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Mary Friedel-Hunt


Mary Friedel-Hunt, MA LCSW, is a freelance writer and psychotherapist
in the Madison area.She can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or P.O. Box 1036, Spring Green, WI 53588.

Solitude, we all need it

By Mary Friedel-Hunt

We made it through January and for those who hate winter there is now a glimmer of hope that spring will come and with it the flowers and the leafing out of trees, long warm days and well, new life. However, I have to admit that I love winter. The silence quiets my soul. The reduced level of activity and events minimizes the temptation to ignore the solitude I crave. But spring is something else. Filled with renewal and hope, it truly does lift our spirits as it cycles around each year.

Right now, however, we are still deeply into winter. Just before Christmas I came down with the flu, like millions of others in our country. My flu, however, turned into pneumonia and it was late January before I started to see that I would be able to fix a meal or grocery shop without

Tuesday, February 05, 2013 5:18 PM
Do it now!

By Mary Friedel-Hunt

Tomorrow is my beloved Bill’s birthday. It is the third time I will honor this day without him at my side. I wonder as I ponder our life together and if Alzheimer’s had not robbed him of his memories and mind, what he would have been like as he aged? We tend, when we lose someone, to remember them forever, of course, but we remember them as they were. We have no way to know who they would have become. This is especially relevant when a parent loses a young child. That person is a child forever in the hearts and minds of his or her parents.

Bill was old enough when he died that who he was would not have

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 5:32 PM
National Popcorn Day

By Mary Friedel-Hunt

Last Saturday, Jan. 19, with hardly a soul knowing about it, we celebrated National Popcorn Day. Now, popcorn may not be the most important thing to celebrate, but for me, popcorn carries with it happy memories.

When I was growing up, our family would have popcorn nights. We would play Canasta and a few rounds of Fish until my little sister got old enough to join the Canasta games. We also played Monopoly. The best part of those evenings, however, was when we all got in the kitchen and made a roasting pan full of popcorn.

The old popper was a stand-alone that plugged into the wall. The top had a handle sticking out of it and once we put the

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 4:57 PM
More on goal setting


By Mary Friedel-Hunt

I do not know about you but January always means it is time to get income taxes prepared for my accountant. Do I dread this chore? Yep! Am I relieved when it is done? For sure. Grateful for Quicken where everything is neatly recorded, I start by pulling out and organizing receipts and other paperwork. In a matter of five to six hours I am done. Not even a day to do the dreaded task.

I know I am not alone in my feelings about doing taxes. Most people seem to postpone them, creating pressure for themselves in April. I have at least developed enough self-discipline at my ripe old age that I know taxes will be done by March 1. The only year I failed to meet my own goal with taxes was the year Bill died. I had to file for an extension in 2010.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 4:55 PM
Time for action

By Mary Friedel-Hunt

I started this column on the night of Dec. 14, the day of the worst elementary school shooting in the history of our country. It is replacing the one I had planned to run today because I can’t think of a better way to start a new year than to pay tribute to those who died at Sandy Hook in Connecticut today and to hope we take actions in 2013 to change the culture that allows these school shootings to occur.

Monday, December 31, 2012 2:08 PM

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