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Candidate fueling anger with inaccuracies PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor:

To the town of Lincoln voters and taxpayers:

Ms. Kara Vander Bloomen is on the April 1 ballot for the town of Lincoln supervisor position being vacated by Leon Kukanich. I urge you to direct your vote elsewhere.

So far, Ms. Vander Bloomen has insulted every person on the town board, including the secretary/treasurer. She sees what she wants to see, but doesn’t look past the numbers. She has posted on her Facebook page, but has deleted any negative comments.

The pay grade for our supervisors and chairman is reflected in the population of the town. Do not compare us to the other towns around Eagle River. You are not comparing apples to apples. Do our supervisors make too much money? Maybe. I can deal with that.

For all those “appalled” at their paychecks, where have you been for the last 15 years? Gone to any meetings? Checked out the budget? They are within the high/low averages in the Wisconsin Towns Salary Survey statistics found on the Wisconsin Towns website. (And that was 10 years ago!)

All of our town board members pay property taxes in the town. Does Ms. Vander Bloomen?

She has portrayed Shelly Sauvola, town clerk/treasurer, as a glorified tax collector. Shelly’s duties include so much more. She is worth her weight in gold! Unfair, Ms. Vander Bloomen!

If you cared to visit the town hall the rest of the year, you would also find the chairman there most days. He took a nine-week vacation to the south (four to five months — really?), but is always available by phone.

So the two meetings you attended lasted less than half an hour. What can I say? It’s a slow time of year.

The lights at the end of the Highway G and Highway 45 intersection have never been turned off. They belong to the state. Most of the lights that the town is in dispute about are on property that has been annexed into the city. And we should pay, why when we are losing property tax revenue?

Kevin Ludwig is paid by the town to do odd jobs, clean-up, sanding, etc. He owns and maintains all his own equipment. Next time there is a culvert to be unplugged, get your waders out.

Trees hanging over highlines and wires are not the town’s responsibilities. Loss of power due to storms is not the town’s problem. Call Wisconsin Public Service.

Plowing is not as simple as you think. Timing plows and snowstorms can be tricky. I know, I live with a plow guy. So there may have been a lapse in judgment once or twice. These guys are human, too. I?am not unhappy with the plowing this year, given the amount of snow we’ve had. We live in the North Woods! Roads in other towns are pretty much in the same shape.

Everyone is welcome at the meetings, however, there are few who ever come to complain — or give praise.

So, Ms. Vander Bloomen, you are fueling others’ anger with inaccuracies. Do you seriously think the other board members would even be willing to work with you? Think again.

Nancy Richter

Eagle River

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 12:50 PM


+8 #34 Denny Erardi 2014-03-25 13:20
It truly seems that asking questions of the town council results in hackles being raised and offense being taken. That's unfortunate. Any resident is entitled to ask questions about his/her elected representative and their actions relating to governance. Personally, I don't believe that the amount of money being paid to the council members approaches being out of line. However,if I'm a resident, I'm entitled to ask questions about the responsibilitie s attendant to those positions and equally entitled to ask questions about line items in the budget and the financial statements.

In a small community like Eagle River, people are accustomed to familiarity and a certain sense of belonging. Those who aren't a part of that group, either due to newness to the community or different perspectives are often made to feel unwelcome. That's also the nature of the beast. Props to those who aren't so sensitive as to be deterred by the questions or by the attitudes.
+1 #33 2014-03-25 07:33
My husband spends much more time on town business than the monthly board meetings. I know how hard he works and he is the most honest person I know. He truly cares about the town we live in and I like to think he earns his paycheck. Have I benefited from it? Of course. Am I defensive? You bet! I think they have done an outstanding job so far. Can things be improved? Undoubtedly. There is always room for improvement. Good luck to you, Kara. May the best "man" win. And that is NOT meant as sarcasm - just so we are clear.
-1 #32 2014-03-25 07:32
From your very first post on your Facebook page, your posts have gotten increasingly accusatory. You have picked apart and condemned the way the board has handled everything from what they get paid to the roads and everything in between. You didn’t expect anyone to get defensive? I have never made this a personal attack. You just made it personal with your comment about the funds flowing into my checking account. As usual, you misconstrued my words. This is what I said, "Do our supervisors make too much money? Maybe. I can deal with that." Meaning that these things are negotiable. For one thing, the town is audited every year and Supervisors are required to get paid. What they do with it afterwards is not my business, nor do I care. I am not your opponent in this election, nor is my husband. I was only responding to the inaccuracies in your Facebook posts, however I would also be interested to see Mr. Hassey respond to the issues you brought up.
-7 #31 Frank Gabl 2014-03-24 19:59
For the record:

To make the debate below understandable for those not specifically involved, post #28, which is my response to Denny’s post #19, should be read as though it was posted as #20 - “before” Kara’s multiple-post defense.

