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Dear Editor:

After reading the letter last week from Wisconsin’s education Superintendent Tony Evers, in which he pleaded for support of the new and entirely unproven nationalized education system commonly known as Common Core, I was left speechless due to what is readily known about the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

Therefore, I thought it would be beneficial to challenge several key points advanced by the superintendent, thereby affording parents, grandparents, taxpayers and everyday teachers the opportunity to employ a balanced approach toward developing an informed opinion regarding what is considered to be the fundamental transformation of education in America.

Evers stated, “Senate Bill 619 is a partisan takeover of the bedrock of schooling: the standards that describe what our kids should know and be able to do in each academic subject area.”

But most people are not aware that Common Core, in and of itself, is best described as a national takeover of what our kids will learn since the single set of K-12 national standards are not only being implemented in an overwhelming majority of public school districts throughout the country, but the standards were written by politically connected private interest groups predominately of the liberal, progressive persuasion from deep inside Washington, D.C.

In the big picture, local and parental control of our children’s education will in­crementally become a distant memory due to the chilling fact that states adopting Common Core must accept and teach the national standards as written. And since standards drive curriculum, teachers will be utilizing educational materials either generally aligned or specifically tailored to the national standards.

Evers then states, “This bill would hand over what is taught in our schools to partisan politics . . . are we ready for our legislators to debate and legislate academic standards related to evolution, creationism and climate change when they take up the science standards?”

But when one considers that politically connected groups of a particular persuasion is indeed the perfect definition of partisan politics in the first place, does anyone really believe that an entirely objective perspective on evolution, creationism and climate change would ever make it into the classroom considering the players involved?

Evers continued, “During hearings conducted on the Common Core, we heard compelling tales about early results and the increased opportunities for all kids to succeed in college and career.”

Yet, the hearings were attended by an equal number of opponents as well. The most prominent being re­nowned education expert, Prof. Sandra Stotsky. As a member of the national Common Core validation committee from 2009-’10, Stotsky refused to sign off on the initiative. Speaking to reporters at the Fond du Lac hearing in October, Stotsky explained in detail that the validation committee for English language arts included not one English professor or high school English teacher and that those who attended were merely there to rubber stamp the already written standards. She warned, “De­velop your own first class standards. You want first class standards, but you don’t have them in Common Core.”

Make no mistake as to why the most recent Gallup poll revealed that nearly two-thirds of Americans have never even heard of Common Core. Thus, I encourage all citizens to learn the inner workings of the strategy being implemented to shape our children’s minds by searching online, “Principal: I was naïve about Common Core” and “Stop the Common Core Video Series.”

Then, if concerned, tell Evers to get on board with the growing number of states and teachers rejecting government control over our nation’s most precious asset by supporting Senate Bill 619. Visit

Frank Gabl

Prospect Heights, Ill., and

Eagle River

Tuesday, March 04, 2014 11:21 AM


-7 #9 Frank Gabl 2014-03-10 07:51
For the Record:

The Direct Link Between Common Core and United Nations Agenda 21: (using all official U.S. and U.N. documents)


(This Clinton Administration report on “sustainable development,” is akin to the United Nations Environment and Development report called the Brundtland Commission; which invented the sustainable development term and movement. Note that the first 3 sections are the exact same “3E’s” established in the 1987 Brundtland Commission report in the post below which is the foundation for the “action plan blueprint” Agenda 21, that was established at the 1992 Earth Summit.)

(And in subsequent sections of Clinton’s report, the following is addressed: public school education, city/town comprehensive planning, population control, EPA, redistribution/social justice.)

Cont. below:
-8 #8 Frank Gabl 2014-03-10 07:49

(Near the bottom of this information on the Brundtland Commission, in sections marked “Structure” and “Sustainability Efforts,” you will find the connection to Clinton’s executive order,
“President’s Council on Sustainable Development,” which officially jump- started Agenda 21 in this country.”)

(“Sustainable America” is this country’s official name for Agenda 21, ie., just as Agenda 21 is the United Nations
“action plan” or “blueprint,” for the entire world, Sustainable America is this country’s specific “action strategy” for implementing the same “goals” of United Nation’s Agenda 21, but here in the U.S.)

