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The anti-mine agenda outweighs common sense PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

I would like to comment on letters from Susan Sommer and others, along with comments from Sen. Jauch and Rep. Bewley.

They berate Sen. Tiffany’s bill that would restrict access to the land where Gogebic Taconite is doing exploratory drilling until it is complete. I would like to emphasize that the restriction is only temporary until the drilling is complete. Those speaking or writing negatively of the temporary closure conveniently fail to mention this.

The reason for the closure is worker safety. Most of us heard or perhaps saw the video of the ecoterrorists harassing the workers, damaging mine property and forcefully stealing a cell phone from a worker while uttering obscenities.

The terrorists also stated, “You deserve to die,” “We’re going to destroy you,” and “More people are coming.” They also erected barriers on roads and removed bolts from a bridge. Earth First, an extreme environmentalist group, has a forum that boasts openly of the lawless behavior while encouraging future lawlessness.

By berating Sen. Tiffany’s bill, Rep. Bewley, Sen. Jauch and Ms. Sommer are encouraging future lawlessness while recklessly playing with worker safety. Do they not understand that? Hasn’t experience taught them that threats are to be taken seriously?

Their extreme anti-mine agendas outweigh common sense. They would also kill 3,000 good-paying private-sector jobs at the mine and many more secondary jobs. What have they to offer? Tax increases as our population decreases because there are no jobs for our children.

The latest proposal is to create a 300-foot no-trespassing zone around the workers. Oh sure, the ecoterrorists would respect that.

I’m still waiting for Rep. Bewley, Sen. Jauch and Ms. Sommer to speak out against the Bad River band for continuously polluting the Bad River and downstream waters for years. This is the water they claim to protect.

Charlie Gullan

Eagle River

Tuesday, October 01, 2013 4:12 PM


-9 #1 2013-10-01 18:09
Darn right Charlie!!!

Thanks for also speaking out against those groups. Sometimes I feel all alone out there.

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