In the Outdoors

In the Outdoors

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Sometimes you walk all day for a single bird, and sometimes decent shooting falls in your lap. That’s grouse hunting.            —Photo By The Author

A frozen package, a walk to remember

AS WE DINED on the breast of ruffed grouse last week, a meal fit for kings and queens, the scribbler got a chance to hit play on a mental videotape of a grand outing in the hunting season just pass

Ice fishing is an outdoor winter sport that will keep you active and make winter go faster, but there are many to pick from.    —Photo By The Author

Pick a sport or two; start enjoying winter

IF THERE is anything I’ve learned in nearly four decades of “surviving” winter in the North Woods, it’s that staying active can make this a season you no longer dread.

One explanation for the higher buck kill is that more hunters shot spikes and forks, small bucks they would have passed on in past years when baiting created more confidence of seeing bigger bucks.         —STAFF PHOTO

Theories abound on the higher buck kill

DEER hunters are still shaking their heads while trying to figure out how such a dismal deer herd and poor opening weekend hunt conditions resulted in a 30% increase in the buck kill here.

There are more ospreys in Oneida County, by far, than any other area of Wisconsin.
One of Wisconsin’s biggest conservation success stories is the recovery of bald eagles here to record numbers.              —Photos By The Author

Eagle, osprey numbers at record highs

BALD eagles occupied just 108 nesting territories in 1973, but more than 40 years of law changes, protection and habitat improvement has resulted in a 14-fold increase — to a record 1,504 active ne

How to protect more antlerless deer from hunters and predators, to get the deer herd recovered, is a big issue these days.               —STAFF PHOTO

Deer herd, aspen, vandalism on ‘wish list’

IN THE heart of the Christmas season, it is time once again to formulate a “wish list” in regard to some of the nagging issues that impact those of us who live to spend time in the great outdoors.