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Mayor says city following advice of attorneys PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

If only I?had known that the Eagle River City Council does not have to spend money on an attorney for legal advice. No, we could just go to the editorial board of the Vilas County News-Review.

That’s right, they now offer legal opinions. In fact, they will take any complicated legal issue, condense it into a “nutshell,” you swallow it with a large glass of water, (pay no attention to the choking) and everything is OK. See, no need to be “paranoid.”

What am I?talking about?

Well, it seems from last week’s opinion, the editorial board feels the advice of two separate municipal attorneys concerning the library should simply be discarded. (Of course, nothing could possibly go wrong with that.) These attorneys, on advising the city and the other advising the library board of trustees, are basing their advice on specifics of a complex library project and they are hired to protect the interests of the city and library respectively.

The editorial board would like the city council and the library board of trustees to ignore this legal advice and hand the project to a local firm without any negotiation or review of qualifications.

Furthermore, the editorial board said the council should “back its library board.” Since the library board voted unanimously to purse Request for Proposals (RFPs) for  professional services, it is the editorial board that should back the library board — the city council and library board are already in agreement with how to proceed.

Bids associated with RFPs for professional services are not the same as a bid for public construction. RFPs are an opportunity for firms to demonstrate their qualifications, describe what services they offer, provide references and show they can do it at a competitive rate. Any firm would be allowed to compete. Selecting the low bidder is not a prerequisite. In fact, the most qualified firm will submit a contract that the library board and common council will need to negotiate to ensure that our interests are best protected with the lowest possible cost. Why not use due diligence and make sure both donors and taxpayers are protected? Why would anyone be adverse to that?

I am disappointed with the editorial board for not at least discussing with me the position of the city in seeking this project move forward. They did not give me the opportunity to explain the role of the foundation to raise the money, the role of the library board to construct the library and the role of the city as owner of the land and building.

Charles Spurgeon once said, “Discernment is not knowing the difference between right and wrong, it

is knowing the difference between right and almost right.”

It appears some have learned the lessons of the past, some haven’t. Twenty years ago the council ignored the advice of the city attorney and it led to city leaders being indicted with the city taxpayers holding the bill. To this day we continue to suffer from structural problems at city hall that could have been avoided. We should not let history repeat itself.

If you would like further information, the city will be posting additional documents on its website at

Mayor Jeff Hyslop

Eagle River

Tuesday, June 03, 2014 10:01 AM


-6 #64 Frank Gabl 2014-07-03 11:41

I find it precious how you talk directly to me while appearing to talk to others, so as not to break your childish refusal months ago not to debate me any longer.

I also find it telling how you've reduced yourself lately to engaging in subtle character assassination against me, while attempting to sell yourself as as angel who's above the fray.

I also find it scary, that apparently, you cavalierly consider the purposeful taking of innocent life as just one of the many "grey" areas in this culture.

I've claimed that you are, in fact, intolerant and hypocritical when it comes to your trivialization of 10,000-15,000 late term aborted babies as just "a small number" considering your sympathy for the child victims of Sandy Hook.

Perhaps, it is you, not me, who lives on the "fringe" of thought.
-6 #63 Frank Gabl 2014-07-03 10:17

A “pro-life” position allows for three exceptions: literal life of the mother, rape and incest.

Your question employed as a statement, “Frank are you against all abortions even if mothers life is in danger or rape and incest?” - is inaccurate since I clearly stated in a previous post that I am for preserving the life of the mother if it must come down to saving only one.

My position is the essence of what it means to be “pro-life.” A child conceived as a result of rape or incest is still an innocent child who does not deserve to die due to the despicable actions of others, since the baby can be adopted afterwards.

However, your position which adds rape and incest to the mix is still unanimously considered “pro-life” as well as “conservative, or, without question, not “pro-choice/pro-abortion.”

You cannot remove one of the pillars of liberalism (abortion) without having your argument cave in on you.
+5 #62 2014-07-02 14:57
Frank, Like I said Your wrong this time. I believe thier are instances where abortion is a choice a woman can make. Frank are you against all abortions even if mothers life is in danger or rape and incest? Because if you are for abortions in some case then how can you be a conservative. Or would you rather see a mother die in some rare cases or have a young girl raise a baby from a terrible rape she just endured? Just wondering since your telling me what I must be. GEEZ
+12 #61 Denny Erardi 2014-07-02 11:51
Unless you're willing to play the zero sum game, unless you are willing to say everything is black and white, unless you are willing to concede that the only way to a convicted sentiment or ideology is to abdicate any and all compromise, you're up against a brick wall. The vast majority of readers of this forum/blog/thread, whether they agree with your principles or not, understand what you are saying, and are likely appreciative of the concessions to reality that you make. The vast majority of people who read the editorial page do not comment on it here. Most people appreciate, understand, and concede that the areas of grey far outweigh the black and the white, even as pertains to the most emotional and controversial issues.
The loudest voice oftentimes is neither the voice of reason nor the voice of the majority. It's often the voice of the fringe.
-5 #60 Frank Gabl 2014-07-02 11:06

I can't be wrong on this issue unless you want to change what you wrote in post 37, in which you stated: "I am personally against abortion except in a few situations (rape, serious health risk to mother) I am definatly against late term abortion."

So unless you want to add whatever it takes for your position to be indeed considered "pro-choice," the position you have previously claimed is "pro-life" as well as conservative.

And, unquestionably, a pro-life individual like you, cannot be liberal, nor should be left unchallenged on such a life or death issue.
+5 #59 2014-07-02 08:34
Frank , As I said before I can be a liberal and although I am against abortion in most cases, I do believe in abortion in some cases.
+2 #58 2014-07-01 16:28
Frank , Your wrong this time
-7 #57 Frank Gabl 2014-07-01 12:44

This debate of ours all comes down to logic and reality.

And here are two logical realities - that even though you can deny them - you cannot disprove them.

A pro-choice individual cannot be a conservative.

A pro-life individual cannot be a liberal.

Embrace logic and reality or remain in a state of denial.

It's your choice.
+11 #56 2014-07-01 09:56
Frank, We are both Americans and have our own opinions which makes this country great. I have nothing against your opinions. I just wish our leaders could work together even if both sides need to give a little to make this country even better. Sorry if I said anything stuipd, as I make my share of mistakes! Happy 4th of July to All !
+10 #55 2014-07-01 09:40
Sorry Frank but it is possible to be against abortion in the majority of cases and also be liberal. I dont have to agree with every viewpoint on liberal side. And it is so obvious you on the other hand believe everything the tea party says. I can make my own mind up on issues unlike you who never would agree with anything on opposite side. Reminds me of congress and how tea party has tied hands of republican party. God bless America.

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