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Secular humanism misused in schools PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

Wikipedia defines “secular humanism” as a viewpoint that has an ideology. Be it religious or political, it must be thoroughly examined by each individual and not simply accepted. The essential part of secular humanism is a continued search for truth.

Unfortunately, that noble cause has been hijacked by people with a different agenda. The professors that teach our teachers, for the most part, are in agreement with Agenda 21 and subscribe to a belief of one world government.

Teaching from that perspective, today’s teachers and administrators are carrying the water of the United Nations. Without knowing it, and not abiding by the principle of thorough examination to find the truth, but rather blind acceptance because that is what they were taught by their professors.

Who do we blame? Well we blame ourselves. We don’t vet out school board members enough. They are responsible for implementing policy and hiring the right people. We need a school board tough enough to fire as well as hire.

The school board has no business in day-to-day operations in the school. Its main business is to make sure the administration follows the school board’s wishes, which reflect the general population of the district.

Al Bybee

Land O’ Lakes

Tuesday, April 01, 2014 9:23 AM


-9 #2 Frank Gabl 2014-04-02 07:21
International Baccalaureate Schools – Secular Humanism:

Common Core money man Bill Gates and UNESCO agreement:

UN, Obama, and Gates Globalizing Education Via Common Core:

Cont. Below:
-10 #1 Frank Gabl 2014-04-02 07:18

1506 International Baccalaureate Schools in the United States: Most of which are taxpayer-funded inside existing public schools:®ion=&find_schools=Find

34 - IB Schools in Wisconsin – including Wausau East and 5 around Green Bay:

Connecting IB to Common Core:

We are so screwed.

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