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The real estate transactions listed below are being published at the request of many of our readers. The information is public record and reflects an index of each week’s transactions.

Property transactions exceeding $10,000 recorded at the Vilas County Courthouse the past week and the transfer fee:


Dec. 5, 2013

Donald E. Tolkacz et al to Michael Paggi and wife, prt NW NE in 36-40-5, gov lot 1, $540

Sharon L. Welsh to Lydon Revocable Living Trust, prt SE NW in 9-41-10, $117

Dec. 6, 2013

L.J. Socks Revocable Trust to Luke J. Socks and wife, lots 9, 10 and 11 of plat 118 in Gondolf, prt NW SW in 26-40-5, gov lot 7, $945

Dec. 9, 2013

Stephen A. Steidemann et al and Kay Carleton Gabriel et al to Stephen A. Steidemann, SE NW in 36-40-9, gov lot 2, prt NW SW in 36-40-9, gov lot 7, plat 809 in omitted lands 36-40-9, $60

Denise M. Spusta to Lawrence L. Kielak III and wife, prt SE SE in 24-43-5, gov lot 4, $1,053

Dec. 10, 2013

Jeffery A. Bonack and wife to G. & R. Baumann Family Trust, prt NW NE in 25-40-10, gov lot 1, $300

Robert B. Nadler and wife to Brian J. Bloczynski and wife, prt SW NW in 30-41-6, gov lot 1, $720

Ann L. Faust to Christine Novack, prt SE SE in 25-40-9, $280.50

Mark W. Glander and wife to David A. Emmerich and wife, prt SE NW in 5-40-9, gov lot 3, $1,875

Frances Ritzke Income Only Trust to Michael L. Cleland and wife, prt NE SE in 27-42-6, gov lot 2, $960

David A. Emmerich and wife to Glenn C. Pusch and wife et al and Michael S. Wahl and wife et al, lot 69 of plat 690 in Teutonia Camp Assessor’s Plat, $900

Gruhn Revocable Living Trust to W.C. Nieman 2004 Revocable Trust, prt NW NE in 13-42-5, gov lot 2, $2,625

Suzanne Thompson to JoAnn Miller, prt NW NE in 8-42-5, gov lot 1, prt SE NE in 8-42-5, gov lot 7, prt NE NW in 8-42-5, gov lot 2, prt NW NW in 8-42-5, gov lot 3, prt SW NW in 8-42-5, gov lot 4, $240

Raymond S. Bargo and wife to Richard L. Schulta, prt NE SW, gov lot 3 in 1-40-10, $75

Pennington Family Trust to Robert H. Salvesen and wife, lots 6 and 19 of plat 242 in Pinehurst Resort Condo, $447

Madison Historical Properties LLC to Winchester Hideway LLC, prt NE SW, prt NW SW, prt SW SW, prt SE SW, prt NW SE, prt NE SE in 33-44-5, prt SW SE in 34-44-5, gov lot 1, prt NE SE in 34-44-5, gov lot 2, prt NW SW in 35-44-5, gov lot 4, prt SW NW in 35-44-5, $1,707

Dec. 11, 2013

Sisters Wykowski LLC to J&E Rentals LLC, prt SW NE in 4-39-10, $172.50

Donald Dewart and wife to Heather Faith-Mae Mann, prt NE NE in 26-40-5, prt SE NE in 26-40-5, gov lot 10, $66

Dec. 12, 2013

H.J. & S.M. Tennies Living Trust to Peter P. Olson and wife, lot 1 of plat 266 in Ritzmore, plat 266 in Ritzmore, misc. out lot 1 in Outlot-Ritzmore plat, $139.50

Robert S. Patula and wife to 3967 Revocable Trust 5/31/06, prt SE NE in 19-41-7, gov lot 1, $600

Estate of Gerald Berna and Pers. Rep. John Warren et al to Michael Litsheim and wife, prt NE NE in 31-42-7, gov lot 1, prt NW NW in 32-42-7, prt SW NW in 32-42-7, gov lot 1, $132

Timothy J. Friedrich and wife to Michael L. Olson and wife, prt SW SE, prt NE SE, prt SE SE in 28-40-4, $270

Dec. 13, 2013

Kathy Stupak-Thrall to Brian R. Beaman and wife, prt SW SW in 13-42-11, prt SE SE in 14-42-11, prt NE NE in 23-42-11, gov lot 1, prt NW NW in 24-42-11, gov lot 1, $216

Scott R. Clarkson and wife to Brian J. Henn and wife, prt NE NW in 24-40-6, $57

Jaquelin Silverthorne Reed to John Hellyer Silverthorne Reed, plat 890 of omitted lands 6-42-8, prt SE NE in 6-42-8, gov lot 2, $381

Bradley R. Missling and wife to Beverly G. Hart, prt SW SE in 34-40-10, $427.50

David E. Eibner and wife to Gregory M. Burkhart and wife and Leah K. Berkman and husband, lots 23 and 24 of block 3 of plat 405 in McIntyre’s Addn., $417

Dec. 16, 2013

Randall L. Niemcyzk and wife to R.D. & L.M. Moyer Revocable Trust, prt NE SW in 25-41-9, gov lot 5, $1,785

Co-trustee Margaret V. Shuya et al, co-trustee Ann V. Arms et al, Van Horne Revocable Living Trust and E. Van Horne Revocable Living Trust to Thomas A. Farrar and wife, prt NE SW in 20-40-7, gov lot 3, $600

Lance S. Wirth to Daniel L. Jacobsen and wife, prt SE NW, prt SW NW in 22-40-8, $81

James G. Pacala and wife to Daniel L. Drost and wife, prt SW NW in 36-40-6, gov lot 3, $705

R.R. & M.E. Rosenthal Living Trust to Landon D. Queen and wife, prt SE NW in 23-40-11, gov lot 1, $78

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 1:01 PM

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