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First-year review shows

ATV riders following rules

It’s encouraging news that a one-year review of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) use on Three Lakes town road routes turned up few problems — no talk of property owners registering noise or other complaints, and no major safety issues involving motorists or pedestrians.

The town board’s review proves that with the right rules in place, ATV operators can co-exist with other motorists on town roads. It also shows that ATV enthusiasts are serious about keeping the privilege of riding on town roads, for as a group, they have successfully policed themselves.

While the Three Lakes Police Department logged 46 incidents involving ATVs last year, Police Chief Scott Lea said the majority of operators traveled at the posted speed limits and were either wearing helmets or had access to them.

The biggest change for 2014 will be relaxation of the helmet requirement, which was recommended by the Nicolet ATV?Club as a way to create less work for law enforcement and cause less inconvenience for visiting travelers. However, riders younger than 18 years of age must still wear a helmet.

Missing from the one-year review was any mention of the club’s work toward creating an access route that connects the downtown business district with other communities, namely the town of Hiles and Forest County trails and routes to the east.

The ATV route plan was billed from the start as a way to enhance tourism by bringing outside riders to Three Lakes, where they might use area accommodations, restaurants, taverns and the like. But right now, most ATV riders don’t have access to routes in the national forest because they can’t use Highways 45 and 32.

Hopefully the club is working with the Department of Transportation on the only possible route, using state right-of-way from Crystal Lake Road to a free-standing bridge over Crystal Creek in order to access North Big Lake Loop Road.

Trig’s, volunteer workers

vital to Klondike Days

One of Wisconsin’s largest, most popular winter festivals geared toward families, Trig’s Klondike Days, will draw thousands of people to Rocking W Stables and Northland Pines High School this weekend, March 1-2.

Trig’s is the major sponsor of the event, which certainly shows the company’s support of the local community and tourism industry.

The 24th annual event will feature many of the same historical exhibits, competitions and entertainment of past years, including River Country Red’s Rendezvous, the Living History Encampment and the Blue Winds Native American Dance Theatre — three of the event’s most popular attractions.

With 25 different events to run and thousands of vehicles to park, there is a long list of  groups that help provide the manpower to take on such a massive undertaking. To all those community-minded volunteers who will be working this weekend in less than ideal conditions, we say thank you.


Behind the editorial ‘we’


Members of the Vilas County News-Review editorial board include Publisher Kurt Krueger, Editor Gary Ridderbusch and Assistant Editor Anthony Drew.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014 11:56 AM


+16 #7 Harald Karlsson 2014-03-05 10:17
I sent am e-mail through the Town of Three Lakes website on Monday requesting the results of the post card survey and have at this point received no response. I heard from someone who was at the meeting and it sounded like they glossed over the results, but it sounded like it was 50% opposed and 50% in favor but they did not actually hear the numbers. In any event if that is the case, it means that 50% of our citizens were not represented on the Board. The new less safe ordinance was also written by the ATV Club and presented by Board Member Starke. The other Board Members apparently had not seen it prior to the meeting. They then rubber stamped the wishes of the ATV Club. Isn't it great?
+18 #6 2014-03-04 19:09
Such a stupid decision made by a town board whom residents elected in the hopes they would make good decisions for this town and the tranquility of it. A decision that in time will come back to bite them. I believe a FOIA is indeed needed here so us residents can see the actual survey results....not just what the town wants you to see. But given time, more stupid decisions will be made by a group of people who honestly can't see beyond the lining of their pockets!! Let's hope the next election will bring people to this table that do care for the small, quiet community setting concept and the help thy neighbor mentality. Not the almighty buck.
+21 #5 Kirstie Larsen 2014-02-26 22:31
I am a property owner along a Three Lakes ATV route and our house is within 50 feet of the roadway. I registered numerous complaints to both Three Lakes and Oneida County law enforcement about ATVs going at high speeds (45+ mph and a few way more) past our property. Some ATVs were at polite speeds, but they were in the minority. I question the reporting by VCNR and the town board.
+19 #4 2014-02-26 10:20
There was a pretty bad ATV accident here in Sugar Camp about two weeks ago. From what I understand, it was a 18 year old that hit a truck.

I am all for trails, but not so interested in roads as routes unless you are using a road to gain access to a trail.
+22 #3 Harald Karlsson 2014-02-26 07:46
Do we need to file a Freedom of Information request to get the results from the survey conducted via the post card when we paid our taxes?
+20 #2 Harald Karlsson 2014-02-25 15:18
When we paid our taxes this year, te town sent out a post card to voice whether they were for or against the ATV Ordinance. What were the results on that? I see that they not only made it permanent but they also made it less safe. Did everyon forget about the ATV Manufacturers themselves recomending that they not be used on paved surfaces? Those that are opposed never had much say in this anyway. It lessens our once warm and fuzzy feeling about Three Lakes. Now I see the Three Lakes News has joined in as well. Really sad.
+22 #1 2014-02-25 13:25
I am suprised that there were only 46 complaints. I live on a road where ATV'ers are always riding illegally, the police come and can never track them down. I was agaisnt the trail last year and I am still against the trail this year. Its sad when the people on the Town Board making the decisions on the ATV trail are the ones that are also the driving force behind the trail.

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