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Nothing is the same anymore PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor:

Why did the Veterans Administration (VA) stop 50-plus school children from giving out Christmas cards at the VA hospital?

The people who escorted these children to the hospital to distribute the Christmas cards were told this was their policy and therefore couldn’t pass out the Christmas cards! America, these are men and women who have been injured fighting to keep us safe and free. What is going on in our country?

Our government is acting like a dictatorship is being established with the theme, “Nothing is the same anymore, because we said so!”

America, look at the people who are running our country. Are these the people you want to continue doing what they are doing to our country?

Gene Klumpp


Tuesday, January 07, 2014 12:03 PM


-2 #84 2014-01-20 11:27
tim, I'm with you all the way, for the most part. I'm pro jobs, pro life, pro biz, pro civil rights, with no hidden agenda. My stomach turns with every new casino in IL and Reid's intentions to build a bullet train from LA to Las Vegas. The Dems and some in the GOP are looking for $$$ anywhere they can find it to the detriment of society. yes, like booze, you are not going to stop gambling but it sure is expanding at a mind boggling rate. Like the Lotto. Unfortunate. those who can least afford it buy the most tickets. Ever seen the movie Casino and Pesce's quote near the end? "the house always wins".
-4 #83 Frank Gabl 2014-01-20 10:29

You must know that my comment to you in post 75 was solely a response to what you said to Denny in post 72:

“Denny, I was referring to you but was giving Ian friendly advice which was turned back around on me. I am very guilty of this same thing that I accuse you of, so for that I apologize. But truth be told, it was just friendly advice based on my own interpretations , and not the slam that Frank insists it is.”

To which I stated: “Tim, for the record, the only reason I brought this up about Denny was to prove my point that your advice to me was almost like an afterthought to what you were primarily saying to Ian. And to show that you were just as guilty of "diminishing our causes" with your post to Denny, that you were chastising me for doing with Jeff. Other than that, just so you know, there was no malicious or intentional attempt to make you look bad.”

Cont. below:
-4 #82 Frank Gabl 2014-01-20 10:27

Obviously, what I stated means that there was no malicious or intentional attempt to make you look bad by bringing up your post to Ian about Denny. It was merely a result (looking bad) of having to use those instances for my explanation.

Again my comment to you in 74 was solely in response to what you said to Denny in 75.
-1 #81 2014-01-20 08:44
I am not critical of the Tea Party... I think you missed my point.

The ones who are entrenched repubs are the ones that cause the issue. The new generation to the likes of Paul, Cruz, and Lee are not the same as the old guard. The new generation is coming up (I consider myself part of that) and we are not going to be pushed around by the old guard anymore.

Make no mistake about it, I am not liberal, democrat, conservative, etc. I would consider myself "conservatarian" (conservative and libertarian) as coined by Dr. Tim Nerenz.

Here is a good excerpt:

I used to identify with the libertarian platform, but I am against legalization of drugs, and many of them support anarchy. Those two things squash my interest in that group.

But regardless of all of that, the Republican party is doomed unless they accept the new guard.
0 #80 Jeff Laadt 2014-01-20 08:16
Re: post #76

I think I know who you are talking about. But I also believe you have an obligation to both identify yourself and the object of your comment. Lacking that, it is just gossip.

Jeff Laadt
-3 #79 2014-01-19 11:48
I drove thru Rockford IL the other day. talk about depressing. One of the highest unemployment rates in IL.
a bit dated this article but check it out:

Most if not all these subperforming cities are in "blue" states. The unions killed them make no mistake about it.

A customer of mine interviewed a Caucasian male for a job. guy was hiding his hands he noticed. Actually, he was getting ready to hire him until he saw tattooed on his knuckles "F### You". this is a big issue folks. A breakdown in the family. too many single parents in this country with no discipline towards their children. Can't be bothered. Totally unfair to teachers to b thrusted into the role of a parent, unless u allow corporal punishment.No amount of money in the world will cure the ills of a negligent parent in a broken household.
-1 #78 2014-01-19 11:23
Further, the NON UNION workers at auto plants in OH, SC, AL, etc, are doing just fine and building great cars at 30% of the cost as compared to Detroit. The Populist theme as espoused by the Dems and so cherished by the main stream media is nothing but a give away for votes. Try running your own biz my friends. The regulation, rules, extra costs, are becoming so burdensome it takes the fun out of everything with no regard to reward/risk. My suggestion for ACA is this: let the doctors/hospitals tend to the underprivelaged , let them write it off, then police the fraud which is already being done. The central or state govt is hardly a model for efficiency. If most if not all politicians ran my company they would have been bankrupt years ago. In fact, especially with IL, I would argue the politicans could be sued and found guilty of "breach of fiduciary responsibility". IL is just a small example of what goes on in DC.
+1 #77 2014-01-19 11:16
As you state Tim:
"This is precisely why many republicans are looked at as jokes. They spend too much time fighting each other rather than coming together." True, that is why I have so much disdain for the IL GOP members. Not all of them but most. Though not a card carrying member of the Tea Party I do have respect for them. They have the guts to go back to the basics of the GOP party established so many years ago. And yet, you seem to be critical of the Tea Party. Yea, they are right wing no doubt, but they are trying to stem the socialistic tide in DC and IL. IL virtually has the worst unemployment rate of any state in the union. They only solution by leftists such as Dick Durbin is to raise the minimum wage. Study western Europe my friends. You can't afford to take the risk of hiring people due to the socialistic unemployment penalties one has to pay if business goes soft. Sure, a higher min wage sounds great, but be aware of the consequences.
0 #76 2014-01-17 15:03
There's one guy who upsets the proverbial applecart on this forum. It was much more interesting when you'd all agreed that he take a break. He prevents rational discussion from happening with you all.
+4 #75 2014-01-17 15:00

Well, you are wrong about the first sentence, but you can believe however you want to believe.

I will concede that I made an error and did not word things as I should have. To your second sentence I will agree.

And as for your third, are you saying you tried on those two accounts to make me look bad?

Now, whether you believe this or not, is really none of my concern. Take it at face value, throw it out, or etc. Your choice:

I never EVER intended this to be malicious towards you in any way shape or form. But, I will defend myself when necessary.

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