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Lodge taking steps for safe pier system PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor:

Over the years, I have experienced numerous requests from our guests at Wild Eagle Lodge for the replacement and expansion of our pier system. With the current system, visitors often have no other option than launching and removing their boats each time they plan an excursion on the Chain of Lakes.

We have a total of 76 condos and currently have 40 dock spaces. Since they are here on vacation, they would prefer to spend their time enjoying fun or relaxing activities in the community, rather than launching and removing their boat several times a day. Additional dock space will create a better experience and vacation for all of our guests. A happy, satisfied guest not only benefits our resort, but generates revenue for many other local businesses as well.

The pristine beauty of the North Woods is vital to our community’s livelihood. We’ve taken great pains in our design to ensure that our project is sound both environmentally and with due consideration of our local community. We have created a design that will allow us to place dock slips so that we have the number we are allowed, but are using approximately the same square footage of actual dock/slips we have now. That means no increased disturbance of the flora and fauna, no additional shading, no additional disturbance to the shoreline and no increased boat traffic.

The new proposed pier system will not be a threat to public safety and will help significantly increase the enjoyment of the guests of Wild Eagle Lodge, especially people who enjoy boating and fishing.

In addition, we have  agreed to become educated on aquatic invasive species (AIS) identification, Eurasian water milfoil hand-removal techniques and educate condo occupants on AIS. We will also provide staffing, when available, to perform inspections of boats entering and leaving the boat ramp, and provide a cleaning station at the boat ramp with a pressure washer. We will also place signs at the boat ramp regarding procedures for preventing the spread of AIS.

We will also be installing tree drops to provide additional fish habitat. Jim Spring (town of Washington chairman and primary contact for the Eagle River Chain of Lakes Association) will be assisting us with acquiring trees for the tree drops and in placement of trees in the lake. Care will be taken to minimize disturbance of shoreline vegetation and lakebed sediments, fish movements and fish spawning, and egg incubation periods will be taken into account. DNR regulations will be followed for installation of the fish habitat structures.

The new proposed pier system will be no longer than our current pier system, will not increase boat traffic, will not harm or alter the shoreline and will not affect fish habitat. We simply want additional dock space for our guests’ boats.

There will be a public hearing Wednesday, April 23, at 1 p.m. at the Lincoln Town Hall. We encourage the public to come and hear the details of our pier project and see the steps we are taking to ensure public safety and management of the shoreline.

Tammy Schmidt

Resort Manager

Wild Eagle Lodge

Eagle River

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 9:35 AM


+8 #5 Denny Erardi 2014-04-28 13:37
In all of the comments, both on this thread and others, in all the emails which I have received, there has been NO support for this project from residents. The only exception to that would be the people who own condos at Wild Eagle Lodge, who work there or who manage the resort. Understandable.

Wisconsin statutes provide that Wild Eagle Lodge is entitled to piers - no one is disputing that, and no one is attempting to prohibit them from having boat slips. They have 40 slips and 6 piers right now. They had those when the present owners purchased the property, and that's what was there when the individual owners purchased their condos. No one has been mislead, no one had a reasonable expectation of having a private boat slip.

What the residents of the Chain and recreational users of the chain have a right to expect are waterways which are free from manmade navigational hazards and structures which are detrimental to the public interest. That's the law.
+9 #4 2014-04-26 08:28
That is a very dangerous area to navigate in summer. We have had several close calls with our pontoon. More traffic here will cause someone to get hurt.
+8 #3 2014-04-25 11:25
I don't see how it could be accurate at all. Anyone who plies the water of the chain knows this area and knows how congested it already is.

Denny, since you were at the most recent hearing, did you find anything out about dredging their lawn?
+11 #2 Denny Erardi 2014-04-25 11:02
It's a self serving letter to the editor, isn't factually accurate, and is misleading.

The proposal was submitted post Labor Day and they'd like approval before Memorial Day. 70% of the two lakes' residents are out of town during that period of time. Coincidence?
+11 #1 2014-04-24 09:33
While I am no expert on the pressure that large developments place on lake habitat, and have an experiential mistrust of the DNR, this letter raises two questions for me. First, how could more boat slips NOT increase boat traffic? And second, how can a 76 unit building NOT increase the population on the lakes? Wasn't this clear when the site was developed? Wasn't the number of allowable slips determined at that time? Look at the number of slips permitted at the new Northernaire - aren't there only 12 or so for 40 or so units?

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