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Input sought from public for Pines’ health classes PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor:

In March, the Vilas County News-Review published a survey that had been distributed to students in health class at Northland Pines, asking teens to discuss with their parents the child’s feelings about engaging in risky sexual behavior. Many adults had concerns about some questions.

In April, the Northwoods Patriots hosted Julaine Appling of the Wisconsin Family Council to explain the Wisconsin state statute regarding the human growth and development (HGD) curriculum. Since 2012, all K-12 schools in Wisconsin are bound by State Statute 118.019.

The statute specifically identifies seven instructional topics that include abstinence as the only reliable way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases; medically accurate information about human papilloma virus, HIV and AIDS; pregnancy, prenatal development and childbirth; parental responsibility and the socio-economic benefits of marriage; abstinence as the preferred choice of behavior for nonmarried students; criminal penalties for engaging in sexual activity involving a child; and sex offender registration requirements.

The statute requires the school board on an annual basis to provide parents of each pupil enrolled in the school district with an outline of the HGD curriculum used in the pupil’s grade level and information regarding how the parent may inspect the complete curriculum and instructional materials. In addition, the curriculum and instructional materials must be made available for inspection at any time upon request.

Students can be exempted from HGD instruction if the student’s parent files a written request with the teacher or school principal.

In addition, this statute requires that any school district that offers an HGD curriculum must appoint an advisory committee composed of parents, teachers, school administrators, pupils, health-care professionals, members of the clergy and other residents of the school district to advise the school board on the design and implementation of the curriculum.

The first meeting for the Northland Pines committee is scheduled for June 24 and I will be on that committee, participating as a local resident, and would like to be your voice for the entire committee.

Please contact me if you have concerns about what had been taught at Northland Pines this past year. In addition, please send me your suggestions for future health classes at Northland Pines. My address and phone number are in the telephone book.

Shirley Kufeldt


Tuesday, June 10, 2014 11:07 AM


-5 #18 2014-06-27 13:25

Don't forget that the leader of ISIS was released from an Iraqi prison by the obama administration.
-2 #17 Frank Gabl 2014-06-27 13:05

Just saying whatever it takes to get you through another self-made mess will usually make the mess worse like when you accidentally endorsed voter photo ID.

This time you just stated how I am actually aligning with you - and not the other way around - because I stated, "This is not about abstinence only vs. comprehensive sex ed, but rather a MELDING OF BOTH PHILOSOPHIES per Wisconsin law."

HOWEVER, in post 10 you explicitly stated, "I DO NOT EVEN AGREE WITH THE LAW."

This begs the question: Do you ever stop trying to incriminate yourself?
+3 #16 2014-06-27 06:45
Frank, the one with the red herring moment in this was yourself when you brought up Obama. My points have all dealt with the law and the school implementing it. It's also good to see you and your group are aligning yourselves with me. " This issue is not about “abstinence only” sex ed vs. “comprehensive sex ed only.” Rather, it is a MELDING BOTH PHILOSOPHIES per Wisconsin law which is what the Northwoods Patriots Tea Party’s position with Pines is about."
-5 #15 Frank Gabl 2014-06-26 07:40

Once again, I see it is your “red herring” moment in this debate as well.

Shirley’s letter and all of my posts are about sex ed curriculum. However, in most of your posts you are determined to generate another side issue like usual.

This time it’s “incompetence of this school board and administration,
“incompetence of this school board and administration, ” “incompetence of this school board and administration.”

So I will repeat what I stated in post 11:

This issue is not about “abstinence only” sex ed vs. “comprehensive sex ed only.” Rather, it is a melding of both philosophies per Wisconsin law which is what the Northwoods Patriots Tea Party’s position with Pines is about.

Cont. below:
-3 #14 Frank Gabl 2014-06-26 07:38

Now onto who’s more ignorant – those who support Obama or those who support Walker:

So, do you have any idea whatsoever, just how utterly trivial what you just stated about Walker sounds?: “On the ignorance scale I can say the same about the morally bankrupt person sitting in the Madison who himself has been reprimanded for poor ethics.”



Cont. below:
-2 #13 Frank Gabl 2014-06-26 07:37

So, I'll see your “REPRIMAND” of a state governor and raise you 9 bone-fide SCANDALS of NATIONAL implications:

Obama Scandals and Counting:

1 – Fast and Furious

2 – Associated Press

3 – IRS

4 – NSA

5 – Benghazi

6 – ObamaCare

7 – VA

8 – Deserter Bergdahl swap for 5 top
Taliban terrorists

9 – IRS Deleted Emails

Who’s ignorant?
+2 #12 2014-06-25 14:55
On the ignorance scale I can say the same about the morally bankrupt person sitting in the Madison who has had more indictments, convictions in his administration than any other past WI politician and who himself has been reprimanded for poor ethics. I am not confused on anything. You took it upon yourself to bring competing philosophies on the sex ed part into it. The premise of my posts were about the incompetence of this school board and administration.
-4 #11 Frank Gabl 2014-06-25 07:29

On the “ignorance” scale, your support of a proven, morally bankrupt, compulsive liar occupying the sacred seat behind the Oval Office desk is the gold standard for lack of enlightenment, so spare us the hypocrisy.

And on the contrary, it is you not me who is “getting two separate issues confused.”

This issue is not about “abstinence only” sex ed vs. your brand of “comprehensive sex ed only.” Rather, it is a melding of both philosophies per Wisconsin law.

What could be fairer than that?

After all, I am sure an open-minded individual like you favors both evolution and creationism/intelligent design being taught in public schools for a well-balanced education, right?
+2 #10 2014-06-24 14:14
Frank, those that say "abstinence only sex ed should only be taught" are in fact ignorant because NONE of the studies or facts say they are correct. You are getting two separate issues confused. I do not even agree with the law, but it's a law none the less. My entire premise was that this school district through it's incompetent board and administrators didn't know the law and they should have.
-3 #9 Frank Gabl 2014-06-23 08:53

You are in "alignment" whether it pains you or not.

And you've even softened your bluster from the days when you were calling Juliana and Shirley "ignorant" which is hard to believe, yet true.

You stated: "Does the school need to follow the law? Yes. Do they need to present abstinence as the sure way to prevent pregnancy and STDs per the law? Yes. Does that mean they are not allowed to teach any type of comprehensive sex ed? Not from what I have read. So, follow the law and in addition teach kids what does work including comprehensive sex ed."

And you are correct.

In a nutshell any school district in Wisconsin can come up with whatever sex ed regimen they desire to fit their community's social needs as long as it is ultimately balanced with an
"abstinence only" philosophy as well.

First you admit you are in favor of voter photo ID for legal citizens, now this.

Next, an Obama rejection?

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