As luck would have it, in the hour or so that it took me to see Denny’s post and respond, Kara, as evidenced by the time stamps on here posts, just happened to be submitting her pre-written comments from a Word document or the like.

Therefore, not only did Kara’s posts and mine appear simultaneously at about 1:00, but hers appeared first.
+2 #30 Kara Vander Bloomen 2014-03-24 13:11
Frank please be patient I was having trouble posting and cannot do this while I am working as my employer prohibits these activities during work. I have also replied to Sharon and you will see these today I hope. Thank you for your prompts but I also wanted to read through all my facebook posts to make sure I was responding accurately. There was a lot to answer and I wanted to make sure I got it all. Thank you.
-4 #29 Frank Gabl 2014-03-24 12:58

Great job.

And thank you for confirming that my gut reaction to you in the first place was, indeed, correct.

Good luck in the election.
-8 #28 Frank Gabl 2014-03-24 11:46

Kara's "lengthy response" under Brian Uttech's letter (not this one under Nancy Richter) has absolutely nothing to do with the accusations leveled by Sharon Benda, "Candidate sends negative message," as well as this letter we are currently posting under by Nancy Richter, "Candidate fueling anger with inaccuracies."

However, the mere fact that Kara posted a response to even one of the three letters does rule out an excuse of not being aware, as a reason for not responding to my prompts in post 11 pertaining to the accusations in general.

Any reasonable person would conclude that Kara should have been more than eager to wage a defense of her publicly disparaged character -- if it were possible. And truth be told, I was attempting to afford her that opportunity.

Your coming to Kara's rescue, by extending the debate, buys HER one last chance to defend herself.

Let's see what she does with it this time.
-1 #27 Kara Vander Bloomen 2014-03-24 11:29
Part 8 of 8
In closing I would like to say I did not delete negative comments from Facebook. To be blunt, the only negative comments I have seen have been from you Nancy. However you posted those comments on a link I had shared with one of your friends and they still remain there. This is why your comments cannot be seen on my direct page. As for fueling anger the only angry comments and attacks have come from certain members of the board or people closely related to someone on the town board.
I can only speculate that my desire to change the status quo and ask challenging questions has everyone feeling threatened or is it because I won’t take the money and truly wish to serve? Finally I have one simple question and that is where my opponent in all of this is? Feeling lucky to have the boards support? Getting on his waders?
0 #26 Kara Vander Bloomen 2014-03-24 11:28
Part 7 of 8
Timing of plowing and human error should not be an issue as it states clearly on the Lincoln town website “The Town of Lincoln has a standing order for snow plowing to be done upon a snowfall of four inches. “However the Vilas County Highway Department advises that is not true they have to wait for a call from a Supervisor before they can plow or even lay down sand. So who is providing the misinformation here?
You asked if I thought the board members would be willing to even work with me and then stated “Think Again!” I guess I don’t understand where you are coming from with this comment. Are you speaking on behalf of the Lincoln Town Board or is this your individual opinion. My sincere hope is that if the majority of voters elect me to the position of Supervisor as their representative, the other town supervisors would honor that. I certainly don’t believe that we’ll always agree but great things can be accomplished with spirited deliberations.
+2 #25 Kara Vander Bloomen 2014-03-24 11:27
Part 6 of 8
You advised I should get out my waders because I questioned what the services are we pay Kevin Ludwig for? When I asked what services he performed and at what rates I was told miscellaneous. Moreover, the amount that was paid to him went from over $5000 one year to $12000 the next. It would seem logical that if he is contracted, why we don’t put that contract out for bid to see if we can get better rates for the services. However, that would be difficult to do when the town could only provide me a 10-99 and no itemization for how he is paid for each service. I imagine he is paid differently for setting up the town hall for election than he is for sanding the roads but that is an assumption on my part as documentation could not be provided. Highway right away is the responsibility of the town not WPS.

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