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America is still the land of opportunity
By Byron McNutt

IT IS INTERESTING to note that today’s high school and college graduates may have, or may change jobs, 15 times during their working careers. How times have changed in the last few generations when workers would stay with one employer for 40 years.

As we celebrate Labor Day this weekend, it is good to know that being useful is the best job security you’ll ever have. It is also important to be flexible and be able to adjust to our changing world.

Labor Day is a good time to remind ourselves that there is honor in all work, no matter what kind of work it is. We all have God-given talents and we need to discover them. We need to be exposed to a variety of opportunities in order to find our calling.

This reminds me of something English

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 12:11 PM


0 #1 Frank Gabl 2013-09-01 19:40

I applaud your effort to be inspirational in times like these, but I feel we're past the tipping point and all the wishful thinking and rhetoric that most of us once have engaged in is going to start doing more harm than good by giving those looking for answers a false sense of hope.

After all, English historian and author Paul Johnson wrote that list 12 years ago based on the prevailing attitudes of American society at the time.

If he were to rethink his advice to young people based on Barack Obama's "fundamentally transformed" culture, I'm sure he would now be compelled to truthfully say: "If you’re ambitious, make your life in the USA." And if you're not ambitious, not to worry, you can still make it in the USA.

Just remember though, to give thanks every Labor Day to the "ambitious" ones who are responsible for making those government checks and debit cards possible for you. That's what we now call personal responsibility.

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