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Kurt Krueger

In the Outdoors

Kurt Krueger can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or P.O. Box 1929, Eagle River, WI 54521.

It’s been a tough fishing start thus far
The highlight of the young walleye season thus far has been a pair of nice Wisconsin River walleyes that the scribbler and Editor Gary Ridderbusch teamed up on last week. They hit a jig and minnow combo.
By Kurt Krueger

HAVING spent the past 50 years fishing opening weekends in the North Woods, I can’t recall a more dismal start to the open water fishing season.

I’m not trying to further depress the owners of sport shops, bait stands and other businesses that thrive on fishing-related tourism, but the record has to show the effects of Mother Nature and severely reduced walleye bag limits.

Though lacking solid financial evidence with which to back my claims, I’d say the opening weekend turnout was not even 5% of the modern normal because most lakes were covered with ice.

And last weekend, though slightly better, paled in comparison to any normal May fishing weekend. Most of the lakes that did clear of ice didn’t do so until last Thursday,

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 11:05 AM
Turkey hunting: it’s all about the chase
Sometimes seemingly uneventful hunts produce a turkey, and then some great hunts end without a bird being bagged.       —Photo By The Author
By Kurt Krueger

SONGBIRDS were singing, geese were honking and sandhill cranes were filling the airwaves with those echoing, prehistoric calls on a morning last week — when suddenly a tom turkey sounded off.

What a thrill it was to be back in farm country for a day, a place in central Wisconsin where spring has sprung and the wildlife activity is at its peak.

The scribbler was in the Marion area chasing gobblers,

Tuesday, May 06, 2014 10:00 AM
Walleye bag limit concerns not overblown
Creel information indicates less than 5% of anglers ever put five legal walleyes in the well and that most catch one or none on any given outing. That’s why a three-fish bag doesn’t reduce harvest.      —Photo By The Author
By Kurt Krueger

I READ in the Capital Times in Madison last year that this whole flap over the spearfishing declarations and reduced bag limits may be exaggerated.

The piece was written because for the first time in years, the tribes changed their spearing quotas so drastically that sport anglers ended up with mostly one-fish and two-fish daily bag limits. The normal statewide daily bag limit for walleyes is five.

It was controversial then and it is even worse this spring,

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 10:27 AM
Panfish vote is great news for tourism
With walleye bag limits so dismal it is good news that anglers supported keeping the 25-fish bag limit for panfish at the fish and game hearings.
By Kurt Krueger

THOUGH the motor trolling compromise passed statewide and single-line trolling may get forced upon Vilas County, there was some good news from the spring fish and game hearings.

About two-thirds of the 5,625 sportsmen and -women who attended hearings in all 72 counties voted to keep the combined daily bag limit for panfish at 25.

With 65.5% of the vote in support,

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 10:06 AM
No better place to find eagles, ospreys
By Kurt Krueger

MY?DOG growled and took off running in the middle of a frozen lake the other day, which seemed bizarre until a glance at the sky revealed a bald eagle gliding in circles around our fishing spot.

Gracie took chase but little did she know how imposing that eagle would be face to face — and fortunately she never found out. It wasn’t long before she stopped jumping and hoping it might fall from the sky.

It’s been a tough winter on most wildlife and the eagles that spent the winter here have to be mighty hungry. That probably explains why that bird was hovering above, looking for any fish we might have laid on the ice.

According to the 2013 Wisconsin Bald Eagle and Osprey Survey,

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 12:55 PM

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