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The real estate transactions listed below are being published at the request of many of our readers. The information is public record and reflects an index of each week’s transactions.

Property transactions exceeding $10,000 recorded at the Vilas County Courthouse the past week and the transfer fee:


May 19, 2014

Mary Jo Schnur to John W. Koll, prt SW NE in 29-42-10, gov lot 3, prt SE NW in 29-42-10, $225

Denise M. Skiba and husband to Denise M. Skiba et al, Karen A. Rafalski et al, Anette T. Watson et al, Joseph M. Cvikel III et al and Jodie M. Dziuba et al, prt SE NW in 24-41-9, gov lot 2, $300

Wolff Living Trust et al, Mary L. Yeagley

and husband et al, Fred A. Wenszell et al and Suzanne M. Wenszell-Wendt et al to Todd J. Boyd, prt SE NW in 28-40-7, gov lot 4, $652.50


D & L Van Skyhawk Revocable Trust to Gregory S. Maines and wife, prt NE NE in 26-40-6, gov lot 1, $525

Bradley J. Schillinger to Ryan M. Krueger et al and Kristina M. Schmitz et al, prt SW?NW in 14-40-6, $90

Pers. Rep. James R. Kitzerow and Estate of Helen E. Lahti to Ashley Martin, lots 3 and 4 of block 2 of plat 404 in Lake Park Addn., $269.70

Wanda L. Polinski to David C. Harris and wife, lots 43 and 44 of plat 43 in Capich Park Subd., $354

May 20, 2014

Martin Ozinga III to Wintergreen Realty LLC, prt SE SW in 24-40-5, gov lot 4, prt SE SE in 23-40-5, gov lot 2, $675

Kenneth J. Ozinga to Wintergreen Realty LLC, prt SE SW in 24-40-5, gov lot 4, prt SE SE in 23-40-5, gov lot 2, $675

Beverly M. Ozinga to Wintergreen Realty LLC, prt SE SW in 24-40-5, gov lot 4, prt SE SE in 23-40-5, gov lot 2, $675

Jacqueline D. Schneck to Joanne S. Walczak, prt NE NW in 10-39-10, gov lot 1, $33.60

Jacqueline D. Schneck to Kevin V. Walczak, prt NE NW in 10-39-10, gov lot 1, $33.60

May 21, 2014

Daniel J. Donoghue 1998 Trust et al to Thomas C. Giesen and wife, prt NE SE in 4-42-5, $1,050

Dale A. Gilbertson and wife and Nina M. Locicero and husband to Patricia Dament, lot 1 of plat 361 in Vilas Village, prt SE NW in 35-40-6, $498

May 22, 2014

Gene L. Sarnowski to Gene L. Sarnowski et al, prt NE SW in 32-40-11, $213

May 23, 2014

Dollar Lake Estates Management Co. and Chanticleer Inn Inc. to Cleerwood Village Inc., prt NW SW in 25-40-10, gov lot 5, $1,320

William J. Trost Living Trust to H&T Tree Farms LLC, prt NW NE in 26-43-7, gov lot 1, prt SW NE, prt NE SW, prt NW SE, prt SW SE, prt NE NE, prt SE NW in 26-43-7, $408

Mary E. Linder to Daniel R. Slone and wife, lot 16 of plat 279 in Ruffwood Estates, $360

Barry W. Benecke to Greg A. Posielenzny and wife, prt SE SE in 32-40-8, $270

James Arthur Furzland to David M. Brucker and wife, prt NW NW in 24-40-10, gov lot 4, $807

Pers. Rep. Lynda A. Horn et al, Pers. Rep. Diana F. Miller et al, Estate of George J. Stevens and Estate of George F. Stevens Jr. to Lynda A. Horn et al, prt SW NE, prt SE NE in 21-42-9, prt SE NW in 22-42-9, $450

Edward Mayack to Jessica M. Baril and husband, lots 58 and 59 of plat 43 in Capich Park Subd., $285

Gerald G. Lyon Jr. to Stacey J. Lyon, prt SW SW in 22-41-10, $57.90

May 27, 2014

Kenneth G. Lang and wife to Trevor A. Weber, prt SE NE in 31-40-10, gov lot 10, $654

Jeffrey M. Bruss to Peter J. Baltus, lot 6 of block 9 of plat 408 in Original Plat of Eagle River, $96

