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Byron McNutt

People Make the Difference

Byron McNutt can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or P.O. Box 1929, Eagle River, WI 54521.


What if a manicurist married a pedicurist?
By Byron McNutt

THE 2012 CALENDAR serves up a few irregularities. For one, it’s a Leap Year (Feb. 29); for two, there are three Friday the Thirteenths (January, April and July), the most that are possible in one year; and the Mayan/Aztec calendar warns that the world may end on Dec. 21.
To take our minds off of things we have no control over, here are some bits of wisdom passed down through the ages that may be of interest to you. There are also some thought-provoking capsules of wisdom sent to me by a colleague some 15 years ago. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 11:27 AM
Could cutting-edge newspapers threaten Google?
By Byron McNutt

DON’T YOU WONDER what could future 5G products (now under development) give us that we simply can’t live without? What will there be about Windows 10 that will make us scrap all previous Microsoft versions? What are the geniuses at Facebook and Google now working on?
The late Steve Jobs had his brilliant people at Apple working on new televisions that will be must-have when they are introduced!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012 11:38 AM | Updated ( Tuesday, February 21, 2012 11:42 AM )
To achieve goals, aim to be above average
By Byron McNutt

DO YOU KNOW that in the 10 years ending in 2009, U.S. factories shed workers so fast that they erased almost all the gains of the previous 70 years, roughly one out of every three manufacturing jobs —about 6 million in total? If you do repetitive, average work, a staple of middle-class Americans, your prospects for future job satisfaction and lifestyle fulfillment will be limited. Your job could be next to be eliminated.

During the Feb. 4 Wisconsin-Ohio State basketball game in Madison, the announcers told us that Badger Coach Bo Ryan had made copies of a recent Tom Friedman column, published in The New York Times and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and he gave them to members of his team to motivate them to raise the level of their play and not be satisfied with average.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 12:05 PM
Some opportunities come cleverly disguised
By Byron McNutt

WHAT WOULD OUR lives be like without challenges?
What we do when confronted with these challenges has a lot to do with how we perceive our place in this world. We can face the challenges or we can give in to them without a fight.
Most challenges provide us with opportunities. Opportunities can be disguised as hard work and be fraught with obstacles.
An old story tells about a king who placed a heavy stone in the middle of a much-traveled road. Many who came by berated the authorities for not keeping the road clear, but no one pushed the obstacle out of the way.


Tuesday, February 07, 2012 9:49 AM | Updated ( Tuesday, February 07, 2012 11:23 AM )
If it doesn’t say ‘for fast relief,’ forget it!
By Byron McNutt

AS THE BABY BOOM generation reaches 60 years of age, newspaper articles and health-channel programs about aging issues seem to be talking directly to us.
While baby boomers still enjoy good health, they are realizing aches and pains are more frequent, clothes don’t fit as well, the eyesight and hearing aren’t what they used to be and co-workers are younger (often much younger) than we are. The following observations recently appeared at our mailbox.
The Senility Prayer: Grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway, the good fortune to run into the ones I do and the eyesight to tell the difference.


Tuesday, January 31, 2012 4:41 PM | Updated ( Tuesday, January 31, 2012 4:45 PM )
If it makes no sense, blame Gumperson’s Law
By Byron McNutt

EVERYONE IS familiar with the Murphy family. They gave the rest of us a book of laws we commonly refer to as Murphy’s Laws. Well, over the years, my family always considered the Murphy family, who lived just down the road from us, as “the lucky ones.”
You may also be familiar with Dr. Gumperson. He is famous for Gumperson’s Law. It accounts for the fact that you can throw a burnt match out the window of your car while going 60 mph and start a forest fire, while you can go through two boxes of matches and an entire edition of the News-Review without being able to start a fire under the dry logs in your fireplace.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 4:35 PM
I don’t always agree with what I write!
By Byron McNutt

SOMETIMES WHAT I say or write isn’t exactly what I mean, and not until I am reminded of what I said or wrote does it become clear that I was misquoted or misunderstood.
I’m sure we’ve all been misunderstood from time to time. These errors in speech are called malaprops. Back in 1994, state Sen. Rodney Moen (D-Whitehall) shared his list of bumbling statements collected in the Legislature with Milwaukee Journal Sentinel staff writer Alex Thien.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012 3:55 PM | Updated ( Thursday, January 19, 2012 1:50 PM )
Winter class offerings fill intellectual needs
By Byron McNutt

WE’RE IN THE dead of winter and, for those looking for some mental stimulation and an opportunity to socialize with like-minded individuals, here’s a sampling of classes being offered at various schools and community colleges.
Self-improvement courses include Ego Gratification Through Dieting, Whine Your Way to Alienation, Guilt Without Eating, You and Your Tattoos and Overcoming Peace of Mind. These classes were first offered in 1987, according to an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012 3:43 PM
With so many nice people, why so much hatred?
By Byron McNutt

ONE OF THE things that impresses most of us as we grow older is how many nice people there are in this world. Even people we used to find annoying or downright irritating don’t seem to bother us so much.
We discover that many of the ones we didn’t particularly like really aren’t as bad as we thought. Maybe you and I are a little smarter than we used to be? We have begun to understand why prickly pears are prickly and now make allowances for it.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012 4:11 PM | Updated ( Tuesday, January 03, 2012 4:13 PM )
Did your children really get want they wanted?
By Byron McNutt

NOW THAT Christmas is over, it is a good time to ask ourselves, “What did our children really want/need for Christmas?”
Steven Vannoy, author and lecturer, has given the question a lot of thought and written a best-selling book, “The Greatest Gifts I Give My Children.”
Vannoy asks, “Have you ever watched children sitting in the midst of a truckload of wrapped presents, furiously tearing open package after package, only to then sit disappointed when all the packages are open?”


Tuesday, December 27, 2011 1:41 PM | Updated ( Tuesday, December 27, 2011 9:10 PM )

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