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Offers response to ‘far left’ writers PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

I would like to comment on three letters from far left liberals in the Jan 1. Vilas County News-Review. Most of what I say applies to all three writers.

In the first letter, Mary Jo Berner says that 53% of the employees in Vilas County work in low-paying jobs and that it has been increasing since the 1970s. I agree, however, it is not because of the rich as she would have us believe. It is because of the disappearance of good middle class jobs, such as those from mining and logging in the North Woods.

Ms. Berner and her foundation continue to promote an “anti-mining by any means” agenda. I was at only one of her seminars. It was anti-mining, but claimed to be unbiased.

One of the many lowlights was a Bad River tribal leader speaking of potential Gogebic Taconite Bad River pollution while knowing that his tribe was dumping pollutants into the river at many times the legal limit and had been for years. E. coli was at 5,400% of the legal limit. The river is so bad, it closed two beaches on Lake Superior last summer.

Ms. Berner also fights sand mining in Wisconsin that provides many good jobs. The sand is used in fracking, which is providing much needed energy while reducing energy cost. Our distance from populated areas makes transportation costs difficult for our businesses. We don’t need higher fuel prices.

Ms. Berner still falsely preaches global warming. Aren’t we happy with the lower heating cost we have  now to combat our record cold? Too bad we can’t be done with the ethanol her far left crowd has stuck us with to combat “global warming.”

ObamaCare passed by Ms. Berner’s friends has reduced the work hours of many in the North Woods. Going on, the law will destroy more jobs while benefiting very few. Walmart workers have a better plan than ObamaCare.

If Ms. Berner and the liberals have their way, most of the people living in the North Woods will either be public employees or those who have inherited a lot of money.

Marjorie Delap writes a letter urging our young people to get involved and vote. I agree. Where we differ is I will not tell our youths to blame the Tea Party and Republicans as she does. I will tell them that our national debt is at an unsustainable $17 trillion, $200,000 per person and has doubled since President Obama took office.

I will tell them that we continue to fall behind the rest of the world in math and science while spending more on education per student than any other country. I will tell them that they will inherit this mess. They must form their own opinions, do their own research and be skeptical of anyone who only tells one side of a story. Please remember nothing from a government is free. Someone pays for everything.

Rep. Peter Barca from Kenosha writes we should “make 2014 the year of the middle class.” Let’s make 2014 the year for everyone. Is that not possible? Why classes? Do we have to have class warfare?

He says that our state rates in the top 10 for students who graduate with debt. Under the Republicans, University of Wisconsin  (UW) tuition was frozen for two years. Democrats had control, why didn’t they? They raised taxes.

Why do our educators give large student loans to those studying subjects that will never provide good employment? Most of the UW educators support Barca’s party and more students provide them with jobs and high salaries.

Charlie Gullan

Eagle River

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 12:28 PM


-8 #19 Frank Gabl 2014-01-30 11:14
You're chasing your tail.

Wisconsin has a history of average to below job creation regardless of the administration.

But your single example based on free stimulus money and what Doyle did with it (compared to what other states chose to do) by creating some jobs after losing 175,000 the prior two years, is a canard.

The reason I posted the links pertaining to Doyle's deficit Walker took care of, is to show that he is using the same accounting principles you would be touting if the situation was reversed.

Yet, you still can't square Doyle losing 64,000 jobs after 8 years and Walker's gain of 104,000 after 3 years, except for "creating less jobs at a slower pace than the rest of the country."

That's called - irrelevant to Wisconsin's historical record.
+6 #18 2014-01-30 09:53
That's exactly what I'm saying about the Thompson/McCallum administration. For the party of fiscal responsibility they were anything but. As for Doyle receiving stimulus money you miss the point. Yes, it boost the job creation numbers. So first off it did what the right said it wouldn't do. Secondly, every state received this money so it was equitable to say that WI was doing something right when we were ranked 11th out of 50 states in job creation. Lastly, Walker didn't really balance anything. He borrowed more than ANY WI gov in history to say he balanced the budget. If I pull $100 from my charge card and pay a bill is it balanced? Now, job creation. Ok, Walker's created jobs. The problem is he is creating less jobs and at a slower pace the most of the country. 36 other states are doing a better job than he is. That's the point. This state's economy and job situation is stagnant from policies put forth by this failed administration.
-7 #17 Frank Gabl 2014-01-30 08:20
Your logic makes no sense.

You claim that the $3.2 billion deficit left for Doyle by Thompson/McCallum shouldn’t have occurred since Thompson/McCallum oversaw a “boom” period.

But at the same time, you’re saying the $21 billion “gift” that Doyle received in free taxpayer stimulus, which created 33,600 jobs, somehow is irrelevant. Yet, at a hypothetical total cost of $50,000 per job, or $1.7 billion, how could Doyle leave a deficit with $18 billion left over?