Lynne A. Ristow to Michael E. Pliska and wife, prt SE SE in 10-42-5, $390

Richard W. Gillett and wife to A. Spears Revocable Trust of 2008, prt SE SW in 4-41-8, gov lot 6, prt NE NW in 9-41-8, $5,100

BMO Harris Bank to James D. Chapman, prt SE SW in 33-41-9, $180.30

Gerald V. Courtney and wife to Steven R. Swanson and wife, prt SE SE in 26-40-6, gov lot 6, $504

Craig D. Gates to Frederick R. Besasie and wife et al, prt NE SW, prt SE SW in 1-41-11, $294

Thomas G. Sorenson and wife to Peter E. Stelmacher and wife, prt NW NE, prt SW NE in 6-40-8, $509.70

May 28, 2014

James L. Monti and wife to James H. Sperling, prt SE SE, prt SW SE in 7-40-7, $567

M.E. & F.J. Rockafellow Trust to Air Enterprises LLC, prt SW SW in 21-40-10, $135

Thomas H. Lange and wife et al, Mary S. Kraemer and husband et al, Nancy L. Ball and husband, et al, Tptully LLC et al to Joan M. Mutter, lot 29 of plat 99 in Forest Downs Div. #3, $417

Associated Bank to Scott Whitney et al, lot 12 of 366 in Warrior Woods, $165

Bank of New York Mellon Trustee and Green Tree Servicing LLC POA to Marcus L. Boren, prt SE SW in 35-40-6, $127.50

May 29, 2014

Sieren Builders LLC to Brad P. Sterner and wife, prt SE SW in 29-40-11, gov lot 2, lots 1 and 2 of plat 104 in Forest Point, $750

Michael Hauser Trustee and Mohelnitzky Family Trust 2/1/11 to Stanley J. Smith, prt NE NE in 35-42-12, gov lot 1, prt NW NE in 35-42-12, prt SW NE in 35-42-12, gov lot 4, $1,833

PHH Mortgage Corporation to USA-DVA, prt NE SE in 33-44-6, $428.70

SGS to Melissa Harma et al and Harmel Services Inc. et al, lot 5 of plat 417 in Village Court Condo, $135

James R. Wenninger and wife to Michael A. Zauner and wife,prt SE NE in 36-40-8, gov lot 3, prt SW NE in 36-40-8, prt NW NE in 36-40-8, gov lot 2, $786

Johnson Living Trust 6/21/02 to Duke Holdings LLC, lots 4, 9 and 10 of block 1 of plat 418 in Boulder Junction Assessor’s Plat, $2,622

Kathryn A. Drew Trustee et al, Christine Pistotonik Trustee et al and Froelich Family Revocable Trust to Christine F. Pistotnik et al and D & K Drew Revocable Trust et al, prt NE NW in 9-40-8, $225

May 30, 2014

Renée A. Duda to Adam M. Linneman, lot 6 of plat 296 in Sherwood Estates, $180

Rebecca Vukovich to Mark D. Willson and wife, prt NE NE in 22-42-5, gov lot 1, $1,470

Dean E. Crass and wife to Jack R. Reed, prt SW SW in 6-41-10, $105

David Greenberg to Dean R. Schwertfeger, prt NE NE in 35-40-6, prt SE SE in 26-40-6, gov lot 6, $45

Paul D. Heck and wife to Dan W. Zierk and wife, prt SW SE in 7-42-10, gov lot 3, prt NW NE in 18-42-10, gov lot 1, $972

June 2, 2014

W. & C. Zastrow Revocable Trust to P. Breeland Revocable Dec. of Trust, prt NE SE in 7-40-6, gov lot 6, $780

Brian L. Elliott and wife to Matthew Harms and wife, prt NE SW in 19-40-8, gov lot 4, prt NW SW in 19-40-8, $1,068

Kurt J. Krueger and wife to Kevin D. O’Shasky and wife, prt NW SE in 14-40-9, prt SW SE in 14-40-9, gov lot 4, $322.50

First National Bank of Eagle River to Cliff P. Kolinsky, prt NE NE in 21-41-10, $282

May-Pagel Revocable Trust, Paul S. Pagel Trustee et al and Judith A. May Trustee et al to Jeffrey J. Evenson and wife, prt NW SE in 3-43-7, gov lot 3, prt NE SE in 3-43-7, gov lot 4, $420

Joyce M. Hendrickson to Terry L. Peck and wife, prt SW SE in 32-44-6, $675

Tuesday, June 03, 2014 10:14 AM
Last Updated on Tuesday, June 03, 2014 10:15 AM

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