(Chapter 3 – Information and Education: “Additionally, the country's formal education system must be reformed to better address sustainability.”)

Cont. below:
-6 #7 Frank Gabl 2014-03-10 07:46

(Official United Nations Agenda 21 document for comparison) (Chapter 36 – Promoting Education, Public Awareness and Training. Chapter 36.2a – Reorienting education toward sustainable development.)

(United Nations unequivocally qualifies the “3E’s” and the Brundtland Commission)

Cont. below:
-7 #6 Frank Gabl 2014-03-10 07:44

COMMON CORE: (In a nutshell, it is the K-12 government reform of the “country’s formal education system to better address sustainability” as quoted in Chapter 3 of Clinton’s “Sustainable America” and Chapter 36 of U.N. Agenda 21)

The Department of Education’s “Quiet Revolution” - Arne Duncan’s September 2010 Speech at the Sustainability Summit:

“Through the Race to the Top (Common Core state funding via the 2009 Stimulus - my emphasis) and other programs, we've unleashed an avalanche of reform activity across the states and literally thousands of districts.”

“Until now, we've been mostly absent from the movement to educate our children to be stewards of our environment and prepare them to participate in a sustainable economy…But this Department is just getting started in this important work. It's been clear for a decade or more that education plays a vital role in the sustainability movement.”

Cont. below:
-5 #5 Frank Gabl 2014-03-10 07:41

“In 1996, President Clinton's task force on sustainable development issued its goals. One of them stated that all Americans should have access to lifelong learning opportunities so they will understand the concepts involved in sustainable development.”

“In our Blueprint for Reform (Common Core – my emphasis), the Obama administration is promoting a well-rounded education for our children. We want all students to have access to a world-class curriculum and that curriculum should include environmental literacy."

"And for the first time, we are proposing that environmental education be part of that well-rounded education… starting in kindergarten and extending until the students graduate from high school.”

Cont. below:
-7 #4 Frank Gabl 2014-03-10 07:35

Arne Duncan’s November 2010 Speech to the United Nation’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization:

“The Obama administration has an ambitious and unified theory of action that propels our agenda. The challenge of ‘transforming education in America’ can only be accomplished with a clear, coherent, and coordinated vision of reform.”

“Our goal for the coming year will be to work closely with global partners, including UNESCO, to promote qualitative improvements and system strengthening.”

“The North Star guiding the alignment of our cradle-to-career education agenda is President Obama’s goal that America will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world. That goal can only be achieved by creating a strong cradle-to-career continuum that starts with early childhood learning and extends all the way to college and careers.”

Cont. below:
-4 #3 Frank Gabl 2014-03-10 07:32

Debunking Governments “Non-involvement” in Common Core:

“On K-12 education, our theory of action starts with the four assurances incorporated in last year’s economic stimulus bill, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The four assurances got their name from the requirement that each governor in the 50 states had to provide an “assurance” they would pursue reforms (Common Core – my emphasis) in these four areas--in exchange for their share of funds from a Recovery Act program designed to largely stem job loss among teachers and principals” (union payback – my emphasis).

“The first assurance was that states would work toward developing academic standards that truly show if a student is ready for college and a career when they graduate from high school.”

Cont. below:
-6 #2 Frank Gabl 2014-03-10 07:31

Debunking Government “Non-involvement” in Data Collection:

“The second assurance governors provided was in the area of data systems. More robust data systems and a new generation of assessments can assist teachers and principals to improve their practices and tailor their instruction in ways that were largely unthinkable in the past.”

More Debunking Government “Non-involvement in Common Core:

“I’ve said that America is now in the midst of a “quiet revolution” in school reform…To cite just one example, the department’s Race to the Top Program challenged states to craft concrete, comprehensive plans for reforming their education systems…I said earlier that the United States now has a unique opportunity to transform our education system in ways that will resonate for decades to come.”

-7 #1 2014-03-04 21:27
You're right on there Frank. We don't need our children being indoctrinated with the mind pollution of the liberal left.

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