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Washington set aside

special day to thank God

Every American with a secure job, health insurance and a roof over their head has enormous reason to celebrate on Thanksgiving Day, for they can no longer take for granted even the most basic elements of the American lifestyle in this unpredictable economy.


Millions are still without good jobs and affordable health insurance as we near the end of 2013, the result of both a recession and global marketing that has moved many industrial jobs to other countries. Those who have survived the changes, economically, need to count their blessings.


There’s more to life than economic security, of course, few of which are more important than good health. Some would argue that if you are healthy, the rest of life’s details are just garnish. Yet some people, mostly healthy people, take it for granted.


The purpose and meaning of Thanksgiving Day has been so forgotten in recent decades that for many Americans, it is just another day for relaxation, family gatherings, football games on the tube, deer hunting and a lot of eating.


It was founded before too many Americans got hung up on being politically correct — a secular society where God doesn’t seem to fit. The traditional beliefs that guided the founding fathers are seen by some as too old-fashioned for modern folks to take seriously.


We refuse to forget that it was our first president, George Washington, who set a day aside for a national holiday, Nov. 25, 1789, as a day of prayer and giving thanks to God. That was the intended purpose of the holiday we celebrate Thursday. It was sanctioned by the leaders of an infant country called the United States of America. God Bless America!


Tough times or not, Americans have more to be thankful for than any group of people in the world. By far, citizens of this country have more freedoms, personal wealth, knowledge, tax-funded benefits, independence and general good fortune than any other. Surely each of us has something, or has experienced something this year, worth giving thanks to God.

Buying some gifts here

great for local economy

With the pre-Christmas shopping season set to heat up with this week’s Black Friday, area residents have an opportunity to energize the local economy to the benefit of business owners, employees and the community.


The best thing that could happen in the North Woods is some cooperation between consumers and business owners that would allow more money to stay in this area. The money you spend here may be paying the salary of a friend or relative. It could lead to company growth and more jobs.


To the consumer, we simply encourage a policy of shopping at home first. And business owners are urged to price their products as competitively as possible, giving local residents every incentive to keep their money here.


There are some good buys here that can be reached without a dangerously long winter drive, and without burning a lot of time and gasoline. Support the business owners who donate to local events and groups the year-round.

Behind the editorial ‘we’


Members of the Vilas County News-Review editorial board include Publisher Kurt Krueger, Editor Gary Ridderbusch and Assistant Editor Anthony Drew.
Tuesday, November 26, 2013 11:47 AM


+1 #2 2013-12-19 09:32
You teach him to fight the system that is doing this. You teach him that EVERYONE has the right to freedom of speech, including him.

There is far too much apathy going on in this country. The "offended" people need to develop thick skins and deal with it. The only way to do that is to fight back.

I am sure there are is a large majority of Americans that will stand by his side and help him out. I for one am one of them.
+1 #1 2013-12-16 16:15
Thank you for reminding us all about the true reason for Thanksgiving Day!! We all have so much to be thankful for. Now there are just 10 days until Christmas, the stores have been selling Christmas since September, and amid the hustle and bustle, the gift buying and bargains the "reason for the Season" has all but been lost. We are, sadly, losing our right to celebrate Christmas in order to be "politically correct". Just yesterday my 12 year old Grandson, Zachary told me that his class was told that if they say "Merry Christmas" in school they will get in trouble because those words are offensive to others who don't celebrate CHRITSMAS. Ironically he attends FREEDOM Elementary in Clovis, Ca. What has become of the Country I love, when those who don't believe have the "right" to take away the rights of those of us who DO believe? How do I explain to Zachary that we are all too rapidly losing OUR religious freedom? I welcome all people to live here but you can adapt to our traditions!1

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