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Dog park would be nice for lonely canines here PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor:

I love my dog. And since moving to Wisconsin last November, I’ve noticed many of you love dogs too. I see them in cars at the grocery store and pictured in this paper. I talked to a man at Klondike Days who owns 21. (Holy vet bill.)

So, I expected to find lots of dog-friendly places here like the dog parks, Bow-Wow bakeries and Soapy Dog washes I was used to in North Carolina. But, when I’ve mentioned the idea of a dog park to any locals, they look at me as if I’ve just suggested trying to snag a deer with a fishing net, which I actually think might be possible in my yard.

So, tell me, why is the idea of a dog park in the area such a foreign concept? Are all Eagle River dogs introverts? Do Three Lakes hounds prefer to have quiet weekends at home? My Bear would love to meet your Butch, chase each other in circles, and share drool. He is an extrovert big time and he loves his newfound freedom via 4.85 acres, but he is lonely.

Picture with me the dog park that was erected by the Parks and Recreation Department in my former little town. Imagine a wide-open space fenced in nicely with split rails and wire, a double gate to deter escapees, a water source with kiddie pool, and nice wooden benches for the two-legged owners. Yes, of course I realize that for five months of the

year this space would be snow covered, but I’m sure there is a way to resolve that dilemma.

Today I was at the vet, picking up tick prevention medicine. Lately those are Bear’s only close companions and they have to go. A man brought in 12 puppies for their shots and I was tempted to find a buddy for my lonely lab. Fortunately, they were all spoken for. No dog park at this house. We’ll have to find it elsewhere.

Amy Sperry

Three Lakes

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 2:18 PM


0 #11 2012-06-10 13:29
It seems people are stuck in their ways & I am tempted to cancel my small wedding & future vacations to the north woods due to the very negative attitude people have toward adding a park for dogs. I feel very strongly toward animals, & their health & welfare & see no problem with adding a park somewhere-with so much 'green space' that dog owners seem to already use for their dogs to run, it shouldn't be a problem to just add a fence & a sign right?;) Again good luck.
0 #10 2012-06-10 13:28
Does Vilas county not have county parks? I assumed they did b/c there are county and state parks all over WI, and Vilas being an incredibly beautiful county why would they not. There is a lot of 'green space' up north, however someone owns most the land, & at the state forests etc you can not just let your animal run freely. Amy I voted for Walker(thought I'd point that out since the recall got brought into this), & I applaud your love for your animal. Dog parks r a GREAT PLACE TO MEET PEOPLE WITH OTHER DOGS gasp!! Other people w/ a tremendous love for their animals & understand their need to just run & play with many other dogs.
0 #9 2012-06-10 13:14
We vacation every year in Eagle River. I agree there should be a dog park in Vilas County SOMEWHERE. It does not matter where you live in the state your dog should be able to socialize w/ other dogs safely. Socialization is the point of dog parks not just for them to run freely. Your pet is not a free animal anyhow if running w/o a lead he/she apparently listens well & is under your control correct? Obviously not having a dog park in Vilas county has left some people rather ignorant of this fact. Maybe one day there'll be a place for your pet to make friends. Until then I hope you make lots of friends with other dogs that will run in the yards w/o tempting their limits and running in the road. Our dog parks are in the county parks, so I don't understand the problem of adding a space for them there as well. However, I'm sure there will be insults of us "suburban/city people" again. Though I don't live in the city & am in the southern part of WI. How rude. Good luck Amy!
-1 #8 2012-05-05 21:05
Well as a close minded "lifer" I would most likely not attend a dog park. This is just my opinion, like many of you who expressed your opinion. My dog has the whole of Vilas County as a dog park(depending on where we are). My dog is neither on a chain or behind a fence. Seems silly to me to take an animal that is free and let it loose in a fence. Would probably attract city people, don't forget to bring a carpet square for your precious canine to relieve itself.
+4 #7 2012-04-27 12:28
Cute letter - very well written. But dog parks are generally found in urban areas w/ little green space. Oneida/Vilas counties are the definition of green space. In rural areas such as this, you learn to make your own fun. We live in Minneapolis - dog parks. Summer in Three Lakes? The yard.
+8 #6 2012-04-19 19:17
Ouch, I think Alana just insulted
"lifers", hunters and dog owners.
-3 #5 2012-04-19 13:44
Amy, Please do not assume all of us up here sound like Sue. Things in the northwoods are many years behind a lot of other areas and many "lifers" don't want change. Blame it on deeply-buried heads in the snow/sand. You have a well-written letter with valid points, and I believe a dog-park would go over well, however, probably not going to happen in your lifetime! Socializing dogs?? Really? That would mean either taking them off of their chain in the yard that they seem to live on or out of their kennels that they only get escape from when hunting season rolls around. Maybe connect with the new Canine Center in Eagle River. Dog lovers, like myself, who respect animals. 479-4900. Good luck! Welcome! Glad to see some open minds moving in!
-3 #4 2012-04-18 21:08
I used to live in the that area and I think a dog park is a nice idea. I do return often to visit. Life isn't all about "who should we elect next?" or "what's the deer population?" I think we should have more resources to enjoy our lives with our pets.
+1 #3 2012-04-18 13:32
Come on. If you haven't noticed, the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest is at your doorstep. What's wrong with taking Fido for a run there? If it's a fenced in area you want, then you'll have to create one of your own. Why keep a dog from being a dog? And I'll bet you have a place to give Fido a bath. Don't aren't living in a rich area. We seem to be able to do for ourselves instead of paying someone else to do it. Is this the right area for you?
+3 #2 2012-04-17 17:55
Why don't you buy land and open a dog park instead of asking us taxpayers to do it for you?

Just because we want things, doesn't mean we should expect others to buy them for us.

From what I have heard, the Three Lakes town board chairman Don Slidowski signed the recall petition of Governor Walker.

Since the Three Lakes Town Chairman signed the petition, I assume he wants your property taxes to go up to pay for state public service union employees lavish salary and benefit package, not a dog park.

You should call and ask him sometime why he values the state public unionized workforce over property taxpayers that he is suppose to represent.

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