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Parent says Pines assignment provoked sex PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor:

I was taken back from a health assignment brought home by my son who goes to Northland Pines High School. The assignment titled “Am I Ready?” asks a series of questions that provoke and encourage sex.

It begins, “What are my morals and religious views about sex before marriage?” Followed by “How will I feel if I go against my beliefs?” I was surprised to see religious questions being asked re­garding sex. Where is the separation of church and state?

Another example, “Am I comfortable being naked with my partner and seeing my partner naked?” First of all, I am appalled. Are there actually parents who are going to sit down and ask their 15-year-old child how they feel about being naked with their partner? Let’s be reminded, these are minors, not married partners.

In addition, encouragement of such relationships could land a son such as mine in jail in a few years, should a parent decide his “casual sexual relationship” with his minor daughter is something he is going to call the police about. Will Northland Pines take responsibility for supporting and provoking behavior that could ruin my son’s life?

The questions go on to ask about: “What type of birth control will we use? Where will he buy it? Who will pay?” “Have we discussed our past sexual relationships and being tested for STDs?”

Lacking is any mention at all of abstinence. Wisconsin Statute 118.019 clearly states teaching: “Abstinence from sexual activity as the preferred choice of behavior for unmarried pupils.” Followed by “Emphasizes that abstinence from sexual activity before marriage is the only reliable way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.” As a parent, this would be my first approach and is clearly never suggested in this inappropriate waste of my tax dollars.

Wouldn’t mailing a questioner directly to parents be more sensible? As legal guardians, wouldn’t it be proper to give us first choice to discuss private and sensitive subjects with our children?

After realizing what was included in this assignment, I asked the school not to give him any more suggestions on his readiness for premarital sex. I stated that I do not want him being exposed to curriculum that invades our religious beliefs.

My husband and I do not feel Northland Pines School District is the proper source to be suggesting such behavior from our children. I send my son to school to learn about reading, writing, arithmetic and academics, period. I do not send my son to school to learn about how a “new world view” or a broken culture feels he should conduct himself in his personal life.

While many believe parents are not teaching their kids about these issues, I believe the majority of parents and children would appreciate their personal lives being left alone. Schools should spend their time focusing on getting kids prepared for their future careers. Teachers are not sexual behavioral experts or trained to be life coaches.

Juliana Martin

Eagle River

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 11:29 AM


-11 #101 Frank Gabl 2014-05-02 08:28

1) Labeling my irrefutable rebuttals to your inaccurate statements in post 95 as “silly” is actually the definition of silly and simply shows frustration on your part.

2) Brining up the “racial slur,” yet again, reinforces this frustration.

3) Stating that, “I hope everyone reads your post # 87 where you definatly said you know im resposible for removing 14 posts,” only reinforces my rebuttal in post 98 when I stated, “I did not accuse you of "remov(ing) 14 posts" as you stated.”

Because, what I initially stated in post 87, “I know that you were involved in not only impersonating me for the express purpose of defamation, but also the deletion of 14 posts to date,” does not claim that you were the individual who removed the posts. The definition of “involved” has many meanings from “having a part in something” to “included in something.”

Cont. below:
-11 #100 Frank Gabl 2014-05-02 08:26

And merely employing circumstantial evidence at this point, shows at the very least, that you were “included in something”:

* 8 out of the 14 posts deleted were from Mike Sorenson

* 2 from Jim Faber in which you admitted to posting a comment under one time

* 2 impersonations of Frank Gabl

* 1 from Jim Soren who you offered an invitation to me to meet

* 1 from John Graber

Frank Gabl
+9 #99 2014-05-01 15:07
Frank , this is also my last post to all your silly remarks. But you said you did not accuse me of removing 14 posts. I hope everyone reads your post # 87 where you definatly said you know im resposible for removing 14 posts.( I also made a copy). And you accuse me of Fraud what a joke.
I spelled your name frank instead of Frank and that makes me wrong. YOU said I called you a
racial slur! Gee which is worse. Im glad you said your capable of making a big mistake.Looks like you got caught in your own accusations.
-12 #98 Frank Gabl 2014-05-01 14:27

Do what you want, however, I will set the record straight on a few things so others are not misled by your inaccurate comments.

1) I did not accuse you of "remov(ing) 14 posts" as you stated.

2) I did not accuse you of "using the N-word." I was making a comparison to "me using the N-word" as clearly stated in post 80.

3) I cleared up the "racial slur" mistake long ago as explained in post 52. You can keep going to that well all you want but it is dry.

4) I never asked for an apology for your use of the gay sexual slur, "teabag," therefore an apology is irrelevant to any of this since it never was the issue.

5) And about you "impersonating Jim Faber," It is impossible for your comments to appear under a "Jim Faber" (that you long ago admitted to in a post by Mike Sorenson) without you being the person to type in his name.

Frank Gabl
-11 #97 Frank Gabl 2014-04-30 10:01
To posts 94 and 95 which have no name on my screen:

Other than what is expressly stated in posts 84-88, I cannot comment on an ongoing investigation.

Frank Gabl

P.S. This has nothing to do with Mike's bigotry and no one ever stated definitively that a "Jim Faber" does not exist. A simple White Pages search will produce several in Wisconsin alone.

And the "real topic" was about questionable sex education at Northland Pines, of which, I have been the most vocal as compared to Mike in his initial post 28 which had nothing whatsoever to do with the "real topic," or did his collection of supporters.
+10 #96 2014-04-30 07:57
Frank , How is it even possible for me to somehow remove 14 posts as you ACCUSED me in post 87. I would think only Vcn could do that. Also you accused me of using the N word. You accused me of calling you a racial slur which you admitted was not true later. I apoligized for using the word teabag. You also threatened me with legal action. YOU have made many false statements about me and I also shall file a complaint that i can prove. Its bad enough that you refer to many of us as communists when we dont agree with you! I already spoke with Jim Faber from Lac du flambeau who you also accused me of impersonating and he will also help me.
+8 #95 2014-04-29 14:56
Frank, What proof do you have that Mike was able to have several posts deleted as you accused him in your post # 87.
+9 #94 2014-04-29 14:35
Mike apoligized for calling you a tea bag. I think we should all talk about the real topic. P.s. Jim Faber exists. He has a seasonal home by White sand lake and comments on mainly spearing issues.
-10 #93 Frank Gabl 2014-04-29 12:33

Nothing whatsoever has changed from what I stated in post 91 - since what you just said is irrelevant to my offer.

In addition, I am nearly 61 and even the thought of sticking my tongue out at someone has not existed in my mind for about a half century.

So please don't lump me in with your brand of behavior.

Frank Gabl
+12 #92 2014-04-29 10:58
Frank and all vcn readers. I will give you all a break. I am sorry if i hurt anyones feelings by calling teaparty teabags i guess that could be taken differant ways. I will check with vcn to see who had posts removed. Frank you made mistakes also but i dont expect you to admit to them. The readers know you better than i. I refuse to continue to argue like little kids with you. That is what i hate about our government right now, and i blame much of it on the TEAPARTY. Anyway peace to all even you
Frank.I have to get ready for fishing season! Thanks Jeff for making me see light.

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