down by 1.4
Wyoming down by 1.6

But then, I'm not a cherry-pickin' "historian."
+19 #10 2013-08-03 08:56
Ian, your links say the same thing I did. The point of the UE comparison was to show that those Liberal states had a higher rate drop than WI did, in fact many states do compared to WI. The second part shows over the last 2.5 years the rate of growth in those states. Those states like MN and CA are literally kicking our butt in growth by double digit percentages! This all from the Fed in Penn that tracks it. Bottom line is for the one r two cities that are struggling, the states are doing very well, better than WI. Frank, as usual wrong.....
-25 #9 Frank Gabl 2013-08-01 11:38



Democrat governors assume power and immediately hire thousands of public workers which not only lowers the unemployment number but raises the debt and deficits.

But hey, at least it gives their "historians" something to propagandize about until the ship starts sinking.
-19 #8 2013-08-01 08:56
JG: don't swallow the propaganda from the Obama situation like a musky on the feed. Be critical of what is coming out of WA. When Obama said the other day that the Keystone pipeline would only create 50 jobs what say you? Do you really believe this? Stop drinking the purple kool aid.
-22 #7 2013-08-01 08:43
wrong again JG: check this out:

another article for u to peruse:

yes, in the SHORT TERM, the stimulus has worked a BIT to ease unemployment but at what price? A MASSIVE Govt budget defecit.

We will all pay the price for Bernanke's defecit spending policies and bond buy back scheme. Simply put, a massive increase int he money supply eventually will lead to much higher inflation, as well as burdening our children with the excesses of our generation.
+19 #6 2013-07-31 16:27
Frank, If you want to look TRUTHFULLY at some of these "Liberal" states compared to WI by all means lets! If we look at the UE rates since each state's Gov took over we see CA went from 12.1% down to 9%, IL 10.9% down to 9.3%, MN 6.8% down to 5.3% and WI 7.7% down to about 7%. So, CA had an over 3% drop, IL, had a 1.6% drop, MN had a 1.5% drop and WI had a .7% drop. Even MI's Detroit that you know, the Right is using as a poster child for all the evils of Liberalism, their rate went from 21% down to 16%. Hmmmmm. Now lets look at the economic growth rates based on data taken directly from the Fed over the last two years since each state's New Gov took office. The monthly added totals from CA equal 50.31, MN is at 42.87, IL is at 38.62 MI is at 56.80 and WI is at 37.50. Interesting.
-25 #5 2013-07-29 12:42
JG, better look at the history of NJ state defecits, especially the legacy of that crook Gov Corzine.

Christie is starting to piss me off if u really want to know. Instituted and "inventory" tax on companies that store product in NJ warehouses. Not a sales tax even though the product will ship out of state. California has same tax as well. These budget defecit riddled states are looking for revenue anywhere they can find it to pay for the special interests that exit looking for their piece of the pie.

that's OK. we'll just pass the costs onto the consumers so open your wallet Mr. Graber.
-26 #4 Frank Gabl 2013-07-28 16:50
Gee John - “Citizen Dave”? – now there’s a powerful punch of objectivity and credibility.

And his temperament sounds just like yours if you could write! I knew exactly what he was going to say after the opening three words, "Minnesota is levitating" - sounds like the start of a Weiner joke!

But, I guess you might as well echo fellow leftists before that $2 billion tax increase gets firmly lodged down the proverbial throats of Minnesotan's and their good ship lollipop sinks to the bottom of your charts and graphs.

U.S. News

By the way, do you have your leftist excuse for Detroit's FAIL honed good enough yet so that we can all get a good laugh on the start of this new work week dedicated to Obama's welfare state?

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