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Candidate sends a negative message PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor:

I use this means to thank Leon Kukanich for his dedication to the residents of the town of Lincoln the past 18 years. A plaque and the kind words presented at this month’s meeting were well deserved. He and the entire board continue to manage the budget well and have kept tax rates to the lower level in the county.

Thanks to the encouragement of the late Eleanor Gorz and the late Lola Inberg who served the town respectively, as clerk and treasurer, I took an interest in local politics when I served this paper as the town of Lincoln news correspondent in the 1970s. When Eleanor moved on to serve as Vilas County treasurer, it was these two who motivated me to run for clerk.

I still hold a 1969 note from the late Herman Smith, then Vilas County resource agent, thanking me for a letter I had submitted to the local paper. He further stated his belief for a future that more young people needed to stand up and be counted and involved in town and county government, school affairs etc. The faith of these earlier and respected pioneers led me to run for and serve as town secretary.

At that time, a number of resident names still familiar to the area attended meetings on a regular basis to keep informed as to what was going on. After moving on to another position, I continued to attend a number of meetings and to instill this hope for our future, by encouraging my own kids to be involved and educated on local politics.

In my 25 years of employment and volunteerism in the area, the number one thing that I heard most was “the people here are so friendly.” I’m still trying to put my thoughts together as to what message Kara Vander Bloomen was trying to portray as she used this means to campaign for a supervisors’ position on the town board. To the best of my knowledge, she has attended a total of two town meetings and sends the message she’s “ready to shake things up.”

When I read this headline in the forum, I thought I had mistakingly picked up a copy of the Chicago Trib. A promise of asking hard questions, unpopular decisions, going against the flow or stirring up a hornet’s nest, and doing this all free of charge leaves me wondering what the real motives are. Now that she’s confessed talking to a lot of people the past two months, with none having said a bad thing about her opponent we can breathe easier with the assurance “he really is a nice guy.”

Kara sends a negative message posting false information on her Facebook about our board members. I have witnessed a board that has done their homework and comes to meetings well prepared with answers to concerns that need to be addressed.

With regard to road maintenance, it, along with other information, is explained well on the town website. I have driven on the surrounding town roads and in Eagle River this winter. All have bumps, snow and icy patches. It was announced on the radio last week that our state had a record number of accidents on roads this winter. This has been a problem in other areas across the country and again, common sense in speed can prevent a lot of these problems.

Taxpayers vote on April 1 for county, municipal and school district representatives. My priorities are fiscal responsibility, common sense, team players, honesty and peacemakers to represent the taxpayers of the town.  May the best guy win.

Sharon Benda

Eagle River

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 10:53 AM


+2 #7 2014-03-24 13:49
That's sad about Leon, looks like he was throw under the bus by some on the board he served all those years on,maybe should have the town run from the coffee group in the morning, looks like that's already going on.
+1 #6 Kara Vander Bloomen 2014-03-24 13:05
5 of 5

As for you closing may the best “guy” or “man” win you and the other town board members and their spouses have made it readily apparent with whom you support. One of your town supervisors even told my father that they had this guy Hassey picked out and he was going to work really well. I find that unfortunate for Leon that many of you have thanked him for his service and upset he lost while possibly grooming his replacement.

I intend if elected to make sure the actual concerns of the voters are made priority and they are treated with respect when they voice them. Then maybe more will chose to become involved. I believe I have all the requirements you have listed as your priorities and more-- Fiscal responsibility, common sense, team player, and honest. As for peacekeeper the definition would suggest creating conditions that favor lasting peace. With whom are you referring to the board or it's electors?
+1 #5 Kara Vander Bloomen 2014-03-24 12:56
4 of 5
You stated that on the town website it explains road maintenance. I have to disagree. I believe here the town is supplying misinformation as it states a standing order of four inches and the roads are plowed. I have spoken with the county and listened at the meeting to the Supervisors. The county cannot plow or sand unless they are called by a town Supervisor and I am sure we can all agree it is not every four inches. And if the solution to road maintenance is to slow down I know many who will disagree due to themselves being stuck in the middle of the road, sliding into ditches and buses as well as into intersections going under 10 miles per hour as suggested by our town Chair.
+1 #4 Kara Vander Bloomen 2014-03-24 12:55
3 0f 5
The electors passing the budgets, saying aye to the salaries and salary increases are consistently the same people.They are their spouses time and time again. In fact the only names besides spouses are my opponent and his wife.I am not saying there is anything improper in this. However it does concern me that more do not attend and take interest especially with the number of complaints and concerns I have received in the last 3 months. Maybe like me they monitored the minutes and agendas to stay informed on the management of their town government. I hope to change this and win or lose I will continue to stay informed and active. As for false information I would challenge you to provide me in this forum what you think my false information is. I believe if you are classifying yourself in with those “friendly people” you referred to that you would not throw out an accusation that I am liar and not provide proof to this and at the very least allow me to rebut your accusation.
+1 #3 Kara Vander Bloomen 2014-03-24 12:54
2 of 5
I also feel that if we do not have money like our town board indicates time and again that we take a hard look at how we are spending especially in what we are paying ourselves. My husband and I have a three children and a strict budget. We pay ourselves out of this budget however when things go wrong r circumstances change for instance medical bills, repairs or bills increase we have to tailor the amount of money we pay ourselves to ensure our necessities are met. You state at the time you served a number of resident’s names still familiar to the area attended meetings on a regular basis. I am not concerned with people’s last names or the family they come from but from reading the minutes I can see you are correct.
+1 #2 Kara Vander Bloomen 2014-03-24 12:53
1 of 5
I would like to thank you for your service and also instilling this in your children. It obviously worked as I have been made aware that your daughter is the current clerk /treasurer for the town of Lincoln. I also was raised to be involved as my grandfather serves on the county board and his town board for over 40 years. He himself taught my father and me to stand up for what we believe and most importantly do not complain without offering solutions and ideas. The letter from 1969 that you have referenced from the late Herman Smith stated he believed more young people needed to stand up and be involved in town and county government, and school affairs has me in complete agreement and I am glad you shared it. I am however wondering then why you would see my passion to serve and my willingness to do so without compensation to be suspect. I can tell you that I feel this type of service and the positive outcomes and changes that can be made is pay enough for me.
+6 #1 Frank Gabl 2014-03-19 09:07

You can't be serious. Kara pledging to serve the public in a selfless manner by donating her pay back to the town to improve the services she feels are deficient is suspect intentions?

Perhaps you should use this space to elaborate and refute the "false information" you believe Kara has spread on Facebook, which in turn will allow her to substantiate her claims.

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