In addition, why is it that Doyle couldn’t balance the $3.2 billion Thompson/McCallum deficit after 8 years, yet, Walker balanced Doyle’s $3.6 billion deficit in a mere 2-3 years with no free help?

And your claim that, “Every state had stimulus money to use, so WI was not benefiting more than any other states,” is also irrelevant since you’ve been comparing Doyle’s record, using free money, to Walker’s without the benefit of any help.

Cont. below
-7 #16 Frank Gabl 2014-01-30 08:17

Even with all that said, you still have 64,000 (97,600 without taxpayer help) jobs that Doyle LOST after 8 years to Walker’s 104,000 GAIN after 3 years, to contend with.

“Reschovsky, who teaches at the La Follette School of Public Affairs, estimates the state deficit at close to Walker’s figure of $3.6 billion. He said the agency spending numbers were realistic, and that Doyle’s figure obscured the scope of the problem.”

“So in the ad, Walker is on solid ground to say he eliminated a $3.6 billion deficit.”
+6 #15 2014-01-29 13:03
Anyone with intellectual honesty will look at the available data and see that WI is stagnant. Doyle was not that great of a Gov, BUT lets rewind a bit. When Doyle took over he inherited a 3.2 Billion dollar deficit from the Thompson/McCallum administration. This deficit wasn't from a recession but rather a boom period. One must wonder why this happened considering we hear how Republicans are supposedly more fiscally responsible than Dems. To say Doyle merely raised the job creation rank in 2010 due to the stimulus is short sighted. Every state had stimulus money to use, so WI was not benefiting more than anything other states. What it does show is that WI was headed in the right direction. Some of the 3.6 billion dollar deficit Walker speaks of was actually created by Walker when he passed a series of bills upon entering office. IF Walker's policies were working WI wouldn't be ranked near the bottom in job creation 3 years into his term. One failed policy after another.
-6 #14 Frank Gabl 2014-01-27 21:00

Correct, “stats don’t lie.”

However, spinmeisters manipulate the stats by putting them into a context that’s purposely misleading as your side has done with Doyle’s “11th in job creation” propaganda.

So we’ll put Doyle’s last year in office aside - since no intellectually honest person would ever put forth such nonsense when they know full well that free, taxpayer, Obama stimulus money, not Doyle’s policies as you imply, created the jobs.

Here’s Doyle’s REAL record, again.

Over the course of Doyle’s 8 years Wisconsin ranked consistently around 33-35 in job creation while LOSING a total of 64,000 jobs.

Doyle left Walker a $3.6 billion budget deficit, as well as, taxing the people of Wisconsin an additional nearly $5 billion during Doyle’s second term alone.

On the other hand, Walker cleaned up Doyle’s left over deficit, cut taxes and CREATED 104,000 jobs to date.
-6 #13 Frank Gabl 2014-01-27 20:57
John erroneously stated in post 10:

“80% of the teaparty believe the Dept of Defense budget should stay the same or INCREASE. This is a huge portion (almost half) of our budget!”

Note: “This is a huge portion (almost half) of our budget!”

Fact - “Defense and international security assistance: In 2012 - 19 PERCENT of the budget, or $689 billion, paid for defense and security-related international activities.”
+3 #12 2014-01-27 13:46
Stats do not lie. Right from The Journel Sentinel. Here it talks of WI being 11th: "Wisconsin ranked 11th among the 50 states in 2010 in private-sector job growth, outperforming the nation as a whole. But it dropped to 38th in 2011, Gov. Scott Walker's first year in office."

Now? 37th....
-6 #11 Frank Gabl 2014-01-27 08:39
This pertains to John’s response to David:

As John is well aware of, his broken-record talking point, “11th (WI) in job creation under Doyle” is more than very misleading.

On the first day of Doyle’s second term in Jan. 2007, Wisconsin had 2,404,928 jobs.

On the last day of Doyle’s second term in Jan. 2011, Wisconsin had 2,270,985 jobs – OR – 133,943 - FEWER JOBS.

On the first day of Walker’s term on Jan. 3, 2011 to November 30, 2013 - Wisconsin - GAINED 104,372 jobs.

Cont. below:
+5 #10 2014-01-27 08:38
I have been in just about every area of work including running a small business. Walker's policies have done nothing but create a stagnant economy is this state. We have fallen in just about every economic ranking while other states rebounded a long time ago. The majority of these "tax cuts" have gone to the top percentage of wage earners, not the middle and lower class that actually need them. If policies of whatever type ideology work it will lead to a robust economy where everyone prospers. WI has neither. Other states like IA, MN, CA, and even MI have done a better job creating jobs, raising their economy and rebuilding their infrastructure. Obama has little to do with WI's falling in many rankings since other states haven't fallen but rather risen. Lastly, debt. everyone wants cuts but nobody can agree on where. Example: 80% of the teaparty believe the Dept of Defense budget should stay the same or INCREASE. This is a huge portion (almost half)of our budget!

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