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Solo and Ensemble results announced PDF Print E-mail

Music students from Three Lakes School District recently performed at the Northern Lakes Conference Solo and Ensemble Festival in White Lake.

High school students who earned a Class A Starred First rating have qualified for the State Solo and Ensemble Festival.

Here are the results for Three Lakes High School students:


Class A Starred First

Instrumental: Karlie Stefonik, alto sax solo; Lindsay Schoff, trombone solo; Rachel Kane, snare drum solo; Brendan Stoehr, snare drum solo; Bella Devereaux and Karlie Stefonik, alto sax duet; Jacob Ribbe and Lindsay Schoff, trumpet and trombone duet; Gavin Maney and Brooke Stefonik, trumpet duet; and Karlie Stefonik, Bella Devereaux and Amara George, saxophone trio.

Vocal: Bella Devereaux, soprano solo and musical theater solo; Natalie Miller, alto solo; Anya Fairchild, alto solo and musical theater solo; Maddie Draeger, baritone solo; Bella Devereaux and Natalie Miller, duet; Anya Fairchild and Kinsey Queen, duet; and Bella Devereaux, Anya Fairchild, Natalie Miller, Kinsey Queen, Morgan Wobschall and Cassie Walkowski, double trio.


Class A

First place: Emma Fath, soprano solo; Kylie Gorney, piano solo; and Anya Fairchild and Kylie Gorney, piano duet.

Second place: Bella Devereaux, alto sax solo; and Anna Kroll, alto solo.


Class B

First place: Will Starke, trombone solo; Anna Kroll, trombone solo; Eva Senter, trumpet solo; and Makenna Kalata and Riley Weisenburger, vocal duet.

Second place: Ben Metzger, tenor sax solo; and Emma Fath and Anna Kroll, vocal duet.

Here are the results for Three Lakes Junior High School students:


Class A Starred First

Vocal: Savannah Edwards, soprano solo; Lucy Kaufman, alto solo; Romi Remick, soprano solo; and Marilyn Servent, soprano solo.

Instrumental: Eli Ribbe, piano solo.


Class A

First place (choir): Wolfgang Weinfurter, vocal solo; and Romi Remick and Charley Devereaux, duet.

Second place: Jessica Tillman, soprano solo; and Grace Klesczewski, piano solo.


Class B

First place (instrumental): Kelvin Pitlik, alto sax solo; Eli Ribbe, trombone solo; Marilyn Servent, euphonium solo; Cara Swendson and Cassidy Crump, sax duet; Haley Ledbetter and Marilyn Servent, trumpet and trombone duet; and Kelvin Pitlik and Eli Ribbe, miscellaneous ensemble.

First place (vocal):  Char­ley Devereaux, alto solo; Emily Schmitt, soprano solo; Ayla Fairchild, alto solo; Kelvin Pitlik, baritone solo; Hadley Miles, alto solo; Romi Remick and Kelvin Pitlik, duet; Marilyn Servent and Jessica Tillman, duet; Savannah Edwards, Romi Remick, Kayla Crump, Marilyn Servent, Lucy Kaufman, Grace Klesczewski, Charley Devereaux, Cara Swendson, Jessica Tillman, Cassidy Crump, Kelvin Pitlik, Alex Metzger and Sam Welhoefer, eighth-grade special ensemble; and Ayla Fairchild, Cheyanne Warren, Gracie Rehberg, Tiffiny Ruffie, Emily Schmitt, Hadley Miles, Grace Menut, Zoe Bruso and Kate Fath, seventh-grade triple trio.

Second place:  Tiffiny Ruffie, soprano solo; and Cheyanne Warren, alto solo.

Third place: Alex Metzger, vocal solo; and Cara Swendson, soprano solo.


Class C

First place (band): Jessica Tillman, trumpet solo; Ethan Snyder, tuba solo; Charley Devereaux, clarinet solo; and Jackson Ledbetter, alto sax solo.

First place (vocal): Sam Welhoefer, Cassidy Crump, Lucy Kaufman and Grace Klesczewski, double duet.

Second place (band): Alex Metzger, trumpet solo; Cheyanne Warren, flute solo; and Jared Zwettler, tenor sax solo.

Second place (vocal):  Kyl­ie Domnick and Kendyl Garcia, vocal duet; Tiffiny Ruffie and Emily Schmitt, duet; Ayla Fairchild, Gracie Rehberg, Cheyanne Warren and Hadley Miles, double duet.

Performing March 7 for comments only  were Sugar Camp sixth-graders Trey Slizewski, alto solo; Cynthia Beavers, alto solo; Cynthia Beavers, McKenzie Frankenberg, Brianna Retzlaff and Trey Slizewski, double duet; and Trey Slizewski, Brianna Retzlaff, McKenzie Frankenberg, Cynthia Beavers, Zandell Davis, Ethan Spears, Clark Mouw, Drake Martin and Carter Pitlik, triple trio.

Three Lakes sixth-graders who also performed for comments only were Evan Senter, alto solo; Kristina Kaufman, soprano solo; Samuel Roberts, alto solo; Isabelle Thomaschefsky, alto solo; Jocelyn Bellemare, alto solo; Elizabeth Vold, alto solo; Hannah Clough, Kourtnie Volk, Lily Medeiros-Harris and Grace Ribbe, double duet; and Nyah Millis, Christina Kubiak, Elizabeth Vold and Alexis Congleton, double duet.

Students who qualified for the State Solo and Ensemble Festival will perform Saturday, May 3, at UW-Stevens Point.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 1:31 PM

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