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The real estate transactions listed below are being published at the request of many of our readers. The information is public record and reflects an index of each week’s transactions.

Property transactions exceeding $10,000 recorded at the Vilas County Courthouse the past week and the transfer fee:


Dec. 16, 2013

Randall L. Niemczyk and wife to R.D. & L.M. Moyer Revocable Trust, prt NE SW in 25-41-9, gov lot 5, $1,785

Co-trustee Margaret V. Shuya et al, co-trustee Ann V. Arms et al, Van Horne Revocable Living Trust and E. Van Horne Revocable Living Trust to Thomas A. Farrar and wife, prt NE SW in 20-40-7, gov lot 3, $600

Lance S. Wirth to Daniel L. Jacobsen and wife, prt SE NW, prt SW NW in 22-40-8, $81

James G. Pacala and wife to Daniel L. Drost and wife, prt SW NW?in 36-40-6, gov lot 3, $705

R.R. & M.E. Rosenthal Living Trust to Landon D. Queen and wife, prt SE NE in 23-40-11, gov lot 1, $78

Dec. 17, 2013

U.S. Bank Trustee and Faye Iten Evans Revocable Trust to Thomas M. Suchla and wife, lots 37 and 38 of plat 33 in Bobidosh Point Div. #2, $1,380

Charlotte L. Thiemecke Trust and Charlotte Thiemecke-Floyd Trustee to James S. Holden and wife, prt NW SW in 22-40-5, gov lot 3, $570

Dec. 18, 2013

Pukall Lumber Company to Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, prt NE SW in 4-40-5, $360

Daryl J. Hanson to Dean J. Re and wife, prt NE SE in 25-41-5, gov lot 5, $1,581

Orville Charles Haan to Larry G. Burman, prt SW NE in 27-40-10, $39

Greg L. Gapko and wife to Eau Real Estate LLC, lot 44 of plat 263 in Rest Lake, $627

Thomas J. Gantert and wife to Nancy M. Mansavage, lot 8 and 9 of block 6 of plat 405 in McIntyre’s Addn., $300

Jon H. Wilson and wife to P.E. Michalkiewicz Living Trust, lot 86 of plat 716 in Bradford Point Condominium, $30

Linda M. Goller Trust to Michael L. Will and wife, prt NE SW in 31-40-9, gov lot 3, prt SE SW?in 31-40-9, $284.70

Dec. 19, 2013

Nationstar Mortgage LLC and Champion Mortgage Company to Larry A. James et al, gov lot 3 in 34-40-8, prt NW SW?in 34-40-8, gov lot 4, $630

Dec. 20, 2013

James Todd Otto and wife to Bubba’s Boats LLC, prt SE SW, prt SW SE in 34-40-10, $146.70

Estate of Richard Konarski and Pers. Rep. Nellie Herrmann to F&D Properties LLC, gov lot 3 in 34-40-8, prt NW SW?in 34-40-8, gov lot 4, $375

Christopher P. Buettner and wife to Jerad R. Justesen and wife et al and Jeffrey A. Roberts and wife et al, prt SE SW in 3-40-8, gov lot 3, $1,575

Jon B. Polich et al to Bogusewski Revocable Trust, prt NE SE in 15-40-10, gov lot 1, $400.50

Craig T. Luther and wife to Kenneth R. Ecker and wife and Ingrid A. Trausch and husband, prt NE SE in 33-41-10, gov lot 1, $87

Peter L. Smith to Edward T. Krez and wife, prt SW NW in 27-40-10, gov lot 2, $1,122

Dec. 23, 2013

Shirley M. Murawski to Gustafson Trust No. 2012 et al and R.D. Gustafson Dec. of Trust et al, prt SW NW in 1-39-10, gov lot 5, $609

James S. Lunde to Cheryl J. Berndt, gov lot 1 in 25-40-9, $136.50

Dale D. Dresel to Michael J. Marlatt, prt NE NE in 7-40-11, $288

Thomas F. Wranik to Christian L. Schiddel, prt SE NW in 16-39-10, $30

Steven F. Brennand and wife and Kathleen I. Haefner-Brennand and husband to George F. Kampling Jr. and wife, prt SE NE in 34-40-5, gov lot 7, $780

James W. Anderson and wife et al and Terry H. Johannes and wife et al to Jason J. Edge and wife, lot 6 of plat 87 in Elbert’s Resort Condo, $675

Theresa A. Rees et al, Gregory A. Hafenstein et al and Patricia M. Dulin et al to Fath Joint Revocable Trust, prt NE SE in 25-40-7, $345

Dec. 26, 2013

Lelia DiPasquale et al  and Robert E. Pender to Nacola Crooke, prt NW NE in 12-43-6, lots 62 and 63 of plat 224 in Oswego Shores, $82.50

Robert P. Sokup to Kenneth R. Hayes and wife, lot 33 of plat 64 in Deerpath Acres Subd., $67.50

Marjorie Weninger Revocable Trust to Jehovah’s Witnesses Corp., prt NE SE in 31-40-10, $56.40

Dec. 27, 2013

Thomas G. Stehr and wife to Bertha Santini Trust, prt NW SW?in 16-40-9, gov lot 5, $570

Eleonore M. Berkelman to Tim R. Wiese Living Trust No. 1, prt NE SE in 24-40-10, $39

Chad A. Bacon and wife to Samuel J. Rizzo et al and Thomas Badgerow et al, prt NE SW in 33-40-8, $138

Patrick V. Ament to Lisa M. Gowe, prt SW NE in 14-42-11, gov lot 3, $345

Dec. 30, 2013

Gordon J. Lester and wife to Musser-Gudmundson Revocable Trust and Gloria J. Gudmundson Trustee et al, lots 11 and 91 of plat 716 in Bradford Point Condominium, $1,335

Greg A. Binsfeld and wife to Gary M. Lieuwen et al and Debi Snyder et al, prt SW SW in 6-41-10, $459

Vilas County Sheriff Agent and Steven A. Custer et al to Robert K. Peterson et al, prt SE SE in 26-40-8, gov lot 10, prt SW SE in 26-40-8, gov lot 8, $661.50

A.F. & R.M. Richter Revocable Trust to Mark A. Richter and wife, prt NE NW in 10-39-10, gov lot 1, $600

Annin Family Revocable Living Trust to Michael E. Annin Trust et al, prt NE NE in 35-43-9, gov lot 1, prt NW NW in 36-43-9, gov lot 4, lot 36 of block 2 of plat 212 in North Shore Black Oak Lake, $543

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 9:36 AM

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