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Tiffany not working for his constituents PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

Tom Tiffany is once again using his position as senator to serve his out-of-state contributors rather than the state and constituents he was sworn to serve. His legislation to restrict access to 4,000 acres of managed forest makes it obvious just who he serves — Gogebic Taconite.

One of Tiffany’s first acts as senator was to introduce the legislation he did not write for an organization that did not elect him. However, they did give him almost $75,000 for his campaign. The phrase that describes this is “being bought.”

Since he is bought and paid for, Tiffany is continuing to give a good return on Gogebic Taconite’s investment by introducing more legislation specific to their desires. This is not legislation requested by his constituents. It is misuse of our legislative process and his position as senator to pass a bill to benefit a single company that gave him a lot of money. This reeks of corruption and abuse of power.

The method he used to introduce this corporate favor was underhanded to say the least. He submitted the bill late on Friday before the Labor Day weekend to avoid the bother of having to discuss the merits of the bill or listen to any contrary opinion. He took it upon himself to schedule a quick committee vote to ram it through before the opposition could gain any traction.

This bit of corporate giveaway contains loopholes and exemptions that will save his corporate sponsors a lot of money. These exemptions do not, however, apply to any of the other landowners in the managed forest area.

It is clear who Tiffany is working for, and it ain’t us.

Doug Curtis


Tuesday, September 17, 2013 3:20 PM


0 #13 2013-09-25 20:51
Thanks Denny,

It is the right thing to do after all.
+8 #12 Denny Erardi 2013-09-25 13:09

I greatly appreciate the fact that when you found out you had made a mistake publicly, you made a public retraction or correction.

Thank you.
-2 #11 2013-09-24 00:25
Thank you Charlie. Much appreciated!
-7 #10 2013-09-23 14:44
Thanks Tim, we may disagree in the future but you have my respect.
-7 #9 2013-09-19 18:44
I first became aware of it in an e-mail newsletter that I recieve from his office. Upon looking into it (the newsletter was very vague) I did some searching and found the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal article that spawned a lot of the false information.

So out of sheer irritation, I sent him an e-mail. Every other letter / e-mail I have ever sent to a politician was either followed by silence or by a canned response saying blah blah blah, and not answering my original question. Imagine my shock when I got the phone call and he explained everything, even after getting an earful of what I thought.

My initial concern above all, was that it was corruption. But I believe that is not the case anymore. He was far too candid with me. It wasn't like talking to the average politican where they just blow smoke like a used car salesman. It was a good conversation.
-16 #8 Frank Gabl 2013-09-19 16:44
Good job Tim,

Problem is, the full circulation of the print copy of the New-Review, along with whatever other publications Doug submitted his letter to, have the opposite impression; albeit created by Tiffany like he acknowledged.

So I hope you "feel a letter coming on" because I suspected all along that Doug "could" be a member of the anti-mining crowd (like several letters recently) and not just someone outraged like you originally were.

Now, I could be wrong but usually when a letter comes from somewhat of a distance there's usually a political agenda at play.

And to take it a step further, if I am correct, what you were told by Tiffany probably was known by the anti-mining crowd already.

And in that case "the ends justify the means."
-5 #7 2013-09-19 13:21
Well I cannot believe this...

I sent an e-mail to Sen. Tiffany regarding this very thing. To my suprise, he called me this morning to discuss the issue.

What the bill actually does, is allow a mining company to put the land into MFL closed status during the exploration process, in doing so, they do have to pay a higher tax rate than if it were to be in MFL open. If the final permit is denied, the land goes back into MFL open.

Now, if the permit is granted to mine, the mining company (by their discression) can keep it in MFL open, or simply pull from MFL status altogether.

If they pull from MFL status, they DO have to pay the full amount of backed property taxes.

He admitted that they did a horrible job on public relations, and that the perception of myself and others has been duly noted.
-12 #6 Frank Gabl 2013-09-19 12:38
The label of "Democrat" or "Republican" is irrelevant since underlying ideology is what we're talking about.

Nobody is disputing that corruption is despicable. However, it is a "circular firing squad" within the Republican Party that left Barack Obama standing unharmed within his "circle of wagons."
-4 #5 2013-09-19 08:46
That is very true. For this very reason I do not identify myself with the Republican Party even though I sometimes strongly support some of their candidates.

Any politician or individual that will engage into this sort of behavior is a disgrace to every American citizen. Things like this is what causes people like the Occupy yahoos to come out of the woodwork.

I may be considered by some people on this forum to be extreme.. However there is nothing extreme when it comes down to calling out a wrong, especially when corruption and special interest rear their ugly heads.
-8 #4 Frank Gabl 2013-09-18 13:40
Although I vehemently condemn “pay to play” politics, it is instructive to note that when Democrats are called out for alleged corruption or ethics violations their fellow politicians and constituents circle the wagons, while Republicans use the circular firing squad method to righteously remedy the situation. This same dynamic is what gave us Barack Obama, not once, but twice.

And since it is a fact that Democrats are no less guilty of playing the same politics, what is gained other than our own destruction?

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